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What’s new in My Inbox 2.0 for S/4HANA (Scenario : Approve PO)

So now there is a big advancement of SBWP version of Fiori. While initial versions being UWL in portal (Universal work list). Then came “Approve requests” following My Inbox for Business Suite and now My Inbox 2.0 for SAP S/4HANA”

In this blog I will not talk about what previous versions of My Inbox had, but yes we will just focus on the changes we see with the new programming model in S/4HANA versions which this application is adapted to.

In this blog I will cover details from S/4HANA 1709 FPS02 version which is the latest stable environment.

Most of the basic configurations which are as part of prerequisites are covered in documents or are same as of previous versions. (Scroll down to the end for blogs on activation and initial configurations)

Before running the app, always make sure that all the important OSS Notes are applied. The OData service for My Inbox v2.0 is Task Gateway Service Version 2, so make sure you activate the proper service. See here :

With introduction of new ABAP programming model, to achieve details of your Workflow or any Business details, you need to follow new programming standards (Use of ABAP CDS , Annotations etc instead  of BADI Implementation or enhancement from UI5 side) . We can now create Annotations in CDS and map this in transaction SWFVISU.

Additional details to be shown in My Inbox (Detail Page)

For standard apps like : Approve purchase order, Requisitions, Contracts etc are not part of S/4HANA now, and are delivered as My Inbox versions as :

My Inbox for Approve Purchase order

Predecessor app being : Approve Purchase Orders (SAP Business Suite)

To check for which versions of S/4HANA, you can use this app : Go to Implementation Information and click on the drop down button to see configuration/ notes related to that specific versions.

  • There is no specific back-end component for My Inbox app, you need to make sure, you have Front-end component (UIX01CA1 200) and FES 4.0 (For Fiori 2.0 capabilities). Backend S/4 should have S4CORE component, which will be part of your initial S4 Installation.


  • Apart from the OData service for My Inbox, you need to make sure you add C_PURCHASEORDER_FS_SRV and activate this service in SICF and register in /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE transaction in Frontend system.

Once your app is configured with roles and authorization to user, ensure SWFVISU transaction has below details of annotations added. (Here CDS annotations are responsible for displaying your app details on the right side of your app)

Configuration of Query parameter in SWFVISU :


Click on the task id for Purchase order approval, in our case it is as above. Select the row and select “Visualization Parameter”.

I will keep updating this blog based on my learning 🙂


You can check below blogs from our Mentor Jocelyn Dart on the latest activation and configurations  for My Inbox as part of S/4.

Important Links :

My Inbox Configuration Help.SAP

Some Helpful notes for My Inbox Links :

2504392 – My Inbox to PO Factsheet navigation

Cheers ! Keep contributing, feel free to add your experience in Comments section below.

TC 🙂

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  • Hi Tejas,


    Nice Information, I have only one doubt, since My Inbox app is common for almost all approval scenarios.

    Can we create more than One tile of My Inbox with different sub-title, Ex:- For RTR  My Inbox - Approve Supplier Invoice and For EHS My Inbox - Incident Management and we assign them to different groups.



    • Hi Nandish,

      Yes, you can create Scenario Specific tiles. With My Inbox, you have 2 features

      1. All Items (SBWP)
      2. Scenario Specific  (Control your application information by configuring scenario definition. Meaning you provide only those Workflow/Task-ids in the config which has to be displayed in the app.

      Go to Configuration Section.



  • Hi Tejas,


    Just saw this blog. After upgrading our PO myinbox layout changed, right now we have Basic Data field group, Payment and Delivery and Recipient. Is it possible to add another block under Payment and Delivery? i tried adding a field group in our local annotation file but it did not work.




    • You Should ideally extend the OData service with CDS view : C_PURCHASEORDER_FS . Check if it holds the property of what you want to extend. ZProperty should be added to the model.

      For any issues, please create a new discussion, as query on extension of CDS/OData.


  • The option to show the attachments(linked to the PO) from DMS was in there in the previous App and is missing in the new App. This is a much needed functionality.


  • Hi Tejas,

    Thanks for the detail information....

    We are using Hana 1709..

    I have some there any separate tile for My Inbox - Approve Po, My Inbox - Approve PR.......Or My Inbox - All Items... does the all job....

    In which Tcode we need to configure...


    • Yes you have a separate tiles for above mentioned apps. You need to check proper catalogs. Go to Fiori app library and check the technical catalogs and Business roles against it.


      • Hi Teja,

        For this i have checked with Business catalogs for both My Inbox - PO/PR apps individually in Fiori Designer link, there we have only Approve Purchase Order tile for My Inbox-PO(Business Catalog) and for My Inbox-PR app(Business Catalog) we found only My Inbox- All Items tile in Designer Link...

        Can you please guide me if we need to perform something to enable our required tiles in Designer Link...





  • Hi  Tejas Chouhan,

    Great blog, any idea if we can get the PO number as link in My Inbox App for 1610, so user can click on it and open Display PO?

    I can see above in your blog its a feature added for 1709.



  • Hi Kapil,

    As far as my knowledge is concerned, the link will lead you to the transaction ME29N for release of purchase order in Web Gui (new SAP GUI apps in Fiori), not sure if it will lead to GUI transaction in SAP. Not sure if it is present in 1610.


  • Hi Tejas,


    I have configured My Inbox app as per your guide....

    In My Inbox app while selecting task type, I am not getting Purchase requisitions  & Purchase Orders. I am only getting Purchase contract.

    Did I missed any config ... ?




    • Hi Nandish,

      Did you configure, My Inbox for Purchase orders or Purchase requisitions ?

      If using My Inbox for ALL items, you need to configure scenario specific according to the task id of the purchase order or purchase requisitions.



      • Hi Tejas,


        Thanks for the information, records are coming.

        One doubt is there as you mentioned in blog CDS annotations are responsible for displaying details on detail page.

        In our app no details is displaying on right side.  As I checked in T-code SWFVISU ….. there is no annotation maintained for that task 166.

        So by adding annotation details will be displayed on right side..?? Does it depends on we need to maintain it to display details on right side ..?


        Thanks & regard

        Nandish M

        • You should see for "My Inbox Generic application" . If standard task has no annotation for Purchase order, you can add it. You can see the purchase order annotation will have cds view name and annotation model name. This is responsible for detail page. You can explore using f12, network tab and see what is missing .

  • Hi Tejas,

    Thanks for the your help with your information I have successfully implemented My Inbox - All Items generic one not specific to any workflow.

    But I am facing one issue, in My Inbox app its showing records of Outbound/Inbound Process of IDoc to all users. As a results of this there are more than 500 records in app related to Outbound/Inbound Process.

    But when Manager of Purchase group wants to approve PO. He unable to see records by default  & he cant also search because initially app loads only 100 records search works only for those records. But Purchase Orders entries comes after those outbound/inbound records. If we apply filter records will come but in comes in multiselecting mode that time user can't see PO details on right side. Only he can select multiple PO.

    So is there any way to hide those records for the users. So that users can see only his related records. Working for other records like PR & PO. But for all users Outbound/Inbound Process of IDoc records are coming.

    Thanks & regards

    Nandish M

  • Hi Tejas,


    Schedule Agreement  PO are not visible in SAP-Fiori App.

    is it possible to show Schedule Agreement PO in Fiori App???.



  • Hi Tejas,


    How detail page information is fetched, which service is used to fetch. I have checked in in network I can see entity TaskDescription……. but in that entity all fields are not there.

    So my question is how app will decide which properties from need to fetch for description part.



    Thanks & regards


  • Hi Tejas,

    Greate document, quite inspiring.

    I have a question regarding the 'Approve' and 'Reject' functionality, as I can see in system task TS20000166 doesn't have the outcome 'Approve' or 'Reject', and the actual PO release process is performed in ME29N. So are these two buttons delivered as standard in the new App or are they added by by custom configuration and coding?

    Many thanks.


    • Hi xiaofei,

      These buttons can be enabled in your backend system. Inside SPRO go to "maintain task names and decision options" path. Follow below guide :

      If the step type is user decision, above step is not required. (Approve PO standard wf has step type as Activity)



  • Thanks for a nicely written article on this topic. We are implementing MyInbox to replace the predecessor Approve PO fiori app. We are using a custom workflow for the PO approval process. We have followed all the steps above but the PO item details are still not pulled into the MyInbox app. What could be the reasons?



    • any reason why are you not using My Inbox : Approve Purchase order app ? You need to create configuration for your custom task id and maintain above annotations.

        • Well the items on the right side, appears with annotations like i mentioned. So make sure your custom workflow's task id is maintained in SWFVISU and you have maintained the configurations as per the screenshot. In case if this doesn't help, please raise new discussion, so that the issue can be discussed by other experts also.

  • Hi tejas in the previous version of my inbox, to be precise in the approval release purchase order pricing conditions (discount etc) appear on the line item but in this second version there are no additional items on the line item, is there any config to be able to display the pricing conditions like before, thank you