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SP5 Released: SAP Process Integration Business-to-Business Add-On

Working in a continuous enhancement mode, SAP has released SP5 of SAP Process Integration, business-to-business add-on and SAP Process Integration, secure connectivity add-on with new features and improvements.

Summary of previous SPs:

Major SP5 enhancements include:

  • X.400 Adapter: Multiplexing Mode for Telebox Connections in Cluster Environment
  • B2B Runtime Content is enriched with new versions of UN/EDIFACT and ANSI X12 messages
  • EDI Separator: New error codes are implemented for EDIFACT / EANCOM message validation
  • EDI Separator: ANSI X12 Interchange Acknowledgment TA1 is implemented
  • B2B Adapters Channel Ping Implementation

Important Documentation

Let us have a look on the below information to find out “What is new”.


B2B Adapters

Channel Ping Implementation

The Adapters EDI Separator, AS2, X.400 and OFTP have the functionality Channel Ping in the Channel Monitor. Using this feature all adapters perform checks depending on the specifics of the protocols they implement.

X.400 Adapter

MULTIPLEXING mode for telebox connections in cluster environment

New connection type (named MULTIPLEXING) is implemented. It is shared for all sender and receiver X400 communication channels for the same X400 mailbox account for all server nodes. The XI messages on all server nodes are processed in parallel. There is no relocation of the connection between the server nodes. This increases the overall transmission performance and avoids the message processing errors due to connection relocation timeout.

General Text Body Part Support

Received X400 messages with General Text Body Part in it are now supported by the X.400 Sender channel with poll task.

Automatic Deletion option for duplicate entries

The feature for automatic deletion of entries recognized as duplicates is available for X.400 pooling channels. This option can be configured by navigating to http://host:port/nwa/sys-config -> Applications tab -> Filter for “” > property sender.deleteDuplicates. The parameter can also be configured on sender channel level as additional property in Advanced Mode. By default, the value of the property sender.deleteDuplicates is “false”.

EDI Separator Adapter

New error codes are implemented for EDIFACT / EANCOM message validation

The EDI Separator Adapter validates the EDIFACT/EANCOM messages and sends CONTRL acknowledgement containing the result of the validation. So far, the Adapter did not support the whole set of Syntax error codes as per UN/EDIFACT standard Syntax 3. The new supported error codes are described below:

  1. Syntax version or level not supported
  2. Invalid decimal notation
  3. References do not match
  4. Control count does not match number of instances received
  5. Functional groups and messages mixed
  6. More than one message type in a group
  7. Lower level empty
  8. Invalid type of character(s)
  9. Missing digit in front of decimal sign

ANSI X12 Interchange Acknowledgment TA1 is implemented

The EDI Separator Receiver adapter processes and validates ANSI X12 messages. As a result of the validation, a 997 acknowledgment is generated. Validation is executed upon the message itself not including the headers and trailers. As per the ANSI X12 standard if there are errors in the headers and trailers of the message TA1 acknowledgement is generated and sent to the partner.

Now it is possible to configure whether one wants Interchange Acknowledgment TA1 in the EDI Separator Receiver Channel.

Multiple UNB Split Support for EDIFACT and EANCOM messages

The EDI Separator Adapter can split the messages on UNB level and send the child UNB/UNZ interchanges to an appropriate EDI Separator Sender channel with enabled option “Receive Split UNB”.

AS2 Adapter

AS2 payload attribute named “FileName” (corresponding to the filename of the sent document in “content-disposition” HTTP header) has the default value that is equal to the name of the local business system. This is not unique and very useful because, by default, all AS2 messages will have same FileName attribute value for all sent documents. If the value in the configuration of this attribute is empty the default value for “FileName” attribute is changed to XI Message ID.

OFTP Adapter

  • OFTP Adapter Metadata is improved. The following properties are included in the channel configuration: Use Proxy, Use global Proxy Configuration, Proxy Host, Proxy Port, Proxy Type, Username, Password.
  • Improvements of the duplicate check option regarding reliability and cluster synchronization.
  • Extended SFIDCIPH field as per the newest Odette implementation guide.
  • Support of SHA-2 algorithms for inbound transmissions.

B2B Integration Cockpit

Edifact and Ansi X12

Before SP5, the B2B Add-on 1.0 contained B2B Content with versions of EDIFACT and ANSI X12 up to 2010 year. The new message versions were not supported up to now and the customers had to create custom content in the B2B Add-on in order to use the latest message versions. Now the runtime content is enriched with EDIFACT and ANSI X12 versions from 2010 to 2016 year. For more details, please refer to SAP Process Integration, business-to-business add-on documentation at

User Interface improvements

  • In the B2B monitors all Information, Warning and Error messages are shown at the top of the views.
  • The tables containing B2B content for all the standards now have sorting functionality.
  • In the EDI Content Manager the order of the menu items is ordered the same way for all the Message standards (Edifact, EANCOM, Ansi X.12, Odette, Tradacoms, VDA and Plain).
  • In EDI Content Manager the Export view of message standards (Tradacoms, VDA, and Plain) is made the same as the Export view of the other standards in the Content Manager.

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