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Missions Are Back!

As the gamification and reputation lead for the SAP Community, I am excited to announce that our new mission set is now live!

If you’ve been with us since the launch of the new community platform in 2016, then you know our mission set was designed and ready to coincide with the switch from SCN, but we needed to put it in “timeout.” That timeout is over and you can start completing missions today!

This Tip in a Minute video provides a quick overview of how to get started. Detailed instructions and screenshots follow in the rest of the post.

A mission is a virtual quest or challenge. When you meet the requirements of the mission, your achievement is recognized with a mission badge that is displayed in your profile for all to see. We designed the mission set to encourage quality contributions, help onboard new members, build bridges between our virtual community and events, and recognize outstanding members. The biggest change from the previous mission set is that you won’t receive points for completing a mission. But you will still get a badge as a reflection of your achievement.

To see your badges, go to your profile, scroll down, and click the Show all Reputation… link in the left column. The My Reputation view opens where your badges appear (The My Legacy Reputation continues to provide a snapshot of your previous reputation, but these missions can no longer be earned.)

You can see the badges other members have earned by visiting their profile page and opening their reputation view as described above.


Missions Overview
You can learn more about available missions and how to complete them on the Mission Overview page, which describes the requirements and prerequisites to earn each badge in the set. For example, we introduced two new progression missions – Blogger and Solver. These missions recognize those who contribute high-quality blogs (Blogger) and answers to questions (Solver).

Now I’ll let you in on a little secret… Some missions are hidden and therefore not listed on the overview page – that’s on purpose. These missions are meant to surprise you, and can be completed through positive behavior in the community and valuable contributions.

Other missions are considered manual missions, meaning the badges are not automatically earned by meeting the requirements. For example, the SAP Inside Track Speaker mission is a manual mission that requires the gamification team upload a file to assign the badges. If you are expecting a badge for a manual mission, but don’t see it, please be patient. We work as quickly as we can to award them, but sometimes it takes quite some effort to compile the relevant upload lists.


My Missions
While the Missions and Badges overview page summarizes the overall mission set, your personalized My Missions page gives you information on the missions available to you based on any prerequisites you have met, your progress on missions started, and the list of those you have already earned. You can use the tabs to navigate to relevant views.

If you don’t have any available missions, you have to trigger the creation of your player account. You can do that by taking any engagement activity on the community such as liking, commenting or updating your profile.


You can get to the My Missions page from either the My Missions link on the avatar flyout menu, or from your profile page when you are logged in, as shown above.

Activity Stream and Notifications
When you complete a mission, you will get a notification in the notification stream and by email (if you have opted to turn email notifications on). When someone you follow completes a mission, that will also be included in the Activity Stream.


If you’re new to the SAP Community, please read the SAP Community Rules of Engagement before contemplating how to earn missions.

Regarding any previous mission progress and community contributions, this is a full mission reboot. No progress on the previous mission set, or action taken since the platform switch, counts towards the new missions.

That said, some of you may find you already have new badges in your profile. That is because Member of the Month and Moderator Spotlight missions will continue in the new set, so members who have ever achieved these missions will see the corresponding badge(s) in their current profile — even if they earned those honors during the “timeout” of the mission set or before we switched platforms.

In addition, we have tried to deliver on our commitment to award the event missions (e.g., SAP TechEd, App Space, and SAP Inside Track) that occurred during the timeout. If you don’t see your badge but were expecting one, please add a comment to this post. We will confirm participation and then upload as soon as we can. While some of the SAP Inside Track badges have been awarded for events that occurred while missions were in timeout, others will be awarded as soon as we receive the upload lists from organizers.

Keep in mind, releasing missions is another step in the overall Reputation Program reload. Stay tuned, there is more to come!

To all those who helped us get to this milestone, THANK YOU and GAME ON!

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  • Yeah, nice to see missions back!

    It's a little sad that past contributions (e.g. written blogs) don't count towards the new missions, but I can cope with that!

    I'll just come up with something new to write!
    (...or maybe if I delete my old blogs an re-post them....*evilgrin*
    …just kidding, I'm sure you'd find and punish such naughty behavior! 🙂  )



    PS: I’d like to make a pun with “mission critical” but I can’t come up with one – can anyone help me out?!

  • Hi Caroleigh, thanks for the update. Looking forward to this generating positive engagement and participation in the community.

    Btw, any badges for TechEd 2016 speakers?

    Eng Swee

  • Hi Caroleigh,

    Glad that missions are back. I published a blog yesterday (28th march), but still don't see this badge activated for me 🙂 "Blogger" or "Ripple". Could you check for the same. ?

    • Nice blog, thank you for contributing. It looks like you published right before the mission go-live started... Can you confirm around what time and in which timezone you published? Thank you.

      • I cannot tell the exact time, since time showing here and the timezone I am at is different. May be the time here is CET. I posted this blog from Kuala Lumpur time zone. if i go to edit section. I see this :

        (March 28, 2018 @ 04:35:00PM)


        • Hi Tejas, I confirmed that publish time, yes it is CET. I'm afraid was a few hours earlier than the mission go-live on Wednesday.

          I'll look forward to your next blog post!

  • Shoot! Seems I published my most recent blog post just one day too early to make it eligble for a first successful mission. ?. Oh well, one more reason to come up with a topic for another one.




  • For Missions like “Solver”, SCN should consider SDN top contributors who earned 20+ or 30+ badges and even currently, they are consistent, active, quality writer, and other members noticed, should be exempted and display “Grand Master Solver”.  There is no logic in trying to get Grand Master Solver who proved already.



    Hi  Caroleigh Deneen , thank you for sharing all these great news with us!


    I am pretty sure that missions, badges and gamification are important parts of making the SAP Community engaging for so many people, so congratulations on your efforts!


    I want to please ask for you and Sajid Amir to kindly help me getting the badges for “SAP Inside Track Speaker 2017”, “SAP Inside Track Speaker 2018”, and “SAP Inside Track Organizer 2018”.

    These are the events I have been involved with:


    SAP Inside Track Campinas 2017 – Speaker

    SAP Inside Track Barcelona 2017 – Speaker

    SAP Inside Track São Paulo 2017 – Speaker


    SAP Inside Track Ribeirão Preto 2018 – Organizer

    SAP Inside Track Ribeirão Preto 2018 – Speaker


    Thank you!


    • I'm glad your excited to have missions back 🙂 Thank you for the information about the Inside Tracks you spoke at and organized. We are working on collecting the Inside Track data sets with the organizers and should be uploading soon. Sajid Amir will let you know when the event you reference have been uploaded (and if he needs help getting the data for the Ribeirão Preto event).

    • Hello Douglas,

      I have just uploaded the requested badges to your account so they should show up on your profile very soon - Congratulations! Also Douglas, I will be reaching out to you separately via email regarding collecting any other information on organizers and speakers you may have for the 2018 event.


      Sajid Amir

      Also responding to ping from:
      Caroleigh Deneen

  • Hey Caroleigh,

    can you help me understand how the progress indicator work?!

    As an example, I would take my "Avid Blogger" mission:

    Since I started it, I have published 1 "more blog post" and received the following "good feedback" on my blogs:

    4+1 Likes, 1 Comment, 1+1 share;

    So I had expected to see at least a few percentages on the progress indicator - yet, there is none so far! 🙁

    So either it's broken, or it’s just less fine-grained:

    • "Create 4 more blog posts" -> 33 % ( I'll see them once I publish the 4th blog post. )
    • "Receive good feedback on any combination of blog posts" -> 33 % (I’ll see them whenever I got the needed likes/comments/what else counts?)
    • "Stimulate conversations" -> the last 33% (not sure what exactly is expected here - probably something like  "reply to a comment, and the someone else replies on that again"?)



  • While we would like to show a separate progress indicator for each sub-requirement, that is not presently possible (we have a feature request submitted with the product team). So the explanation is that it's "less fine-grained," and as you outline, each sub-requirement represents 33% of the mission progress. The indicator should increase 33% when each sub-requirement is fulfilled.

    The wording of the requirements becomes vague through the progression in an effort to reduce gaming, but you have captured the gist of the requirements well.

  • Wow, seems I already got 50% on "Ripple-Effekt":


    - what exactly is counted there? (Is it blog-visits after publication of a new blog? The explanatory text is not very clear, but as mentione above, this might be intentional....)


    • Hi Joachim, yes, we are intentionally vague here. And to set proper expectations, I will note that this is a timed mission, so the progress has to be completed in a given time frame. If not, the mission resets so you can start over with the next blog.

  • Hi Caroleigh,

    Good to see the missions back.

    My answer on a question ( has been accepted on 10th April, 2018, yet the mission Solver is showing 0% overall progress. Of course I have read the SAP Community Rules of Engagement.

    Any idea?

    • Hi Arijit,

      We looked into this further and there is a delay in the relevant actions making it to the gamification service that awards missions and badges.

      An update on the cause and status here:


  • Hi Caroleigh

    Great work on bringing missions back. I'm sure we're going to have a lot of fun with this 😀

    One question: I seem to be missing the TechEd 2017 participant badge. Is that something you guys can help me with?



  • Any insights into whether there are any such gamification elements planned to be added to SAP Education products, ex: Knowledge Acceleration and/or Workforce Performance Builder?

    • Hi James, I am not sure, but let's see if Thomas Jenewein can provide insight.

      I know the SAP Learning Hub features a mission set,, but I don't know about the products you mention.

      • We have currently  missions in the learning communities of SAP Learning Hub,

        re certification we just introduced Digital Badges

        in SAP Enable Now we have different Templates in the infocenter so customers can create gamified content

        Also there is a pretty nice simulation game in SAP S/4 HANA (erpSim)

        Does that help? Just reply if you need further details

        best, Thomas


    • HI Lukas Weigelt


      I’m here. I’m here… lurking in the background but here none the less


      No idea if there is a goat badge but  Caroleigh Deneen   did design the original


      But wouldn’t it be cool to have our own SAP Community crypto-goat-currency. It could be mined through blogs and questions or some random way and allow members to give goatCoins to each other instead of upvotes. Mmm looks like GoatCoins already exist.  So do CapraCoins. Gee feeling a bit slow to the crypto-uptake.


      Or gamification rewards gives out points or badges that users can then award to each other. You have to earn the right to give specific awards. Imagine earning the right to award the Goat!


      Susan Keohan  get in here!

      • /
      • Since Colleen tweeted me the other day (after I praised DBAs and Basis teams to the high heavens on Twitter!!!) maybe we can get CapraCoins if we show how we expressed our appreciation to these very unappreciated teams... This might inspire people to get creative in thanking their DBA and Basis teams... and the community could vote up the best 'Thank you' ?

        But I agree with Colleen and Lukas... Capracoins are a great idea!


      • Mining a coin could be x blogs read or some other participation. Rewards for being active to gift to other active members

        Coin chasers so be it….they might stumble on content

        Actually coins could be mined on a calculation of blog activities for views, likes, shares and comments. Coins available reduce as blog activity increases. This encouraged new content discovery and sharing. Put rules in place to stop users mining for repeat views. Gee I wished I worked in gamification now 

  • Hello  Caroleigh Deneen  ,

    I had raised a query to the SAP community IT service desk and was directed here. This is my query:

    It says in the mission badges that if one of my answer is accepted, I will be receiving a solver badge. It's been a month already. Please check. 

    Upon reading this post and comments, it seems the timing did play a role here (i.e) it was accepted  before the mission go-live started. So, no badge?


    • You are correct, mission launch was March 28th, so if your answer was accepted before that it wouldn't have triggered the Solver mission. Looks like you've been pretty active with answers this month. Keep it up!

  • Today I got this notification:

    Congratulations, you have received the badge "Featured Contributor"

    I'd honestly would like to know what exactly got me that?! It would be nice if you could click on the badge and the see which featured Content is referred here!

    (I did double-check that it's not the "Featured Content" on the front page - or maybe it as, in a historical context? )

    Oh, actually gives a little more info:

    Your blog post was recognized by the SAP Community as a high-quality contribution and selected to be featured in our bi-monthly feature.

    Still I don't recall which blog post got me this!?

    …ok, now I found it:

    It’s probably that blog:

    Featured here:

    …and I probably got the badge now, because it was only recently introduced.
    (Still: Click the badge to get directly to the blog would be nice!)



  • Hi Caroleigh Deneen Sajid Amir,

    I presented a Demo Session – AIN909 – City Monitoring Enabled by Machine Learning in TechEd Bangalore 2018. Unfortunately, I do not see my TechEd 2018 Speaker badge in my profile.

    Request you to please help on this.

    Thanks and Regards.