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ADT feature requests after 2 years of use in project

Hello Everyone & Hello #ADTTeam,

today Alexander Geppart and me would like to contribute to the wishes of Fábio Luiz Esperati Pagoti from his blog post and @michelle.crapo5My Wishes for SAP in 2018.

We come up with some combined feature request to improve working with #ADT in real live conditions. We have used #ADT it in our current project in a team of +10 developers for more than three years now .


These are our requested features / Enhancements:

Display not used privat methods with warning in Eclipse

Display not used private variables as warning in Eclipse

The Feature to scan for “obsolete variables and methods” could be offered as a checkbox option in ADT settings like “Run not used Check after each code activation”


Code completion / suggestions for build in functions like line_exists to support usage of them

For build in functions the code completion does not work after “concat”

Shareable logpoints

Import / export the dynamic #ADT logpoints to place them in #charm tickets for re-occurring issues and transport into other systems.

alphabetic sorting of of methods during transport should not be done.

Methods should be sorted as developer designed it. In current situation code compare between dev and test system is nearly useless link

create multiple import parameter of a method via quick fix (blog)

Run ATC checks on last used Transport when #eclipse is idle for some time

For DDL sources add the possibility to open the data preview in other project.

We are developing in client 100 but all the data is in client 300 so I need to have the data preview in client 300.

Release information for new #ADT Plugins in terms of what is new etc.

This can be found via: HELP -> HELP CONTENTS   -> SAP – ABAP Development User Guide

Thanks to Fabian Lupa for posting the comment below

Thanks for reading, and keep on good work in Eclipse


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  • Just FYI, unused methods / fields / variables can already be found using ATC with some older SLIN checks. Just need to press Ctrl+Shift+F2 every so often:


    • Hello Fabian,


      can i ask, how you managed to get the old SLin check into the atc checks?

      At our system i don't get the warnings from Slin shown in atc checks and therefore also no highlighting in adt.


      For me, working a lot with old legacy code, that is one of the most valuable checks , i know.

      Direct deletion is often not so advisable imho.


      I'd be happy for any help. (I guess, i must be blind. )




        • For sure, but you need a non standard global atc variant

          and there you not only have to activate the SLIN Checks,

          but in the settings for them you have to manuallly use selected options with the 'field attributes' to geth this check .

          I hoped, it would be able to just add singel checks to 'Atc-relevant' instead ...


          But i gave up to find a more general way and finally i just defined a global variant that i now use for that systems in adt.

          Thanks for the hints

  • Still cannot edit old comments here so here's another one:

    New features are usually mentioned in the release notes within ecilpse. For third party plugins I guess you just have to watch the marketplace.

  • Hello Fabia,

    thanks for you comments.

    I am aware of the ATC / SCI methods, but that is a bit unhandy, but possible, yes.


    Second, great! that's it! I will update the blog.

  • Hi folks,

    thanks for the blog. We really appreciate the wishes from our ADT community.

    Do you know the option to delete unused variable in eclipse?



    Why not just add an option 'Show unused variables'. Maybe with the option to have this executed automatically when the editor opens like the automatic syntax check. What do you think?





      Would be great to have this option in preferences like:

      [x] Show unused variables/methods

      Run unused check:

      *** checkbox group***

      [x] after activation

      [x] at opening editor view

      • Yes exactly, not overflow people who do not want so much information....

        The direct delete of variable can help a lot...

        Maybe even include it in pretty print as optimal setting #cleanup. Also clean up DATA statements etc ...

    • I'm not sure that automatic deletion of all unused variables without first reviewing them is a good idea.
      From my experience, unused variables point many times to code which should be adjusted.

  • Very nice thank you!


    I have one additional point to add: Support of CTS-Projects in transport request dialog.

    Our main development system is configured to enforce a cts-project in every transport request but eclipse simply ignores this setting.

      • Up until now I understand that with charm the development objects are locked cross system what exactly what out customers do NOT want.

        For our own development systems we use CTS to cluster developments into shippable units and get some dependencies automatically delivered by the SAP standard. For this use case charm would be a total overkill.

  • I've got another wish for you wishlist:

    a new menu entry with "Reload source" (or "Refresh" or something)



    in some systems we have (at least) two clients, one for development and one with data. If I want to debug changes in the code I have to open the source in the data client and set the breakpoint. No problem. But if I've changed the code again and want to set the breakpoint somewhere else, I first have to close the tab and reopen it again.

    Same with "remote pair programming" (or better education). In the last couple of days I tried to show a collegue of mine some ABAP tips and tricks on her report. "Try this, use that, ...". Because we are not working in the same building I often had to reload the report to see the changes.

    • Hi Uwe,

      if I understand you correctly you want to refresh the content of an editor, correct? This has always been possible. Two ways:

      1. File menu -> menu item "Refresh"
      2. Press F5 in the editor

      We are also planning on adding a dedicated refresh button to the main toolbar (similar like in web browsers). This should making it easier to find.




      • Hi Thomas,

        oh, didn't know this shortcut yet (only in the project explorer).  Expected it in the context menu in this section:

        By the way. Did a refresh now after my collegue changed the code and now the "Undo Typing" option is active in my editor and all the changes could be reverted by me. Intentionally?