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ARIS and SAP Solution Manager 7.2 integration – Part 1

This blog will provide step-by-step guidance on how to integrate ARIS with SAP Solution Manager 7.2. This is the first blog in two piece series. Part 1 will explain about how ARIS can be integrated to SAP Solution Manager which can be used to synchronize new models created in ARIS to SAP Solution Manager. In my next blog, I will explain how existing models in ARIS can be synchronized to SAP Solution Manager.

Prerequisites: Process management in SAP Solution Manager is configured already.

1 ARIS Integration with SAP Solution Manager

1.1 Branch Association

Login to ARIS Architect and click on ARIS –> Administration to open the ARIS administration tab.

For SAP Solution Manager 7.2 integration, expand My connection –> SAP –> Branch Configurations (SAP Solution Manager 7.2).

Right click on Branch Configurations –> New –> SAP Server.

Provide the Solution Manager system name (can be any name) and URL in the resulting popup and click on OK.

http(s)://<SolMan Host Name>:<port>

It will create an entry under branch configuration.

Right click on the created entry and select New –> Solution.

Provide the SolMan user name and password.

Note: The provided user should have access to Solution Documentation.

Select the SAP Solution Manager solution which you want to integrate and click on OK.

Right click on the Solution –> New –> Branch to associate SolMan branch with ARIS.

Select the branch for integration.

Note: You can select any branch except Production. Selecting Import branch is recommended.


SAP Solution Manager branch is associated with ARIS in disabled status.

Next step is to select the various integration options. 

1.2 Make settings for transfer Data to ARIS

In this section, we will provide the required integration options for synchronization from SAP Solution Manager to ARIS.

Right click on Transfer data to ARIS and Edit.

Select the Allow changes option if you want to allow the ARIS users to change the settings before synchronization.

Click on Next

Note: You can also switch to help tab anytime to get help for that particular step.

In transfer structural elements step, select what you want transfer and click on Next button.

Select Transfer new transactions option, if you want to transfer transactions from SAP Solution Manager to ARIS. Click on Next button.

Select these options, if you want to synchronize the deleted elements in SAP Solution Manager to ARIS and click on Next.

In this step, you can select whether you want to transfer documents, master data, organizations units in SAP Solution Manager to ARIS or not.

Click on Next after selecting the required options.

Select the required checkboxes if you want to synchronize end user roles from SAP Solution Manager to ARIS and click on Finish.

1.3 Document Type association

Here we will select the document types for synchronization.

Right click on Document types and select Edit option.

Click on Import document types button to import the document types available in SAP Solution Manager.

Note: You need to have document types assigned for the Solution in transaction SOLADM for document types to be available here.

Select the document type and click on Right Arrow to select the document type for integration. Click on OK button once you have selected the required document types for integration.


The document types are now selected for integration.

1.4 Make settings for transfer data to SAP Solution Manager

In this section, we will provide the required integration options for synchronization from ARIS to SAP Solution Manager.

Right click on Transfer data to SAP Solution Manager and select Edit.

Select the Allow changes option if you want to allow the ARIS users to change the settings before synchronization and click on Next

In transfer structural elements step, select what you want transfer and click on Next button.

Select Transfer new transactions and documents option, if you want to transfer transactions and documents from ARIS to SAP Solution Manager and click on Next button.

Select these options, if you want to synchronize the deleted elements in ARIS to SAP Solution Manager to ARIS and click on Next.

Select the required checkboxes if you want to synchronize end user roles from SAP Solution Manager to ARIS and click on Next.

You can provide models in SAP Solution Manager that have been published in the portal in ARIS Connect or exported from ARIS Architect using ARIS Publisher. These models can be opened from SAP Solution Manager. If you do not want to transfer model links, disable the check boxes.

Note: You should have document types selected before selecting options under model links.

1.5 Method configuration

Branch, Scenario and Process will be synchronized as VACD and Process Step will be synchronized as EPC by default.

Select the use method configuration checkbox and Click on method configuration button to make any changes to the model type created during synchronization.

1.6 Attribute Assignment

We can map ARIS attributes with SAP Solution Manager attributes using attribute assignment option.

Right click Attribute assignment and click on Edit to open the attribute assignment window.

Click on Import Sap attributes button to import attributes defined in SAP Solution Manager.

Select the attribute which you want to map and click on customer attributes button to select the attribute type.

Select the customer attribute type and click on OK. This will enable us to map the attribute with the corresponding ARIS attribute.

Now you can find the attribute mapping option enabled. Click on the mapping button and select the corresponding attribute to map the ARIS attribute with SAP Solution Manager attribute.

Click on OK to complete the attribute mapping process.

1.7 Activate Branch Association

Enable the branch for synchronization once all the above activities are completed.

Right click on Branch name and select Change status option.


The branch is ready for synchronization (x mark is removed from the branch name).

That’s it! We have integrated the SAP Solution Manager with ARIS. We should be now able to synchronize the processes between SAP Solution Manager and ARIS!!!

2 Synchronize Business Process

Go to ARIS explorer and select the folder into which you want to synchronize the SAP business process.

Click on Download and select Transfer Project/branch option.

You might be opted to select the synchronization elements if you have allowed users to edit the synchronization option earlier. Provide required values in the popup (refer section 1.2 for more info) and click on Finish.


Now you can find the Solution Manager folder created and you can start modelling under business process VACD.

Note: This step is mandatory to setup the necessary folder structure in ARIS for synchronization. Synchronization will not work without initial sync from SolMan.

You can synchronize the ARIS model into SAP Solution Manager by selecting the model and clicking on Synchronization option available under VACD/EPC.

Note: This synchronization option will only work for the models created under Business Process VACD. We need to maintain additional parameters for the existing models in ARIS for synchronization.

In my next blog, I will explain how existing ARIS models can be synchronized with SAP Solution Manager.

Part 2 is available in the below link

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  • HI,

    I am looking for your blog on HP ALM integration with Solution Manager 7.2, I cant seem to find it any where. it was a very well written blogs and it really helped me with the integration. can you share the blog again.



  • Hello Pragadeeswaran

    can you please indicated some useful link to setup the Process management that's the prerequisite for this integration?

    please let me know.



    • Hi Bruno,

      Prerequisite for the integration is to making sure the activities in process management guided procedure is completed without any errors. All the information related to process management setup is available in the guided procedure.



  • Hello!

    I did synchronization of Aris 7.2 with Solman 7.1 some years ago. At the time I used SAP shortcuts symbol (shadow symbol) for steps that had more than one occurences. And it all working great during synchronization process.

    Now I am trying to do the same thing for Aris 9.8 and Solman 7.2 that is using Soldoc, and it seems that SAP shortcut symbols (shadow symbol) for steps are no longer working as I keep getting error that a step with the same SAP ID can not be synchronized. Can anyone confirm that shortcut symbols no longer woth in these versions of Aris and Solman?


    As of right now, the only way around this problem that I see is to make seperate object definition for every occurance of a step. But this solution is very unconvinient from the Aris architecture side. Does anyone have any other solution for this problem?

    • Hi Daniyar,

      Shadow symbols are still supported for EPC models and shadow steps will be ignored during synchronisation.

      You may need to upgrade the ARIS system, if the functionality is not working. Also, make sure the existing project in ARIS is migrated to support SolMan 7.2 integration.



      • I've found answer to my question on official ARIS SAP integration presentation which says that shortcuts are no longer supported in solman 7.2

        Here is the extract of that text(Document is called Migrating SAP projects to SAP® Solution Manager 7.2 solutions ):


        Shortcuts have been replaced by the relation between PSL elements and database elements. In ARIS occurrence copies of model objects that were considered by the former synchronization, e.g. process steps, will not be offered anymore. Now, references between objects will be in place. In ARIS, when copy and paste a SAP-related object, such a master-variant relation will be created. Of cause you are supported by a wizard.

  • Hi Pragadeeswaran V


    Your blog on ARIS & SAP Solution manager is really helpful.

    I am working on establishing integration between ARIS 10 & SAP Solution manager 7.2 and I am repeatedly getting the below error.

    I have access to SAP Solution manager 7.2 test server hosted on Microsoft Azure and ARIS 10 cloud server.

    Can you guide on how to proceed ?



    • Hi Prerna,

      SAP Solution Manager should be reachable from ARIS Architect/Designer and vice versa for the integration to work. Please check with your network team and make sure the communication ports are open between these servers. Also, make sure PROCESSMANAGEMENT ICF service active in SolMan.



  • Hi ARIS Gurus, we are having major problems with our ARIS <-> Solution Manager interface.

    The keyword is Occurence Copies in ARIS.

    An occurence copy in ARIS is not unique and uses the same ID as the original.

    When synchronizing this to Solution Manager, the Solution Manager sees the two entries as the same and gives an eror. In Solution Manager every entry has to have a unique ID.

    This way, making use of re-usage of process objects can not be done and every item coming from ARIS has to be unique.

    Anyone having this same problem??

  • Hello,


    If I have my business processes documented with ARIS and Solution Manager 7.1, is it possible to perform a New Implementation of Solution Manager 7.2 and migrate those business processes with ARIS?


    I´ll wait for your comments.


    • Hi Cristian,

      I don't think you can use ARIS 7.1 to 7.2 migration scripts for new SolMan implementation. The script requires SolMan to be upgraded without making any changes to business processes.

      You have to consider your scenario as new integration and publish the processes to SolMan 7.2. This will require cleaning up of already existing SAP integration attributes.

      I would recommend to contact Software AG for the best possible solution.



  • Hello Guys,

    We are trying to integrate ARIS and Solman 7.2, as part of integration we have given Solman URL in the first step and in the next step we have given user name and password of Solman system.

    But we are not able to proceed to next screen, it is saying password is wrong. But the interest thing is with the same credentials we are able to login to Solman system URL. Can any please suggest what might be the reason, Solman user has assigned with all the roles related to solution documentation.

    Thanks & regards,

    Pradeep J

  • Hi Pragadeeswaran V

    Thanks for this blog.

    we defined in SAP Solution with trx. SMUD_MODEL_WIZARD 30 attributes. but after import SAP attributes in ARIS, ARIS has only 5 attributes available, although all attributes are defined in the same way.

    How can we force ARIS to read all customer attributes?

    Thanks Peter