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SAPUI5 – Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

There are scenarios wherein the UI5 app should support keyboard shortcuts to perform some actions.

Here is a template that can be used as hook to write custom logic:

In your controller file, use the below method:

onInit : function() {
//after all the necessary code in init method

setKeyboardShortcuts: function(){
//here in this example, I have attached to 'document', you may attach to specific view or control
$(document).keydown($.proxy(function(evt) {
		case 13: //enter key
// if enter key is pressed on checkbox control in ui5, default selection occurs, we need to undo this
                     var control = sap.ui.getCore().byId('id'));
                     if (control && control.getMetadata().getName() == "sap.m.CheckBox" && control.getEnabled() && control.getEditable()) { //check if control is checkbox
                        control.fireSelect(new sap.ui.base.Event("customClick", control, {})); //checkbox SELECT event
//now call the actual event/method for the keyboard keypress
                case 118: //F7 key
		     var control = this.byId("idPrevPageButton"); //or sap.ui.getCore().byId("idPrevPageButton")
	             if (control && control.getEnabled() && control.getEditable()) {
			control.firePress(); //button PRESS event
//for other SHORTCUT cases: refer link1 -   
                default: break;
	}, this));


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