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Author's profile photo Venkatesh Nagarajan

SAPUI5 – Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

There are scenarios wherein the UI5 app should support keyboard shortcuts to perform some actions.

Here is a template that can be used as hook to write custom logic:

In your controller file, use the below method:

onInit : function() {
//after all the necessary code in init method

setKeyboardShortcuts: function(){
//here in this example, I have attached to 'document', you may attach to specific view or control
$(document).keydown($.proxy(function(evt) {
		case 13: //enter key
// if enter key is pressed on checkbox control in ui5, default selection occurs, we need to undo this
                     var control = sap.ui.getCore().byId('id'));
                     if (control && control.getMetadata().getName() == "sap.m.CheckBox" && control.getEnabled() && control.getEditable()) { //check if control is checkbox
                        control.fireSelect(new sap.ui.base.Event("customClick", control, {})); //checkbox SELECT event
//now call the actual event/method for the keyboard keypress
                case 118: //F7 key
		     var control = this.byId("idPrevPageButton"); //or sap.ui.getCore().byId("idPrevPageButton")
	             if (control && control.getEnabled() && control.getEditable()) {
			control.firePress(); //button PRESS event
//for other SHORTCUT cases: refer link1 -   
                default: break;
	}, this));


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      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      Thinking about ease of use in your design! Perfect. I was just looking at a blog about bag of tricks - I'm adding this one to mine.



      Author's profile photo Rakesh Singh
      Rakesh Singh

      Hi Venkatesh,

      How can I add view as you mentioned ?? doing it on document is creating error  on

      var control = this.byId("idPrevPageButton");

      because "this" is documnt here.




      Author's profile photo Joachim Rosenberger
      Joachim Rosenberger

      What if you want to extend standard short cuts?

      For example in a SAP UI Table, it is possbile to select multiple rows by default by holding the ctrl key pressed (MultiToggle active).

      But now I also want to add a short cut like, e.g., "ctrl + i" for inserting a row.

      If I proceed in the manner you described above, the standard short cuts will not work anymore and all events are getting catched in your function and are not further propagated.

      Is there a manner how to forward the events that are not handled in your custom function?