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In January, I shared a compilation of some of the most outstanding blog posts contributed in 2017, and our plans to publish a bi-monthly version throughout 2018. I am excited to share our first collection of featured blog contributors for January and February here.

As with the annual retrospective, our goals are to help bring posts to your attention that you might have missed, and to recognize the authors who contributed them. The posts were selected based on a combination of factors, including quality indicators by other members, engagement and traffic analytics.

I hope you will join me in congratulating the featured contributors for January and February 2018.


We want to focus on surfacing recent, harder-to-notice blog posts by members you may not know yet. As such, we excluded SAP employees and Mentors from those recognized, we limited the recognition to one post per author (like @Michelle Crapo who had multiple qualifying posts), and only considered posts and likes from January or February.

To all who are recognized, I thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise and perspective by blogging on the SAP Community.

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  1. Bartosz Jarkowski

    Well, what can I say.. excellent choice !! 😛

    Thank you very much for the promotion of the blogs and of course thank you for choosing mine post!

    Best regards



    1. Caroleigh Deneen Post author

      Thank you for commenting and for sharing your perspective on my LinkedIn post.

      I’m doing what I can to help great posts like these and their authors get noticed. Hopefully that will help cultivate more conversations and network building between members, while we wait for some of the platform fixes.

      If you see a new name on the list, follow them. If you read a post and you agree it’s good quality, like it. If you have a thought after reading it, share it.

    1. Jerry Janda

      So it seems that “Read any blogs you liked lately?” was a blog that a lot of people liked.

      Maybe I should leave a comment: “Yeah. This one.” 😀


  2. nabheet madan

    Very nice… Thanks for sharing and Congratulations to all  the featured bloggers keep going. This actually will keep the blogger more motivated.

    1. Caroleigh Deneen Post author

      Nice to see you on the list, Joachim. Congratulations! I had meant to do that, thank you for the reminder.

  3. Markus Gildemeister


    I am a new Member here, but so far I can tell: Great Articles here. I really like. So – also from my Side congrats to all.


    Markus /FinTech Freak



      1. Markus Gildemeister

        Hi Caroleigh,

        I made a detailed Research about RoboAdvice  eg. Digital Developmemt in the Financial Market and so I found this Article here >>

        For sure it is an older one, but nevertheless interesting

        After reading it i used then some Tags to find out more Informations about Banking etc here and so I decided to be (hopefully) a part of this interesting Community in the Future.

        And I would like to share my Knowledge and Interests in Form of some Blog Articles with this Community here.




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