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How to Explain SAP Data Hub to a Six-Year-Old

During a conversation with some colleagues I said, I had told my son I was a storyteller when he asked what I did. One of my colleagues said oh really, so tell me how you would explain SAP Data Hub to a six-year-old. I immediately responded that I would have to give it some thought and told the story of how I explained what I do to my father.

Afterwards I knew my colleague would circle back with me on this, so I decided to pre-empt him. Below is my attempt, with full disclosure that I’m not a product expert on SAP Data Hub.

Johnny, have you ever noticed how in adventure stories the heroes start out in one place, then they must travel to other lands? During their journeys, they must find special items like a sword, and a magical gem. Then they need to figure out how to combine them together in just the right way to create the legendary weapon that can defeat the enemy.

Well the story of SAP Data Hub is just like those adventure stories. The heroes must create the legendary weapon of Business Insight to combat the evil enemy named Competition. The heroes start out in the Lost Swamps of Hadoop, it’s a dangerous place filled with data from unknown sources. But SAP Data Hub has the Magic of Metadata and the Light of Lineage to guide the heroes to the first item they need, the mythical bird Twitter Data.

Then like traveling through a magic portal SAP Data Hub transports the heroes to the Infinite Steams of IoT. The streams are rushing rivers of data, moving so fast the heroes can’t see the next item they need, the mythical snake Sensor Data. But Data Hub uses the Magic of Machine Learning to create a special net that traps the snake and removes it from the river of data.

Then Data Hub transports the heroes to the Monks of Master Data Management, who give the heroes the Key-Value Pairs and Attributes needed to combine Twitter Data with Sensor Data to create Business Insight. Once they have the formula Data Hub transports them to the Holy Lands of SAP HANA, where the heroes invoke the Saintly Services of Spatial, Graph, Text and Predictive.

But the evil enemy Competition has found out what the heroes are up to and teleports to SAP HANA to stop them. But Competition is too late! The Saintly Services use the Power of In-Memory to create Business Insight at the speed of thought. Like a lightning bolt, Business Insight lashes out at Competition and burns it into ashes. And the heroes prospered and live happily ever after.

So Johnny, SAP Data Hub is the guiding force that helps heroes stay on track during their data journeys to create business insight and overcome competition.

That’s my story. How did I do? How would you explain SAP Data Hub to a six-year-old?

To learn more details about SAP Data Hub I suggest the technical overview video on the SAP HANA Academy page or the Developer Tutorials.



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