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Direct integration between embedded EWM & TM in S/4HANA improving overall efficiency of suply chain

SAP embedded EWM and TM in 1610 and 1709 releases respectively in S/4HANA. Many of the customers are looking for simplifications with business processes with the opportunity of Direct integration of embedded EWM and TM. It is important to note

  • Embedded EWM still needs to be set up as a separate Logical system and deliveries from S/4HANA are to be distributed to embedded EWM (similar to Decentralized EWM)
  • Embedded TM need not be set up as a separate logical system . Output message is also not required to set up for transfer of deliveries to embedded TM. Refer blog for more details
  • Direct integration between embedded TM and EWM still needs to be established through Web service as of 1709 release. SAP will take 1 or 2 years (as per present road map) for seamless integration between embedded TM and EWM within S/4HANA and hence Web service is the option for customers going live with 1709 and 1808 releases.
  • Yard management(YM) is not a pre-requisite for Direct integration between embedded TM and EWM. YM may be an overkill for smaller warehouses and the movement of TU to checkpoint or warehouse door can be controlled through /SCWM/TU.

Transportation unit (TU) is created in EWM after the transfer of the loading instruction with message “TransportationOrderLoadingAppointmentRequest_Out” to embedded EWM. Transfer of message from TM to EWM can be checked through ‘Message monitoring’ in SOAMANAGER as depicted in below image with status ‘Green’.

Number of TU can be same as of Freight order (FO) in embedded TM for easier identification and can be searched with the number of FO. Relevant delivery documents can get updated as captured in below image.

EWM also sends the message “ TransportationOrderLoadingAppointmentNotification_Out” to embedded TM after loading and departure of TU as in below image.

And the same gets reflected in FO as in below image.

We need to wait for seamless integration, but still this opportunity of Direct integration for embedded EWM and TM will have immense IT and business benefits like

  • No CIF, No PI is needed
  • No need for transfer of master data
  • No duplication of transaction objects / business documents
  • Activities in transportation planning are updating the relevant warehouse objects directly and the same from warehouse operations to transportation objects which facilitates the co-ordination between Transportation planner and warehouse personnel resulting in better Logistic execution of customer orders
  • Improvement in Overall efficiency and speed of supply chain

Update on 28th June’2020: SAP has now released a note 2933925 with an attachment describing detailed steps in SOAMANAGER for Direct integration between TM and EWM in S/4HANA

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  • Hi Mrinal,

    Could you please provide steps to configure the integration between TM & EWM.

    also which web service we have to activate ?




  • I would like to add to the direct integration part.

    Although the delivery created in TM is propagated to EWM and ERP, If it is deleted in EWM, the deletion cannot be performed for the delivery in ERP and TM. The Inbound queue for this remains in error until the freight order for which the outbound delivery is created is deleted also.

    Also one more observation, if the freight order is deleted in TM after the creation of the outbound delivery.The delivery does not automatically get deleted in ERP and EWM.Once a new freight order is created for the related Freight Unit, the previously created delivery gets attached to this freight order.

  • Hi Mrinal,


    To achieve LDAP integration  between Embeded TM and Embeded EWM in S/4, do we need to have advanced version of SAP TM ( or both TM and EWM in advanced version)?

    We have SAP TM Basic version Embeded in 1909 S/4 and we set-up SOAMANAGER as per the guide but still LDAP message is not triggered. When we perform "set Load Plan to Finalized" a PPF action "TOR_LDAP_REQ" is triggered and processed successfully but LDAP (XML) message is not triggered to created TU. Can you please provide any insight on the system requirement?


    Also, if we want to use both Embeded SAP TM and Embeded SAP EWM in S/4 without any direct integration, is there any possible way to achieve this? Please let us know.


    Thank you.





    • Hi Virendra,

      As far as I know, Direct integration requires advanced version of SAP TM ( or both TM and EWM in advanced version).

      Refer the note 2614976 and the attachment with note 2933925 for the set up.

      Direct integration with TU is the only integration available to integrate embedded EWM & TM as on 1909 release.

      With regards,