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Lifecycle Management: FAQs


FAQ:  Can a solution (developed in a tenant on a higher release version), be deployed to a tenant on a lower release version?

Ans: No, downward release compatibility of solutions is not supported in PDI.


FAQ:  Why can’t I see the Production Bug Fix icon in my production tenant?

Ans: Check whether the solution is scoped and deployed successfully in the tenant. Also, ensure that the Production Fix Authorization work center view is assigned to your user.


FAQ: What are the pre-requisites for requesting a change project?

Ans: Before requesting a change project, please ensure that the solutions on the source and target system are in sync and on same versions. Disable solutions that are either missing on source or on target system.


FAQ: Why are custom fields created as part of a PDI solution not visible on the UI?

Ans: Please check whether the solution is enabled/scoped. Only on enabling/scoping a solution, the artifacts would be visible on the UI.


FAQ: Why am I not able to delete existing content/extension fields?

Ans:  If the solution is in maintenance mode, deletion of few content types isn’t permitted. Please refer to the studio help documentation to find the content types supported in maintenance mode.


FAQ: What happens if I disable a solution?

Ans: The solution artifacts would no longer be visible and executed in the UI. Moreover disabling of a solution would cause loss of any BC fine tuning data configuration for the solution.


FAQ: Why is data not visible in patch?

Ans: Original and Patch are two namespaces for a given solution. Technically these are two different solutions and do not share any meta objects or data. So, if a patch is created for the first time only the design time artifacts are copied to a new namespace, the data from original solution is not copied.




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