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Quality Management Results Recording – Custom SAP Fiori Transactional App (ECC)

This document covers the details of the custom SAP fiori Transactional App developed for Results Recording using FIORI 2.0.  SAP does not provide standard solution (FIORI App) that covers all these functionalities for ECC.

The document focuses on two aspects depending on the target audience:

  • Features covered in the app (Functional/Business/End Users Audience)
  • High level Technical details for each functionality (Technical Audience)

Features of the App

  1. Search for Inspection Lots Based on Given Search Parameters
  2. Value helps for all fields with wild card search/case sensitive search wherever possible
  3. Variant Management ( as in SAP ) – Create / Update / Delete / Setting Default Variant
  4. Results Recording with respect to inspection point as well as without inspection point
  • Single Results
  • Multiple Results
  • Mixed ( Single + Multiple )
  • Qualitative as well as Quantitative Results
  • Summarized Recording
  • Formula Indicators
  • Documentation Required Indicators
  • Partial lot/Batch assignment in the inspec. during production
  1. Link to SAP DMS from Fiori Result Recording ( Inspection Method Documents)
  2. Defect Recording and View Defects in case of Rejected Characteristics
  3. Digital Signature for closing Characteristics
  4. Create/View Note for Inspection Lot
  5. Create/View Attachments for Inspection Lot
  6. Print Inspection Report ( Sap script Form in PDF format)
  7. Decimal , Date User format as per the user profile
  8. Multiple Language support
  9. Lock Mechanism
  10. Authority checks done as per Client requirements
  11. Security Roles assigned to Catalogs , Groups , OData Services on Gateway and Backend


These features covers functionalities of transactions QA32/33, QE51n/52n/53n, QF01/03, and QS34.


  1. Search for Inspection Lots Based on Given Search Parameters

Default Plant appears from the user Profile Parameter WRK set in SU3. Keeping performance as the first priority, Date range mandatory to filter records and only first 500 latest records displayed. User can enter other fields like Inspection Lot, Inspection type, Origin, Material, Batch, Work Center, Order, Purchasing document , Inspection Document to get more accurate records.

On first load, the screen displays the search results based on the results of the default variant/search preference saved.

Period has various options: All, Last 24 hours, Last week, and Last month to give more flexibility to users to get the dates automatically instead of manually entering. These dates are the SAP System date and not local users date as per their computer/browser settings. This helps in getting accurate results as the user’s computer/browser date and time would be different from the SAP system’s date & time when the record was created.

More Filter Options on the screen.

On click of Go , search results are shown and the user can navigate to any inspection lot from the list by clicking the hyperlink for Inspection Lot .

  1. Value helps for all fields with wild card search/case sensitive search wherever possible


  1. Variant Management ( as in SAP ) – Create / Update / Delete / Setting Default Variant

After clicking on Search Preference at the top the below list appears that displays the variants created by the logged in user. The user can load any variant, create a new or update an existing one as well as delete any variant. At any time, the user can set any variant as default. This default variant plays a role on first load where the search results are based on the parameters saved as default.

  1. Results Recording with respect to inspection point as well as without inspection point

After getting the search results, click on link for the inspection lot in the first column takes the user to the next screen which shows only the list of valid operations for which recording can be done . In case the recording needs to be done with an inpsection point then the list also dipslays the exisitng inpsection point and the ability to create a new one and record results.

After selecting an existing inspection point below screen gets displayed. The color code is for differentiating between the optional and required characteristics.  Orange color indicates the Optional ones . The lock icon in the first column indicates whether the characteristic is closed or not. Calculator icon indicates that it’s a formula based characteristic and will be calculated and no manual results entry required. Lower , upper and target specifications for each characteristic is displayed that helps the user to enter the correct specifications. Short and long text can be entered for each characteristic.the Accept and Reject column shows the valuation for each characteristic. The last column displays the DMS document if any. User can record results for another inspection point , by clicking on button Record Another Inspection Point at the bottom of the screen and can also go for Usage decision from the same screen after recording results.Closed characteristics can again be opened by clicking on lock icon and results can be reentered.

 After scrolling down , the user can see the results for another inspection point as well.

For characteristics having multiple results , a plus sign appears that takes user to next screen where he can enter results for each sample.




For recording a new result, user needs to enter a new inspection point. This will take the user to the screen for recording results. After entering the values user to click on all results complete and save button. This will read the results in the backend, valuate them as per the specifications and close the characteristic as well. In case of multiple results, it will calculate the summarized value, valuate and close. For formula based characteristics, in case all preceding characteristics are valuated and closed it will automatically calculate the value based on the formula and send the results back.Refreshed screen with saved results from  backend.


  1. Link to SAP DMS from Fiori Result Recording ( Inspection Method Documents)

DMS Document display: By clicking on the inspection method column the user can view the documents if any attached. The list of available documents are displayed and user can view as well as save each document by clicking on View button.


Click on View opens the Document in a new tab and user can save the document.


  1. Defect Recording and View Defects in case of Rejected Characteristics

Defect can be raised for Characteristics whose valuation is rejected. For such characteristics in the Reject column the X sign is clickable and user can enter a new defect or view existing defects.



User can also view the recorded defect in the same tab by clicking the X button in Reject Column.

  1. Digital Signature for closing Characteristics

Digital Signature is very important part and the most challenging part of the development. The closing of characteristic cannot happen without digital signatures for few Pharmaceutical materials. This signature gets recorded at table level and in DSAL transaction as well. Here the user has to enter the DS details only one and it gets saved for all entered characteristics in the backend.

Check the SPRO settings to ensure all the pre-requisites are in place for the process.

SLG0 -> CDSG1 (sub object)

SIGNA -> LOT (Application)

SIGN0->LOT_RR(Object) , QLOT_DS(Metatable) , QLOT_DS_LOG_RR ( Log Structure)

Partial Lot Assignment during Save.

  1. Create/View Note for Inspection Lot

User can attach a note as well view existing notes for an inspection lot. This gets attached to GOS ( Global Object Services) Notes.



View the saved note.


  1. Create/View Attachments for Inspection Lot

User can attach documents as well view existing attachments for an inspection lot. This gets attached to GOS ( Global Object Services) Archived Attachments.




View uploaded Documents by clicking on the download button in the last row. The user can view/save the document.


  1. Print Inspection Report ( Sap script Form in PDF format)

User can print either standard or custom SAP Script/Smart form/Adobe forms for an inspection lot as per the NACE settings. On click of print button on the upper right corner, a pop up appears for selecting the form to be printed.

  1. Decimal , Date User format as per the user profile

Frontend UI has no control/access on the user profile settings for date, decimal Etc. maintained in the backend system. For eg: if the user enters quantity in 12.20 format but the decimal notation in backend is maintained as 12,20 which is not known on the UI . All this has been taken off and user can enter date / decimal without bothering about the formats maintained in backend.


  1. Multiple Language Support

The app can support multiple languages as there is no hardcoding of labels / messages neither in frontend nor in the backend. Currently the app supports English and German Language.


  1. Lock Mechanism

Another important factor in SAP is lock mechanism. Whenever two users are trying to work on the same record, lock mechanism needs to be in place to prevent data corruption. If a record is in edit mode in ECC, user cannot edit the same record in FIORI app and will get a message “The record XXX is locked by user XXXX “, preventing user from editing the same record.


  1. Authority checks done as per Client requirements

Every client has some custom authority checks to prevent access to certain business scenarios/functionalities to a certain group of users. These are also taken of in the developed app.


  1. Security Roles assigned to Catalogs , Groups , OData Services on Gateway and Backend

The most important feature of every application is Security. The security roles for Catalogs, Groups, and OData services in gateway and backend system created to prevent unauthorized access to users.


High Level Technical Details

This part of the document would be more appealing for the technical people as most of the time is lost in finding the correct logic/function modules/tables/enhancements and testing them. The aim is only to give high level details and not the exact step by step process done to achieve the functionalities.

Functionality Technical Details
Search Tables : QALS , V_QAPO
Read Inspection Order Details


SINGLE_RESULTS -> reading results for multiple samples with inspection points and without inspection points

SAMPLE_RESULTS-> read single sample with inspection point

CHAR_RESULTS -> read single results without inspection points


Record Results

a)      CHAR_FLTP_CONVERSION – To convert the char into float for saving results as per user profile

b)      ROUND – To maintain the entered result as per the decimals maintained in the master characteristics

c)       QEST_FAIL_CLAS_CHARACTERISTIC – To evaluate the qualitative characteristics

d)      IQAPI_WORD_WRAP – To wrap the long text string sent from UI before saving long text

e)      CREATE_TEXT – Creating long text

f)       COMMIT_TEXT – Saving the long text changes

g)      BAPI_INSPOPER_RECORDRESULTS – Recording results following tables to be filled

–          CHAR_RESULTS -> for Single results without inspection point

–          SAMPLE_RESULTS -> for inspection lots having inspection point with single result

–          SINGLE_RESULTS -> for multiple results with or without inspection points

Get SAP System Dates

SUBTRACT_TIME_FROM_DATE – Get dates as per the indicator 24 hours , one week , one month sent from UI

Following indicators to be passed to FM to get the difference

For 24 hours -> D

For Week -> W

For Month -> M

Print Inspection Report

Standard Program RQGAAM31

Import the xstring data of the PDF and send it to GET_STREAM for download

DMS Document

Read a particular doc ->SCMS_DOC_READ

List of the documents attached ->BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDETAIL2

Defect Recording/View


Table : QMFE

Inspection Operation Details



Lock Mechanism ENQUEUE_READ
Upload Attachment ( Archive) ARCHIV_CREATE_TABLE
Download Archived Attachment ARCHIVOBJECT_GET_TABLE
Read File Attachment List ARCHIV_GET_CONNECTIONS
Read Note List



Variant Management






Few Enhancements done to achieve long text , Digital Signature , Print functionality.


Thanks !!!!!


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      Author's profile photo Benjamin Krencker
      Benjamin Krencker

      Hi Ragini

      Thank you for presenting this cool App with a lot of featues, looks very interesting!

      I was just asking myself what is your intent with this blog entry, do you plan to share the source code of your app with the community or is it about to present what cool stuff you are programming? 🙂



      Author's profile photo Ragini Upadhyay
      Ragini Upadhyay
      Blog Post Author


      Thanks for you interest. Its not possible to post the entire code. I have given high level technical details for the people to start with in case they have similar requirements. And also the aim was to showcase the features that have been implemented so that in case there is similar requirement people can be sure that this has been implemented and can be achieved.





      Author's profile photo Kishore Panchakarla
      Kishore Panchakarla

      Congratulations !!! and best wishes Ragini

      Author's profile photo isa Karahan
      isa Karahan

      Thanks Ragini. Valuable sharing.

      Author's profile photo Stephan Rathgeb
      Stephan Rathgeb

      Hi Ragini,

      we really appreciate the post and we are going to pick up the topic. Maybe I have overseen the topics in your post, but, I have questions regarding system point of view.

      Which ERP version is neseccary to run it?

      • S/4
      • ECC e.g. v6.0?

      Are there any other restrictions?

      How can we get and integrate the app?

      best regards and many thanks


      Author's profile photo Graeme Thom
      Graeme Thom

      Very good details - thanks for publishing !!

      Author's profile photo Vivek Goyal
      Vivek Goyal

      Very good and detailed overview of various functionalities. Good work Ragini.

      Author's profile photo Jos Hartono
      Jos Hartono

      Hi Ragini,

      is there any chance that we can get that apps even buy its okay

      Thanx you