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HANA Calculation View modeling on SAP Cloud Platform

You want to try out the HANA Calculation View modeling and view the data using the SAP HANA Web IDE, without installing any software.

Welcome to SAP Web IDE Full Stack on SAP Cloud Platform. Do it for free on SAP Trial account.


Below steps details out on how to enable the needed application on HANA Trail account.

  1. Logon to
  2. Click on Neo Trial.
  3. Go to services
  4. Select SAP Web IDE Full-Stack Application.
  5. Before we create the HANA Views, lets enable the needed applications.
  6. Go to Preference, Click on Features section.
  7. Turn ON the application ‘Tools for SAP Hana Database Development’ which provides the graphical editors for modeling CDS artifacts, Calculation View, Analytic Privileges etc.
  8. Turn ON the application ‘SAP HANA Database Explorer’, whcj helps with viewing the data of the tables and views.
  9. Save your changes. This will cause the SAP Web IDE to relaunch again.

Please refer to video below.

Once you have enabled the needed applications, we will go ahead and create the needed artifacts.

The below view shows how a connectivity is made between the Neo Stack and Cloud Foundry stack and how to build and deploy the application on Cloud Foundry and view the data.



Happy Modeling!!


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  • Hi Raghavendra,


    I'm trying to create a calculation view in full stack web ide following your video. But when I'm building the HDB Module, I'm getting an error. It says "Cannot find service key to bind to hana instance....." Do you by any chance know what the issue might be? Can I link the HDB module to an already existing hana instance? Kindly help.




  • Hi Raghavendra,


    Thanks for your blog.

    We are working on SAP BW 7.5 SP 11.

    We are starting to investigate on the HANA decision modelling to optimise our existing BW dataflow.

    I have a question, can we manage everything requirements only with the calculation view ?

    What would be the specific needs that we could not managed with calculation view and for which we would need attributes view or analytical view ?

    What are the things that we coud only do in attributes or analytical view that we could not do in calculation views ?

    Many Thanks


  • Hi Raghavendra


    We are initiating a new project on HCP and using SP12 (version  , so does that mean we should do all the development using Web IDE.

    I faced the following issues in Web IDE so wondering if there is anything I need to do in Web IDE to fix it.

    In the current environment on a graphical calculation view , I was not able to right click and data preview for intermediate nodes for debugging. So as a interim solution I had to connect the the cloud installation to hana studio to get that feature.

    Is there any SAP document which states the Hana studio will be obsolete and we should not use it ?



    • Hi Poonam

      The HANA Studio is in maintenance mode. All the new features will be part of SAP HANA Web IDE (SAP Web IDE Full stack, in case of SCP).

      Please refer to SAP Note 2465027 - Deprecation of SAP HANA extended application services, classic model and SAP HANA Repository.

      The intermediate data preview in Web IDE is part of SP01/SP02 onwards.











    Hi Raghavendra,

    I have followed the video.. but when I am creating Calculation view when I try to search the data source which I have created as in 1st step(CDS Artifact) I am getting error "Not able to find Organization : trial account id". I have attached screenshot of trial account settings..

  • Hi All,

    I solved this issue changing the name of the Organization. It included some special characters, so I better removed them.

    To do so, I recommend using CF CLI, not from SCP cockpit, since the name does not get updated - don't know why. Just use command line: cf rename-org ORG NEW_ORG. Keep something short and normal characters.


  • Hi,

    There were issue with special characters, which is resolved now in SAP Web IDE Full Stack.

    The CF org & space name containing special characters are supported in Web IDE Project setting and the Calculation View editor should be able to load the database objects details without any errors.