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CRM (SOM) in SAP Hybris Billing, S/4

In continuation to my previous writing (, here I am going to describe each & every parts of HB (hybris billing).

The first part for discussion is CRM in HB.

Customer Relationship Management is an integral part of SAP Hybris Billing product suite.

For high volume , heterogeneous billing business scenario CRM acts as SOM (Subscription Order Management).

In the today’s changing business model every industry starting from manufacturing billing to retail billing, digital-media billing, telecom billing, postal-logistics billing, hitech-variant billing, has adopted SUBSCRIPTION-ORDER to attract & retain customers with predefined offers along with definitive period of contract to make their sale to the surest level. Example- Telecom industry (example brand – JIO , telecom brand in India) wants to throw some hot offers (‘PRIME MEMBER’) for their customers who would subscribe for one year with pre-paid money. The subscribed customers will have special rates & packages & in this way JIO is keeping a huge pull of customers for their business surety.

SOM (subscription order management) has the all capabilities to deliver subscription-based products and services, when a company needs to be able to manage customer contracts flexibly – adding, modifying, tracking or removing elements quickly for an effortless customer experience.

SOM from SAP Hybris Billing enables your business to be as flexible as its customers, monetize subscriptions, usage and revenue-sharing models flexibly, while managing all aspects of it – from order capture, to order distribution, to change order processes – across all touch-points.

Source: SAP

Start point

It starts with the following points

1- Partner Management

It creates

  • BP(business partner) – the customer on whose name the product/plan will be billed. Business partner is called BP in SOM(CRM) & CI (convergent invoicing), but called ‘SUBSCRIBER ACCOUNT’ in CC(convergent charging).
  • BA(business agreement) – the agreement between company/service provider & customer/consumer/subscriber. There are sales contract, partner agreement, master agreement. Business Agreement is called BA in SOM, ‘CONTRACT ACCOUNT’ in CI & ‘EXTERNAL ACCOUNT’ in CC.
  • CA(contract account) – the account who will be using the service (typically under BP) & having minimum 1:1 ration with BP.

Source: SAP

2- Product Management

It creates

  • Product hierarchy
  • up & cross selling products
  • Product model
  • Dependant products for a product

Source: SAP

3- Price Management

  • Product with pricing creation- like- one time charges, Recurring Charges etc
  • For one-time charges- master data (condition record), calculation, Billable item(BIT) creation all happen in SOM
  • For Recurring charges- master data(condition record) creates in SOM & then replicates into CC. Price calcilation happen in SOM & then identified price data passes to CC with PC(provider contract) activation. BIT creation happens in CC.

Source: SAP

End Points

1- Provider Order

  • Provider order – an order comprising of all products, business agreement & pricing etc. It is a special sales order to sell product bundles that consist of products & services.It connection with Provider contract, it supports the sale of special products & services, in the way that they are assembled & offered.

Source: SAP

  •  Fulfilment status- to check the order for all required parameters to fetch & trigger data across systems.

2- Provider Contract

  • Provider contract– a contract for order mentioning connected consumer, product, price , plan etc. It maintains the long-term agreement for a service that a provider company offers to its customers.It is represented by a rate plan item within the PC document. PC is called ‘PROVIDER CONTRACT’ in all three systems.
  • Provider Sales & Order Management Business Role– the role at the back ground carries different functionalities for back office/pos sales agents.
  • For prepaid- it creates a prepaid account (goes to feature in CC(convergent charging)) for refilling & balance management purpose. It is called ‘PREPAID DATA’ in SOM, but ‘PREPAID ACCOUNT’ in CI & CC.

Source: SAP

Looking closure into the architecture & processes, within SAP Hybris Billing, the sales process is located in SOM system.which actually means campaign, offer, order & contract management.

We shall be discussing SOM integration parts with other modules of Hybris billing in my next writing.



Surojit Saha

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      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Please try to avoid using link shorteners on SCN. Some corporate firewalls don’t allow them and it’s misleading to the readers as well (as we don’t know where this link is actually going). If you’re referring to the blogs posted on SCN then just use the direct link. It also looks better when inserted using the “Insert link” option in the blog editor (like I did below).

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      Thank you!


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      surojit saha
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Jelena Perfiljeva


      Thanks for you suggestion. It has been amended.



      Surojit Saha

      Author's profile photo Angel Xiao
      Angel Xiao

      Hi Sorojit saha,

      Thank you for your sharing!!! In your article you mention Product management and Price management. Here I have two questions:

      1. Is product management a place to design product? For example in Telco industry, products like telephone, wifi, SMS and their pricing logic can be designed here? Then later, when these products are ready, they can be assigned to different provider contracts?
      2. If CRM and CC is integrated, and since in CRM we have Price management, does it represent that we don't need to config pricing and charging logic in CC directly but in CRM? And logic configured in CRM will be replicated to CC to build the decision tree?

      Thank you very much for your help!

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Peter Plesnicar
      Peter Plesnicar

      Hi Sorojit,

      I was wandering if there is any road map for the SOM processes to be part of S/4 and if not where will this reside after the classic CRM goes out of maintenance?

      Any further hint is appreciated.

      Thx, Peter


      Author's profile photo Pradeep Modani
      Pradeep Modani

      Hi Surojit,

      In integration between CC and SOM. is it possible to configure trigger Activation process in CC from SOM. I knew we can trigger during creation of Provider contract. but is it possible to schedule activation process in SOM for CC. ?

      Author's profile photo Pradeep Modani
      Pradeep Modani

      HI Surojit,


      while replicating provider contract from SOM to FICA and CC. i am ended with below message

      "Distribution of FICA and SAP CC Scheduled "

      may i know where we configure the scheduler for replication of Provider contract in CI and CC