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Author's profile photo Mahak Rathore

Automatic Password Reset Application for SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x

Hi All,

BO Admin have to deploy this web application on the tomcat server.This is a web based application used to reset user passwords in the SAP BusinessObjects 4.x environment. The application resets the password and sends the new password to the email address that was entered in the CMC for the user so every user created in BO should be associated with an email address.


Workflow for BO Admin :


Below are the steps :

  • Download the ZIP File attached with this email and extract it with any extractor like winzip. Passapp_withBatch.Zip /

  • Now, After extracting you will find below structure.

  • Open the Passreset folder inside this.

  • Edited logon.jsp and edit your server information.

Here, CMS : CMSServername:6400 , Username : The user who is administrator or have access to reset the password of a user. , String : Password of the user.

  • Edit the reset userPasswordID.jsp file and edit the section the below.

String from : From the Email id you would be sending the email like : and smtpClient : the Email Domain of your company. Ex :

Save both the files and simply Go back to extracted folder and STOP TOMCAT.

  • Run the bat file.

  • Once the batch file will complete it will automatic deploy and install the web app to your Tomcat.

  • Verify the files are installed on the Tomcat and Start the Tomcat. It should Look like below.

Once the File is deployed. You can Simply use the URL http://servername:8080/Passapp to Launch the portal.


Workflow for User :


This application is designed to reset the password for the End Users who are using SAP BO 4.x machines.

Mandatory :

  • User ID should have updated Email Address in the BO Account.
  • User Should know the userid.

Below are the steps :

  • Please Click on Button to Proceed





  • Provide your Enterprise User ID


  • Hit Reset Button and you will get message if successfully.

  • The Password will be sent to user on email ID with random Password.

  • Now user will be prompted when he/she will login from the given password to change it.


Download the Package from Here : DOWNLOAD PACKAGE




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      Author's profile photo Shiva Vishnubatla
      Shiva Vishnubatla


      Nice work Mahak. Thanks for sharing as always


      Author's profile photo Mahak Rathore
      Mahak Rathore
      Blog Post Author

      HI Shiva,


      After a long time got this "Nice Work" Reward from you 🙂 . Thank you so much.





      Author's profile photo Danilo Nunes Vieira
      Danilo Nunes Vieira

      Hi Mahak ,

      I know that this is not the correct post to talk about this subject, but I think that its a good way to get in touch with you. Im trying to download a Packag of LCM_cli.bat  that you've put available in another post, but unfortunely the package is no more avaliable. Could you tell me how can i get this pakage? or can you send me to my e-mail. I realy thank you , if could help me. I'm trying to generate a Deploy of LCMbiar files by atutomatized way, and I think that your post can really help me.

      this is no longer available. it shows me a message as - has expired

      Author's profile photo Denis Konovalov
      Denis Konovalov

      Use Promotion pattern book from

      and you'll be able to create this yourself.

      Author's profile photo Danilo Nunes Vieira
      Danilo Nunes Vieira

      Wow, this is very useful. There are a lot of books that can help me to much in my work. Thank you so much by the help!

      Author's profile photo Denis Konovalov
      Denis Konovalov

      this is why we have created those books. They are real life examples using real data/scenarios.
      Glad it helps.

      Author's profile photo Danilo Nunes Vieira
      Danilo Nunes Vieira

      I have imported and exported today some jobs in promotion management by command line. The pattern books has helped me so much.

      Very gratefull!

      Author's profile photo Faisal Boussetta
      Faisal Boussetta

      Hello Mahak,


      We used your solution for the automatic reset password on BI4.2 SP3, and lastly we migrate to BI4.2 SP6 but we get an issue saying that the authentication is wrong as below :

      Did you have any idea about this, and how to fix it.

      Thanks in advance



      Author's profile photo Rob Hoogerhoud
      Rob Hoogerhoud

      Hi Mahak,

      First of all thanks for this nice tool.

      When we run the PassresetConfig.bat the variable %TomcatHOME% is not set and files are not copied. I copied the files of the webapp manually and then the application could be started and used in our test environment.

      I think the issue is caused by the command:
      FOR /F "tokens=2* delims= " %%A IN ('Reg QUERY "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Apache Software Foundation\Procrun 2.0\BOEXI40Tomcat\Parameters\Start" /v WorkingPath') DO SET TomcatHOME=%%B
      echo %TomcatHOME%

      This gave the error: “%%A was unexpected at this time” .

      Do you have a solution for this? If not I will do the copy manually on the BO production environment where I still have to add it.

      Kind regards, Rob

      Author's profile photo Srinivas Perumandla
      Srinivas Perumandla

      Hi Mahak,

      I tried all the steps and after hitting Reset button, I see the success message that password has been reset and email will be sent. But I am not receiving email with the reset password. We have trusted authentication in our system with below settings.   Do any of these settings not support your solution ?

      Author's profile photo Uday Thakur
      Uday Thakur

      Hello All,

      After following above steps, we are facing below error. Can anyone help us on this ?



      ERROR - 404

      Author's profile photo Uday Thakur
      Uday Thakur

      Hello All,

      I have got the solution.

      In case someone find above error, please copy all the 20 files from UNZIP folder


      to "Passapp" folder within "work" and "webapps" folder inside "tomcat".


      Thank you.


      Author's profile photo Ramesh Vallakatla
      Ramesh Vallakatla

      It's nice article and it's works for me- but I need to implement  forgot userid too - Is there any way to set up forgot userid, can we send userid to his eamil.




      Author's profile photo Vishal Bagherwal
      Vishal Bagherwal

      Hi Mahak, thanks for this awesome work, I have a question, this way users will be able to reset other users' password as well if they know their userid, is nt it better if users DONOT have option to provide userid and can reset ONLY own password?

      Thanks again 🙂