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How to install previous version of IDM Developer Studio Plugin for eclipse?

Related Note: 2534861 – Require older SP of IDM Developer Studio Plug-in


Earlier whenever we try to install the IDM developer studio plugin from the below link, we can install only the latest IDM SP plugin, but cannot install the previous SP Versions Plugin.

It’s always a best practice to ensure all IDM components are on same level including IDM developer studio plugin for eclipse. Even SAP recommends the same.

Following are the Issues if we install other versions of IDM developer studio plugin for eclipse

  1. When we try to expand Process folder we get Retrieving Process Folder Failed error message
  2. New Settings maintained in the Approval tasks will not be saved.

Finally SAP has found a solution for this issue by updating the note 2534861

Requirement/Use Case:

  • Need to install SP04 version IDM developer studio plugin for eclipse as installed version of IDM core component  is 8.0 SP04. But only latest SP version plugin is available to install. As per the below screenshot currently we can install only the latest IDM plugin version only

Steps to install pervious eclipse version:

  1. Login to Sap Support Launchpad -> Under Maintenance and Operations -> Select Software Downloads tile and navigate to Support Packages & Patches -> By Alphabetical Index -> N -> SAP NW Identity Management -> 8.0 -> COMPRISED SOFTWARE COMPONENT VERSION -> IDM CONFIG LM FOR ECLIPSE 8.0
  2. Click on respective version plugin to download

3. Make sure JRE/JDK has been already setup on your machine, if not please download it and install or else cannot run eclipse application.

4. Download Eclipse from site

5. Extract the zip file and run the eclipse.exe application and create workspace.

6. Navigate to Help-> install new software -> click on Add Button

7. Click on Archive and provide the path of the downloaded eclipse zip file and click on OK

8. Now we can see the required plugin version to install. Select plugin and click on Next to install.

9. Usually the plugin would be installed successfully, but sometimes we may encounter the below error.

Error “Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found” when installing SAP Identity Management Developer Studio

If we are encountering this error then follow the below steps else the plugin has been installed successfully.

10. Go to Help-> install new software -> Enter this in the URL

11. Under Modeling -> select Graphiti Incubation and click on next and install

12, Once installed please proceed with activities mentioned from Steps 6 to Step 8.


Kindly let me know incase of any mistakes.

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  • Just a quick question - I looked at your links. Many of them are still unanswered. Could you go back them and link them to this blog.

    They might still be looking for an answer, and that would be a nice way to give them one.

    Thank you!


      • Can you answer some of the outstanding questions in the community with a link to this blog or the answer that works for them?  I've seen quite a few.

        I don't think anyone can find or needs to find all the questions. Just the most recent ones. If not that's OK too! Thank you for the nice blog!



  • Hi  Deva,

    I have eclipse neon and IDM 8.0.2 and facing   "When we try to expand Process folder we get retrieving Process Folder Failed error message" issue. Does Neon wont support IDM?. Am unable to uninstall Neon and able to use IDM. Could you please help me here.



    • Hi Jaya,

      Please use luna/mars eclipse software which supports for all the SAP IDM 8.0 versions whose support pack version is less than 3. For any higher version please use neon eclipse version.

      For any further information, please provide your IDM 8.0 support pack version and also provide the developer studio plugin version.




  • Hi Deva,

    THX for this post. It's really helpful to have the opportunity to get back to a dedicated Eclipse Plugin Version.

    As far as I have seen on the SAP Marketplace there are "only" the vanilla versions of the Eclipse Plugin for the according SP levels. Wouldn't it be better to have at least the latest Patch Level of the Plugin as well? I.e. currently I am looking for the Plugin Version 8.5.19 that I saw a few "mintues" around February, 20th, which has then been replaced by 8.6.2 the same day.

    Would it be possible to get access to the release archive?

    Best regards,




  • Hello Anton,

    this is good news! Thanks for providing the bits needed. At least we can access the latest PL which should be fine in most cases.

    Best regards,




    • Hello Alexander,


      Just to clarify - latest PL of latest SP is only available on

      We will upload to SAP Software Download Center only the latest PL of the SPs that are out of maintenance.


      Kind regards,


      • Can you go into detail as to why adopt this prehistoric approach? What is the downside to making all versions available so the user can try and install the appropriate plugin for his system landscape, as opposed to forcing the user to update all IDM components to match the current plugin version available?

        Frankly, this makes no sense.

      • I can only agree with Andre Doria's statement. In our landscape the latest IdM plugin leads to massive problems (e.g. Job Log can no longer be opened) and the oldest version (which you can download and install manually for SP06) has a little less incompatibilities, but still the deletion of tasks within processes doesn't work anymore.

        So we don't have the possibility to use a working Eclipse IdM plugin anymore, unless we update the whole IdM system to the latest version - which we can't do at the moment.

        A release of all IdM Eclipse plugins including a compatibility list would be very desirable and would certainly help many customers.