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Find out the best SAP Development solution for your Business


SAP is one of the leading Enterprise solution manufacturers whose product caters to various large and small corporations worldwide. As of now, more than 183,000 customers in more than 130 countries use SAP software solutions. Redefining the popular belief that SAP is for big businesses, today over 80% of its users are small and medium enterprises. Finding out the best SAP development solution is a difficult task but definitely possible.

We will look into some of the challenges faced while developing an SAP Solution.

Implementation is not an easy task. There are numerous methods of implementation, however, depending upon a client’s sap version or his requirement only a few methods can be used for implementation.

Every Sap installation is unique for everyone, as requirements of the client are based on different productivity aspect. One data for a customer holds a different value or no value to another customer.  As sap can be molded for unique purpose depending upon the requirement it is a challenge for Sap developers. One size fits all method just doesn’t work for obvious reasons.

Integration with CRM: This issue is commonly faced by developers in order to integrate CRM with ERP. One simply cannot overlook this, CRM as a Front-end system is responsible for Marketing, upselling, customer support. On the other hand, ERP as a backend handles financial data, account information purchase orders, bills. In other words, it handles the work after an order has been placed.

Idocs can be used to Integrate with Salesforce application and SAP ERP. This technique can be used when a business partner profile which has already been created in SAP ERP. If SAP ERP has to send the data to salesforce it creates an Immediate document (IDoc) with information of business partner name, surname and other details. This Idoc then goes to SAP(PI) which converts it in XML format and is handed over to Salesforce. Once received salesforce immediately sends a message of successful registration.

Integration with Supplier Systems: One company doesn’t manufacture everything; it needs a supplier network that will provide the raw material or other resources in order to help to complete an order.

One combined platform is needed where a quotation request can be sent to various suppliers by end users. Suppliers can respond directly to the quotation only if integration with supplier system has been done. It saves time and is a fairly complex procedure. For an example Integration with logistics is important to save the valuable time and resources during all transportation and storing activities.

Integration with third-party software: A real-time data from a subsidiary is needed to have a combined figure of a total number of accounts billed or products sold for a large organization. Similarly, a huge corporation which deals in various sectors has to essentially integrate SAP with third party software which is a part of its IT ecosystem dealing in multiple sectors. For example, a company that runs two or three businesses in a different sector has one Third-party software for its Hotel business and two other for retail and banking.
This integration can be done by using SAP Netweaver, which is preferred mostly in order to call functions and moving data cells from third-party software. However, there is limited number of companies which run compatible software for Netweaver.

BAPIs are used by programmers to design an interface which is used by third-party software, customers along with various SAP applications. Various Sap development experts use it to successfully integrate ERP with third-party software.

Despite the challenges, using SAP is justified by a long list of benefits which simply outweighs the difficulty while developing it. Some of its benefits include:-

  1. Increased productivity.
  2. Reduce cost and increasing flexibility.
  3. Steady operations and minimize risk.
  4. Less expensive and very quick to put into effect.
  5. Customer satisfaction.

There are many more…

A great customer service puts a smile on your customer’s face every time they get a prompt service. This will also help you in maintaining a good balance between supply and demand ratios which is vital for any business.

If you own a business then implementing SAP is a good idea to improve the efficiency, increase in overall customer satisfaction, improvement in productivity and most importantly it will act as a backbone for your organization.

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