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The Relationship Between Cloud Computing and SEO

The concept of cloud computing is a relatively new one, although it has existed in various forms for several years. It can be useful for helping your business, but how it helps boost SEO is not common knowledge. Cloud hosting, in fact, has recently been identified as one of the major factors you need to consider to have success online. Here are some ways that it can help boost your SEO.

Page Load Speed

All SEO experts know that Google’s algorithm takes page load speed into consideration. It might not be the main factor, but it is important nonetheless. If your website is slow, then it will lose points. Also, even if a visitor makes it to your page, they may click away if it does not load quickly enough. Cloud hosting can help because it means that your website will essentially be in several places at once. When someone navigates to your page, they will be accessing the one closest to them, which helps with load speed.

Mobile Optimization

Every day, more and more people are accessing the web through their smartphones and other handheld devices. If your site is not set up to be mobile friendly, then you might be losing those potential customers. When they load things on their phone, users want that content fast. Cloud hosting improves uptime, so it will provide the speed needed for your site to properly convert to a mobile friendly version when accessed using a device.

Multiple Channels

Marketing your business online means using several channels to get your brand noticed. You cannot simply have a Facebook page and call it a day. You must have Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other popular channel that pops up. To go the extra mile, work on having a blog and putting content on a Youtube account. You can link back to your website, which will also help your SEO performance.

Prioritize Usability

Even though you are using cloud hosting to improve your SEO, you will still need to focus on the usability of your website. Since cloud hosting makes your site easier to access and to navigate, you can fill your site with the content and concepts you need to keep potential users navigating your site and ultimately following through on whatever action you would like them to take.

There is a lot that goes into your SEO ranking. Google and other search engines do not necessarily make it easy, either. Cloud computing can improve your web design process, and will help your site run more smoothly so that you can provide a better user experience. This will help you get to the top of the rankings.

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