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This page tries to collect information required for following the series of blogs about creating OData services with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for service development



The SAP Cloud SDK for service development is a framework for Java development, so obviously you need Java on your computer
At this point in time, it is JDK 8



The result of all our endeavor is a web application, to be deployed to a server. Actually, it doesn’t matter how you build it, but there’s some specific support for maven, as it makes our life easier – if we’re lucky and everything goes fine 😉

So it makes sense to install maven, if you don’t have it, to easily follow the tutorials The maven home page Download current maven,e.g. as simple (small) zip Installing means unpacking the zip
and  adapting the env variable to point to the mvn.cmd Shows some maven commands



All tutorials are based on eclipse, but of course any other IDE can be used as well Homepage make sure to navigate to “Packages” choose e.g. “Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers”

After download, just unpack the archive and execute the exe file to start up eclipse.
Start eclipse with double-click on the eclipse.exe file
When starting eclipse, you have to specify a directory for your workspace. This can be any folder.
Eclipse will store all your projects and the eclipse-internal metadata there
After startup, you can close the Welcome screen



Getting started with SAP Cloud Platform, Cloud Foundry Environment, is well described in the SAP Help Portal

You need to access to the SAP Cloud Platform, so apply for an account

You need the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (CLI), a command line tool, for deploy, etc


OData V2 service

In some of the tutorials, we connect to an existing OData V2 service in order to fetch data.
For that purpose we can make use of the well-known OData V2 sample service
In order to access it, you need to quickly sign up to the SAP Gateway Demo System

Demo System
Announcement blog: Demo System Available
How to get an account in the demo system: Sign up to Demo System

Sample OData V2 service URL:

SAP documentation about the Sample Service


REST client

Yes, in my blog posts I’m mentioning that you need a REST client for executing the HTTP requests like POST etc
And I’m linking to this Prerequisites page.
But come on … you can google yourself how to get a REST client…;-)

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