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A successful partnership journey boosts patient engagement – SAP Health platform integrates with Validic’s Digital Health Platform

On July 2016, SAP Health announced a strategic partnership with Validic, a leading provider of data connectivity solutions that provides access to data from hundreds of in-home clinical devices, wearables, and consumer healthcare applications. The goal of this collaboration has been to enable healthcare and life sciences companies to integrate patient-generated health data captured outside of the clinical setting into care treatment plans, clinical research studies, remote monitoring programs and preventative wellness initiatives — helping these organizations to better analyze a patient’s health, resulting in personalized treatment options. With a successful partnership that has been in place for two years, we wanted to highlight the progress we have made since integrating Validic’s digital health platform into the SAP Health platform solution SAP Health for Patient Engagement. Personally for us, it has been very satisfying to work together with Validic, and we are pleased to have established a strong partnership foundation, helping us continue to work on further collaboration opportunities.

How the integration works:

There has been close cooperation between the Validic product team and the SAP Health development team to develop a pre-packaged integration content using the middleware infrastructure – SAP Cloud Integration platform. The package contains integration flows, which connects to the Representational State Transfer Protocol based Application Programming Interfaces of the Validic Cloud and Open Data Protocol based Application Programming Interfaces of the SAP Health for Patient Engagement cloud.  The SAP Cloud Integration infrastructure allows full flexibility to manage the integration content, and includes mapping of data objects between Validic and SAP Health for Patient Engagement, defining and scheduling the data flow and handling of any error situation. Further details about the integration is available at SAP help portal documentation of SAP Health for Patient Engagement  –> Integration of Validic.

Validic Application Programming Interfaces were easy to consume, thanks to a comprehensive documentation. Standard pre-packaged content is available to handle example measurements (such as steps, blood glucose, sleep, weight, blood pressure, etc.), which can be customized or copied to deal with individual customer’s requirement. The quality of the integration is further enriched by certifying the Validic APIs to work well with SAP Health for Patient Engagement. The certification is enabled by the Integration and Certification Center group of SAP, who worked closely with the SAP Health for Patient Engagement development team and Validic product team to test and provide the certification.

Who can benefit from the SAP Validic integrated product:

The integration of SAP Health for Patient Engagement and Validic’s data connectivity platform opens the door to integrate patient-generated data coming from hundreds of devices into our state-of-the-art patient engagement platform – the underlying toolkit that enables rapid development of patient-facing mobile apps. Consumers can use their device of choice and easily plug into the SAP Health or partner-provided mobile app via the Validic marketplace. This enables the data from the device to feed into the SAP Health for Patient Engagement mobile app and into the back-end cloud. Not only can patients monitor their health parameters to proactively engage with their own health, but their doctors can monitor their patients’ trends in vitals in near real-time.  By combining live patient vitals with clinical data, doctors can better understand and spot health patterns.  This in turn allows a doctor to make data-driven decisions in real-time, to propose corrections in treatments if needed, and improve patient outcomes as a result. A customer or partner of ours can make use of the SAP Health for Patient Engagement and device connectivity powered by the integration with Validic to rapidly develop new disease or condition-specific applications.


There is ongoing discussion happening between the product teams of SAP Health and Validic to move to the new Inform platform of Validic, which allows more real-time streaming of device data into SAP Health for Patient Engagement, besides consuming other added features of the Inform platform. The new near real-time streaming data feed would help patients and care team proactively engage to take immediate actions on the data. Thank you Validic team for your excellent support in this partnership journey!

Where can customers find more information:

SAP and Validic will each have booths at HIMSS (Las Vegas, March 5th – 9th, 2018. SAP booth #4821, Validic booth #12014), where one could stop by to learn about the SAP-Validic partnership and we will be happy to show a demo of the integration between SAP Health for Patient Engagement and Validic.

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Puspen Chattopadhyay, SAP Health

Ganesh Kudva, SAP Health

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