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S/4HANA for Customer Management 1.0 introduction from technical point of view

John Burton has mentioned in his blog Explaining SAP’s portfolio of “CRM” and “Customer Engagement & Commerce” products that S/4HANA for Customer Management will be released on February 28, 2018.
Now it is time for celebration! With the hard work of my colleagues in SAP Global(including development team in SAP Labs Chengdu), this miracle offering is finally delivered in time. A part of Sales & Service functionalities available in SAP CRM On-Premises(called as SAP CRM for short in this blog) are now integrated into S/4HANA. Being a member of this great development team, I am also proud of such amazing achievement 🙂
In traditional SAP system integration deployment architecture, SAP ERP is connected with SAP CRM by CRM Middleware. There might be some trouble during the data exchange between these two systems in case of incorrect or incomplete customizing.
Fortunately CRM Middleware is widely used by SAP customers all over the world and there are lots of documentation available which can help partners when they encounter all kinds of Middleware error messages.
I have also contributed 31 blogs in SAP community regarding CRM Middleware knowledge share. For your reference I have assembled them together into this link.
Nevertheless some partners still have headaches in Middleware trouble shooting process. Now good news for them: such troubles in data exchange between SAP ERP and SAP CRM could be eliminated in S/4HANA for Customer Management from design perspective, simply because Sales & Service scenario now is directly running on S/4HANA itself, no need of data exchange at all.

How to get it?

It is available in SAP Download Center via this url.
More detail about supported Sales & Service scenario in S/4HANA for Customer Management 1.0, please refer to SAP help documentation.
Let’s have a glance at its UI first. Click the corresponding tile in Fiori Launchpad to start the explore:
If the parameter CRM_UI_PROFILE is maintained with value “*” in user profile, a list of all available business roles will be displayed as below once tile is pressed:
Now I will play with the interaction center scenario by logging on with role S4C_SRV_ICAG.
Suppose a customer named Jerry called interaction center and would like to raise a service request based on a product he has bought with ID 11.
The agent picked up the call and had to identify Jerry as a valid customer first. The identity could be confirmed via various approach like the Account ID in the system, or contact information such as email address or mobile phone number etc( all supported account identify method are listed as fields in “Identify Account” region in below picture).
In this example the agent identified Jerry by Account ID provided by Jerry.
Search by Account ID and click Confirm button:
And then searched the Product by ID 11, and created a new service order based on this product:
Here below is the created service order:
I received lots of questions from local partners in China asking about details of S/4HANA for Customer Management. Here I try to answer some of them:

1. Which technique is used to develop S/4HANA for Customer Management UI?

Jerry: SAP CRM WebClient UI, not SAP UI5.
This is good news for partners who have already gained enough expertise on WebClient UI: this expertise will not turn obsolete but instead continue to bring them success in their future work in S/4HANA.
On the other hand, for those who would like to try something new in UI development, the combination of CDS View plus Smart Template can satisfy them.
I have also tried to build UI in S/4HANA by leveraging this new technology introduced in S/4 HANA and documented what I have learned in 13 blogs in SAP Community.
I have assembled them into one link for your convenience:

2. Any difference between Sales & Service scenario in S/4HANA for Customer and SAP CRM?

Jerry: Scenarios in S/4HANA for Customer Management are a subset of the ones in SAP CRM. More features will be supported in subsequent versions.

3. Continue with question 2: for a given scenario, any technical implementation difference in S/4HANA for Customer Management and SAP CRM?

Jerry: Although a given scenario, take product search for example, looks nothing different but just a click of search button in UI from end user perspective, there are indeed difference in regard to the technical implementation under the hood.
The discrepancy mainly lies in the green area below: Genil Interaction Layer, the persistence models and the API operating on those models.
It is easiest to understand the necessary change of underlying database table in S/4HANA for Customer Management: in CRM there is some concept which has its counterpart in S/4HANA, for example “Product” in CRM and “Material” in ERP.
In CRM a product could be created in tcode COMMPR01 and stored in tables with naming convention COMM_, while in S/4HANA, we create a material in tcode MM01 instead and store the data in corresponding table like MARA.
In this situation, during the integration of SAP CRM Sales & Service scenario into S/4HANA, we have to make a decision which data model should be used. The adopted guideline here is: stick to the model in S/4HANA.
This principle leads to the necessary change to be applied in the API used originally in SAP CRM, where the manipulation on CRM model should be adapted to use S/4HANA model instead.
Take an example to illustrate the API change. Previously it is mentioned that in CRM a product is stored in table COMM_PRODUCT. In S/4HANA for Customer Management now the product is stored in MARA instead.
The product search in S/4HANA for Customer Management is developed by SAP Chengdu development team. We don’t simply figure out all occurrence of “COMM_PRODUCT” in API source code and replace them with “MARA”.
Instead we utilize the recommended modelling approach in S/4HANA: a new CDS view CRMS4V_PRODUCT is introduced to serve the product search which is ultimately built on top of MARA.
In this way, we managed to adhere to the “Code Push Down” best practice, ensuring to put logic execution into database layer as much as possible.
If you have more interest in CDS view, you might have a look at my CDS view self study tutorial.

4. Any changes on One Order Model in S/4HANA for Customer Management compared with SAP CRM?

Jerry: In CRM a order’s data is spread among a series of database tables. The most well-known one should be CRMD_ORDERADM_H for header data and CRMD_ORDERADM_I for item data. The “ADM”(Administration) in the table name acts as a hint: most of business data are NOT stored in either of them, but persisted in other dedicated tables.
The rectangles below with different colors represents different nodes in One Order model in SAP CRM. Each node has a dedicated persistence table. There exists relationship among those nodes, for example, one ORDERADM_I can have multiple PARTNER nodes with different role(ship-to party, sold-to party etc). Such relationship is maintained by CRMD_LINK.
Such kinds of One Order Model in CRM consists of more than 200 database tables for persistence and is proven to be very successful: it works as the foundation of SAP CRM and perfectly serves SAP CRM Customers all over the world.
In Analytics scenario, it should collaborate with another index table CRMD_ORDER_INDEX. As the name indicates, the employ of CRMD_ORDER_INDEX actually reflect a design strategy about trace-off between storage and execution time — Some data from dedicated tables are replicated to this index table in order to accelerate the analytics application at the cost of additional storage wasted.
And in S/4HANA for Customer Management the One Order model is dramatically simplified. All aspect of a order’s header level data(such as ID, description, order type, creator, creation timestamp, involved parties, organization, pricing etc) are stored in a new table CRMS4D_SERV_H.
And for item level data, a sole table CRMS4D_SERV_I accordingly.
A CDS view constructed on top of such flattened table can reduce joins among database tables to the maximum degree so that it can serve analytics scenario by fully utilizing the powerful data processing capability of SAP HANA. Time to say farewell to CRMD_ORDER_INDEX now.
This simplified model enables us to realize the miracle that to have the same data model serve both transactional and analytics application. The CDS view built on top of simplified model can ensure S/4HANA for Customer Management to benefit from the continuous innovation done in S/4HANA.
Thanks to the elegant layering design done in SAP CRM One Order API, its signature can remain unchanged regardless of the fundamental model change in persistence layer. It means suppose you have already been familiar with using One Order API in SAP CRM, you don’t have to learn anything new —— the One Order API usage in S4HANA for Customer Management 1.0 is EXACTLY the same as in SAP CRM.

5. I am an SAP CRM consultant. Will I lose job in the future?

Jerry: if you are patient enough to read here, I guess you might already have answer in heart.
On the one hand, the custom development in S/4HANA for Customer Management still consists of WebClient UI as UI technology and One Order API in the backend. You are already an expert on both and you can CONTINUE with them in your future work.
My personal experience regarding learning a new technique or product is: we either learn new stuff in our daily work( so called on-job study ) or self study in our spare time. In on-job study there is enough chance to practice what we have learned, so it’s far more efficient compared with simply going through learning materials without practice and forget them completely after periods of time later.
In my opinion it is a great opportunity for SAP CRM consultants in S/4HANA for Customer Management since they can not only enlarge their technical / business knowledge on Sales & Service scenario but also can embrace and learn S/4HANA in their daily work, which can bring fantastic value to their career.

Further Reading and update

Technical comparison between S4CRM and C4C

Detail comparison could be found from my blog.

I hope the series of these blogs can give you a very rough understanding on S/4HANA for Customer Management 1.0. As I still work on it, I will continue to share my knowledge on it in the future.
Thank you very much for reading. Any comments or questions are highly appreciated!
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  • Hi Jerry!

    I followed your blogs on the on premise CRM and am delighted to see you working on the S/4 part, too. 🙂

    While reading what you wrote some questions came to my mind, which maybe you can share some more light on. Either here in the comments or maybe in a future blog?

    I had a look at the 1709 S/4 release from the CAL. As a CRM consultant I directly saw the WebClient Framework in the SAP GUI menu. There were even a few tables of the ReportingFrameWork (RFW) migrated. What I could not find were most/any of the well known CRM customizing activities in SPRO. You write about the changes to the OneOrder model. Do you know how the Customizing is setup in the new S/4? Obviously we are not going to have Business Transactions as we know them.

    You write above that the BOL and GenIL layers are still used to feed the WebClient UI. This seems very reasonable to me as otherwise the whole UI would have needed a complete rebuild. What I do not get completely is how the GenIL now interacts with the "new" APIs for BP and BT.
    For transaction handling in BT this seems quite doable. You state that the CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN and CRM_ORDER_READ are still available. The whole GenIL Component retrieves the data through them. Can you say if the previous layering in _OW, _OB and _DB function modules is still existent and can they be used? To me it seems a very big tradeoff on performance to keep this.
    What is about the searches? I already mentioned the notorious RFW above. It is used for each and every transaction search in SAP CRM. Are all queries in CRM and BI Extractors completely rewritten?
    Business Partner maintenance in BP seems a different story to me. There is no central CRM_ORDER... but like a thousand function modules doing stuff. The approach to searching is very different as well. You do not have RFW, but either BUPA_SEARCH_2 or other function modules. Sometimes even direct SQL in the GenIL layer. Any pointers at how BP is done in S/4?

    Thinking about portability of existing customer processes to S/4 from an on premise SAP CRM: There used to be the OneOrder Event Framework (CRMV_EVENT) and hundreds of BAdIs for BT and BP. We leveraged these SAP provided enhancement capabilities very heavily in our projects. Is the logic for BAdIs and alike still going to be the same? As we operate under the GenIL layer here, the datamodel is extremely important. Especially as we probably do not have the same OneOrder segements (DATE, ACTIVITY_H, PRICING, ...) any more.

    Do you by any chance know when this release is available in the CAL to have a first look?

    Ok, too many questions, I stop now. There is just so much coming to my mind. Really eager to see how SAP tackled some of the big issues on S/4 🙂

    • Hi Carsten,

      Thanks a lot for your reading, and your reasonable comment!

      As I am working on Product and One Order team, so I am able to answer your questions regarding these two topics. I will write separate blogs for them.

      For BP and Customizing setup, there are some other colleagues in Walldorf who are working on them. I don’t know some detail about them so I am sorry I could not share more detail here for the moment. However I am also interested with them and would like to learn more about them. Maybe I will also post some blog in the future.

      “Are all queries in CRM and BI Extractors completely rewritten?” – as far as I know, yes, they will be redesigned and implemented by leveraging CDS technology mentioned in my blog above.

      “Is the logic for BAdIs and alike still going to be the same?” – YES! The One Order model redesign only occurs in persistence layer, if your custom development code follows the best practice(always perform CRUD via One Order function module instead of directly OPEN SQL on persistence table), in theory there should NOT be any changes on your code when you move from CRM On-Premises to S/4HANA.

      Thanks a lot for reading and stay tuned for my future blog ?

      Best regards,



      • Thanks a lot for the explanation Jerry! So lets get up to speed with CDS Views 🙂

        Hope someone from the Business Partner and Product teams shares some insights, too.

        • Hello Carsten,

          I have written a blog for One order model redesign and order read works under this new model. Any comment or feedback on it is highly welcome.

          Best regards,


  • CRM is coming home!

    Dear CAS,

    welcome home to ERP after your journey through new dimensions as CRM, getting a new UI and BOL after  2006s, facing the Cx cloud of CE&C by Design and having now (some licence guys sent out roomers that a return is not possible)  after a journey of approx. 17 years a soft landing home on the ERP planet within the digital core.

    welcome home customer management, welcome to the core!




  • Hi Jerry,


    A great insight into the S/4 HANA CM 1.0. Pretty excited to see this happen as i am also working in CRM Master data for Business suite. You have mentioned in one of your replies dated March 1, 2018 at 3:08 am


     " For BP and Customizing setup, there are two dedicated teams setup in Walldorf working on them".

    But i believe the Business partner is not from Customer management add on in S/4 HANA rather the Business partner concepts and applications are already available as part of Master data management of S/4 HANA. Am i right at this point?

    Carry on your good work and give us good insights into S/4 HANA Customer Management.

    Best Regards,


    • Hi MJV,

      Thanks for reading! For BP and Customizing setup, there are some other colleagues in Walldorf who are working on them. I will check details and hope I can share them soon.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Jerry,

        we are about to implement Customer Management 2.0 with a new customer, however still it seems to be very difficult to find information on customizing setup.

        Have you been to check with your colleagues in Walldorf meanwhile?

        Best regards,


  • Hi Jerry

    Thanks for sharing the content!

    Just need to know the roadmap for SAP CRM TPM (Trade Promotion Management) - with latest CBP/TM3.0 functionalities on S/4 HANA.

    Appreciate your reply on the same

    Thanks and Regards

    • Hello DJ,

      Unfortunately since I am not working on that area I don't have any information to share, sorry for it.

      Best regards,


  • Hi Jerry,

    The old CRM has separate framework for Utilities industry i.e UPF. Does the new S4H CRM support Utilities processes? if not, please let me know the planned roadmap.




    • Hi Shiva,

      Yes, we have now so called "SAP S/4HANA Utilities for Customer Management", see its help document for detail. Please kindly notice that it is a part of Utilities functionality from SAP CRM On-Premises which are now available in S/4HANA. More features will be added in the following releases. Regarding its roadmap, I am not working on that topic so could not provide any more detail, sorry for it.

      Best regards,




        Thanks, Jerry! In the meantime, the second release (based on 1809) of S/4HANA Utilities for Customer Management is available, please see

  • Hi Jerry,

    Great set to blogs and I have 2 questions coming to my mind when I read this article.

    • The first is if there is any information when/if this add-on would be added to the S/4HANA solutions in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library?
    • With the WebClient UI being used in this add-on, would there be a migration at some point later of the UI towards Fiori;

    Best regards,


    • Hi Iliyan,

      we are working on a version of S/4HANA 1709 FPS01 that includes the CRM add-on, to become available in the Cloud Appliance Library by April.

  • Great to Know CRM is back on the new TRACK with S4, Thanks Jerry for sharing,

    I have some query in this regards.

    1. As S4 uses Fiori , how about CRM also come on fiori or might be with both options CRM web UI or Fiori ?

    any Suggestions on that    considering Fiori is moreover platform independent (tablet, mobile ) and with S4 resource it can be easily taken care by.

    2. C4C is already there in market now so how it will be different from                                                 S4Hana on cloud with CRM   vs  Hybris Cloud for sales/ service ?

    Any info on this ?





    • Hi Deepak,

      CRM WebUI vs. Fiori is one of the most frequent questions we get.
      in S/4HANA for customer management we have started with a UI approach focused on CRM WebUI which was visually harmonized with S/4HANA. This has a number of advantages:

      1. We could re-use most of the SAP CRM coding and thus provide a lot of functionality in only very little time
      2. It is much easier for customers to migrate from SAP CRM to this new CRM option as all custom UI / BOL/GENIL developments, ... will mostly work as are. A migration to an all new mandatory Fiori UI would be much more disruptive.
      3. The Fiori design team has done a great job to harmonize the CRM WebUI with S/4HANA. End users barely see a difference.

      Nevertheless I agree that this is not a good option for small form factors (tablet should also work well with CRM WebUI, phones likely not). To this end we are planning to over time complement CRM WebUI screens with Fiori UIs that provide a different, simplified user experience.

      • Hi Oliver,

        I would like to understand how the roadmap for new Fiori applications delivery for S/4 HANA CRM is technically realised by SAP in the future. The ABAP programming model for SAP Fiori is based on BOPF on write scenarios, now part of the Basis since 7.5. The CRM business layers of course can not be lost, simply switching to BOPF. Everything is based on GenIL and BOL. In SEGW technically possible to redefine/reuse a GenIL model. Will it become the standard approach for write scenarios to implement Fiori apps for CRM in S/4 HANA? Or we need rather to use the flatterned One Order CDS Views as SEGW project data model base, and implement the order save with conversion like Jerry did manually in his demo app? Here comes me first a question in my mind, how drafting is enabled in such cases for one orders, without using BOPF? Do we implement it manually or are there plans to make GenIL REST/Draft supportive as BOPF ? 

        P. S. working with the flatterned One Order model is easier in SEGW / OData service development. Other functionalities are still using distributed data. Building transaction management for more dependent entities in fiori / SEGW is quite effort demanding. However still makes sense to go with Fiori implementation approach in CRM and simplification, due the time saved for end users will rapidly earn back that investment. 

        Thank you


        • Hi Attila,

          We are still investigating how to best use Fiori technology for transactional write scenarios, and we have many of the same questions. This is why we are still using and promoting GenIL, BOL and WECUIF for the OneOrder objects.

          Kind regards, Oliver.



  • Excellent blog and links for further reading! Does SAP have a roadmap for Marketing and TPM to be included in S4HANA? Thank you and keep blogging!


    • Marketing is explicitly not part of S/4HANA for customer management - you don't want to spoil your ERP system with tons of marketing data ...

      For marketing processes we recommend SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud.

      • Hello Oliver,

        although this is an older blog, I hope you will be alerted for my response. 🙂

        We are not using much of the marketing module, but as the CRM is our central system for maintenance of our customers, we use the markting attributes a lot in connection with accounts and contact persons.

        Will this area be included into the Customer Management in some time?

        Best regards




        • Hi Kai,

          in fact many customers used marketing attributes not for marketing, but as a (handy) concept for extending business partners. Now in S/4HANA, we are using the core S/4HANA business partner. Luckily the S/4HANA Business Partner comes with an extensibility concept that allows to add custom fields. While the concept is different than marketing attributes, it sill can do much of the job.

          • Hi Oliver,

            thank you for the quick answer. At the moment we make the first steps in the "Customer Management-World" and this was the only thing missing when compairing our active components and use cases in our actual CRM 7.0 System with the Customer Management add on in s/4 1809. I will have a look at the possibility to extend the BPs for the possibility of replacing the marketing attributes.

            Best regards,


  • Thanks Jerry for the wonderful introduction in simple language....Highly appreciate it.

    I was a great follower of your articles on SAP CRM On premise and now hoping to fall in love again with Customer management articles now......

  • Personally being a CRM Consultant , I am happy SAP took some amazing steps providing S4 Addon. But I am little confused.

    What does it mean for C4C. Will it be used for sales agents? I dont see a lot benefit in that if the company has S4. And what will happen to applications like Shared services built on CRM OnPrem , I have seen blogs of C4C ticketing system for HR ( ECSC ). So I suppose that would remain in c4c but i think its still a little mist over this applications.

    IT would be great if u can clarify the overall path - for S4 Customer management and c4c.

    • Hi Mehta,

      C4C and the "S4CRM" (my abbreviation for S/4HANA for customer management" are to quite different solutions. While they may use similar objects like ticket, opportunity, ... users work with this data in a very different way. S4CRM is more back end loaded, provides a "transactional" view to data, C4C has a stronger focus on the end-user and a more "fun" way how to work with this. Clearly complementing.

      As for shared services, I think this should be where the process & data is. To this end the current version of S4CRM already supports shard service scenarios for S/4HANA FIN

      • Thanks a lot for the reply. Actually my company already has S4 implementation going on and we are already live with C4C , I was just wondering if I can leverage S4 Customer management addon with C4C. is it possible or is it worth it!?

        I am not sure with advent of C4hana ( cloud suites of CRM ) , is s4 customer management is going to be useful or not if yes how , what could be the scenarios?

  • Hey Jerry,

    good job. Nice blog. Can't wait to work with this.

    Is this new belize skin (is it only css?) available for SAP CRM on Premise as well? It looks great.


    • Hi Tobias,

      Just check in our dev system for SAP CRM On-Premises, it seems the belize skin is not available.

      Best regards,


    • Web Client UI in Belize Theme is available for use in CRM 7.0 customers with EhP4 SP10.

      SAP Note 2628638 contains all the necessary information about the new design, required notes and VH activation mechanism.

      More info:

  • Hi Jeery,

    Good and Happy to know that SAP On-premise CRM in S/4HANA .

    you have shared a lot information on S/4HANA CM 1.0,looking forward to work on S/4HANA CM 1.0.



  • Hi Jerry, great blog. Thanks. What about CTI? Is it still the same through ICI/BCB or this changing? If yes, where can I find more information? If not, is 3.07 still the latest version of the ICI to use?


  • Hi Jerry,


    Thank you for this really informative blog! 🙂

    As part of initial release service management is part of CM 1.0. Does it also have IBase or it is being replaced with something else? Could you please clarify on this?




    • Hi Sagar,

      IBase was replaced by S/4HANA equipment and functional location. Actually much of the former CRM specific master data was replaced by S/4HANA. Below is an overview which object type is used now:

  • I have read the blog almost 4 times, excellent Blog. The S/4 HANA ERP is now in cloud and SAP is pushing everything at "Cloud First". Does the CRM Add-On would also be available in Cloud in nead future?


    The statement from SAP : one Software but different implementation approach, public cloud, private cloud and on-premise. So I do not see any other option to make available the CRM-Add-on to Cloud. Could you please give some input?


    If it is availbale in Cloud, where would C4C place herself and now the Callidus?

    • Some parts of S/4HANA for customer management will also be provided through S/4HANA cloud. This will particularly include all functionalities for backoffice service management (contract, order, ...) and nicely complement the service management scope in C/4HANA.
      Functionality that is adressing SAP CRM installed base only will be available for S/4HANA on-premise only, including interaction center and SFA.


    Indeed a great blog! I am big fan of you and follow your blogs on CDS views, CRM WebUI and so on.

    As you mentioned (even I feel), CDS views are extensively used to build S4 HANA systems. Could you please comment or put some light if we could use the CDS views which you mentioned above and smart templates to build the Fiori apps for CRM and if so, why SAP is still recommending WEBUI and not fiori apps in S4CRM space where as for all other core modules we are going with Fiori design and applications.

    • I think so because WebUI is not "Great" but its a tried and tested environment and Fiori wouldnt be able to handle sometimes the huge applications , imho.  With new thtmlbx htmlisland to integrate ui5 apps in webui also seems to be cool idea but yeah still it has the circle of wheel and fiori looks cool, but function over looks may be 😉

  • Hi Jerry,


    Thanks for the wonderful blog. Do we need to pay extra license on this new add-on? What if we are going to only use Interaction Center for a start? Can that drive the sales order creation process in S4?




    • The 1709 and 1809 scope of S/4HANA for customer management is included in S/4HANA licenses, e.g. the "SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management Professional" license as well as the "SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management for Functional use" license. This is also true for the interaction center.

      Wit the 1809 release we have included SD Sales Order creation screens into the Interaction Center so that you can drive the tele sales order process in S4.

  • Hello Jerry,

    according to Roadmap:

    1809 brings Activity, Task, Appointments, Calendar, Leads and Opportunities.

    19xx, Call Lists.

    I assume, that many Customer`s  would prefer to have the Seqmentbuilder in S/4CM as availbale in CRM.; otherwise they have to find another way to create Target Groups for Follow UP Activities like Leads or Call Lists etc.





    • Good question. It is basically asking "where to cut between front office and back office". With SAP CRM - SAP ECC we moved a lot of functionality out of the ERP core. With S/4HANA customer management we are moving a lot of it back into the ERP core. Marketing however we believe is something that should stay outside an ERP system ind a separate front office system. Campaign execution should run in the front office system and generate call list activities and leads through APIs if required.

  • Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for all the details. Really helped a lot.

    Is there a document on setting up BP profile for S4CRM for Utilities - Customer management 1.0 ?





    • Hi Jerry,
      Based on feedback received from our first customer implementing S4CRM for Utilties, the development team is currently collecting input in order to provide additional documentation for S4CRM for Utilities, focusing on the parts of S/4HANA for Customer Management specific to the utilities - to complement what is already available on SAP Help Portal ( and as system documentation (e.g. for IMG activities),. Could you please elaborate a bit on what you have in mind / what is missing from your point of view?

  • Hi Jerry,

    great blog - thanks!

    We have installed the add-on and I could open webui via transaction crm_ui but i can not find the app in the Fiori launchpad.

    I had a look in the Fiori apps library but could not find the app for customer management.

    Could you please give me the app ID?



    • Integration into the Fiori Launch Pad is currently in PoC mode. It works, but links in the FLP needs to be created manually. We will ship a first Fiori Role with tight integration between FLP and CRM WebUI with 1809 FSP01 in Q1 2018.

  • Hi Jerry,

    I am working on the PoC for S/4 HANA for Customer Management,  at the first view looked like I was diving in CRM but I am having a lot of errors and issues that never hapend to me in CRM before.  I really need some help, I am desperate please.

    We are implementing FICA with Cust Mgnt,  the idea is to have Collections and disputes into the Interaction Center from S4CM.  I am using the Business Role IC Utilities where I do have the Collections, payments, etc work center active,  but the main problem is that I can´t retrieve data from the data base,  for example,  I search a BP and I got an error,  if I create a new BP from S4CM I can search and retrive,  but all the BP´s that are already in the S/4 HANA + ORg Struc  are not showing from the S4CM.

    I understand that there is not need to set up the middleware anymore, so I was using the same PPOMA from the S/4Hana (ERP), is there any previous configuration that I have to consider to use in CM ? Also when I want to search for an organization the match-code is empty and in the PPOCE there is a lot organizations.

    I am stuck with this and nothing is working, I really need some guidance from this point of view.

    Please if someone has experienced this could you please help me.  I will really appreciate your help.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Natalia,
      Thanks for you comment.Yes, there is no middleware in S/4 HANA for Customer Management any more. Therefore I am surprised to hear that those business partner do not show in the BP search in the IC business role for utilities. Would you like to create an incident (on component CRM-S4-MD-BP, or component CRM-S4-IU if this is related to the utilities industry)? Usually this is the best way to allow the SAP support team to analyze your issue and suggest a solution.
      Best regards,

  • Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for the nice and detailed blog on the comeback of CRM.

    When we talk about  CRM, one thing that comes to our mind is the IPC. Like me, many of my colleagues are having a question on the existence of IPC.

    How the pricing is handled in S/4HANA CM.  Does S/4HANA CM and S/4HANA share the same pricing engine?  Can you provide us some insights onto this?

    Likewise, the pre-sales of S/4HANA CM contain Leads.   In the legacy CRM, we had questionnaires for the purpose of automatic qualification of Leads.   Do we still have this functionality now?

    Also, in the Legacy CRM, as we know, there were options by which we can configure billing through CRM or ECC as they were two different instances.   In the current scenario, do we still have both the billing scenarios.


    Thanks in advance!






    • Hi Ram,

      whenever we found a suitable engine in S/4HANA we replaced the CRM engine with this on. This is including pricing, configuration (IPC) and billing. So yes, S/4HANA CM and S/4HANA share the same pricing engine. And there is only one billing scenario available, S/4HANA billing.

      As for leads in 1809, lead qualification is still available. Details about scope & functionality is available on



      • Hi Oliver,

        Thanks for your clarification.

        Regarding the query on Lead, I also had a chance to look into that URL If I am correct, I wanted to know if Leads can be qualified automatically through Survey/Questionnaire.

        In one of my earlier projects which encompass studying the CRM functionality in SAP Business ByDesign and providing our Point-of-View, we found this Survey functionality was not available. Based on this functionality in SAP CRM, I suggested this as an Add-on idea, which was accepted by SAP. Thereafter, we built this functionality in Business ByDesign Solution and show cased them in Sapphire and TechEd. I am just trying to bring this point here, just in case. Please correct me if I am wrong.


  • Hello Guys,

    Thanks a lot for your questions raised here. Unfortunately since April this year I am not working on Customer Management for S/4HANA and thus I don't have latest update regarding this product and it's not appropriate for me to answer your questions. I will invite responsible colleagues for your answer. Sorry for that and stay tuned.

    Best regards,


  • Many thanks Jerry for creating this great blog and providing a platform for all the interesting discussion. I will try to pick it up where you left it and answer questions, but folks bear with me if my answer is delayed.

    As a starting point I'd like to share some links to information that we have already available. is a good starting point to understand functional scope and some technical information, links to download, PAM, ...

    We have also a CEI initiative going on where we discuss many of the new features and roadmaps, see Although registration period is over, you can still join - just drop me a line.

    A lot of questions are around the difference between SAP CRM 7 and S/4HANA for customer management. The differences will be included in the S/4HANA Simplification Item Catalog (filter for “: CRM” to see all items for S/4HANA CM), this section will be come available soon.
    In the mean time you can search the knowledge base on for notes that contain „S4CRMTWL“. These 42 notes list differences in detail.


  • Hi Jerry,

    How to Create a Delivery (VLo1n) as a Follow up from a sales order in Web Client UI under S/4 HANA(1809) -Customer Management? , I could not find an option to create a delivery as a follow up from Sales order(OR), or under main menu.



  • Hello Oliver Frick

    Please can you throw some lights on how to do conversion from SAP CRM to S4HANA CM. I understand that S4 Hana is going to sit in the same system of SAP ERP after system conversion. But what are the options available to migrate all data (standard + Ztables) and customizations from SAP CRM, which is a separate box altogether, to S4Hana CM ?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help.








    • This is how we imagine migration from a separate SAP CRM to the embedded S/4HANA CM can happen:

      1.Upgrade ERP to S/4HANA, keep SAP CRM as a separate system (consider note 2324473)

      2.Simplify SAP CRM system to match the Simplification Item Catalog (filter for “: CRM”) for SAP S/4HANA for Customer Management; move functionality wich is no longer supported to S/4HANA or C/4HANA

      3.Install SAP S/4HANA for Customer Management option on S/4HANA, operate in parallel to SAP CRM (hybrid operation)
      Note: the two CRM systems are not directly connected, but synchronize through S/4HANA data only

      4.Incrementally move SAP CRM processes to SAP S/4HANA for Customer Management option. How to migrate …

      • Master data: should be in S/4HANA already, else use middleware content or data migration tools
      • Customizing: manual task, but similar structure and content in both options, should not take long time
      • Custom code: manual task, but all supported objects are based on mostly identical frameworks, object implementations, … and thus most of the custom coding should still work. Calls to non supported objects or direct calls to database however will no longer work.
      • Transactional data: similar structure, but different object references. Generic data migration tools will be provided (based on existing SAP SLT tools), but cost vs. value for migrating historic transactional data should be considered

      5.Shut down SAP CRM once the last process has been migrated

      From an effort perspective, step 2 (moving functionality which is no lobger supported to another system), and migration of transactional data in step 4 will likely consume most time.

  • Hello Oliver Frick,

    Thanks a lot for your very detailed reply.

    I have some more questions :

    1. Regarding Master data migration - you said that data migration tool can used. Do you mean SAP LT ? Does it come along with S4HANA or it is a different buy ?
    2. Regarding Transactional data migration - how the migration will work in cases where: 1)CRM table no longer exists in S4H-CM, 2)Table name and table structure in S4H-CM is different, 3)Data model is different in S4H-CM after simplification.
    3. Regarding custom code migration - will the normal copy-paste is going to work considering the fact that data model and standard processes in S4H-CM is simplified and very different from SAP CRM ?




    • Banibrata,

      you are addressing a few good points here. Migration will always be still a project requiring expert (consultant) support, nothing that can be fully automated.

      Key when planning for a data migration is to analyze if the functionality (table structures) are still there (see the reference to the simplification item catalog on my post above). If not then a new implementation of this functionality is required - this can not be solved through migration.

      We have significantly re-worked the OneOrder table structures, so table names and structures will likely be different. This is something that the mapping tools can manage.

      Migration for custom code has a similar constraint: custom code will only work if the underlying standard functionality is still there. Data model changes should not be a problem if the custom coding is using APIs or function modules and is not directly accessing database tables.

      Kind regards, Oliver.