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People Profile Upgrade – Why Upgrading Now makes Perfect Business Sense!!!!


The Upgrade to People Profile in 1808  will impact  every single user in your organization as to how they interact with your current system, hence is it is imperative for you to rise to the call of action.The upgrade requires you to move to our new People Profile to enhance their user experience and to take advantage of lots of cool features and functionality that we are adding to the new UI. The upgrade to the People Profile will need some configuration changes and testing on your end and here are my thoughts on why you should not wait for 1808 and start with this project as your new top priority now to revamp your user experience like never before.


Who is impacted by 1808 upgrade?

It you are a customer, who has implemented or are in process of implementing our product  and have turned on Role Based Permission, this upgrade impacts you with the exception of customers using legacy Manage Leave of Absence.

For details on customer base who is impacted, please review the following community document


Why are we doing this Upgrade?


The new People Profile is based on SAP Fiori design standards, that is recommended for use by all our customers, so they can have consistent user experience suite wide. All new features and enhancements related to user experience will be delivered on the new People Profile and this upgrade will replace the old v12 profile UI. It creates a holistic and humanized user experience, is simpler, adapts well across devices, and prioritizes usability and user-centricity. It is sure to delight your users.



People Profile requires two pre-requisites to enable it.

  • Employee Profile

You must have Employee Profile (formerly known as “Live Profile”) enabled.


  • Role-Based Permissions

You must be using the role-based permission model. Profile does not support legacy user-based permissions


If you are using the legacy user-based permission model, you need to migrate your permissions to RBP prior to the Q3 2018 release. If you do not have RBP enabled, you cannot configure the required employee view permissions and the People Profile will appear blank to users of your system following this release.


Please review the Migrating to Role-Based Permissions guide on the Customer Community for detailed guidance on updating your settings to our Role Based Permissions model. 


Steps to upgrade to new People Profile


Here is the quick rundown of the steps needed to upgrade to new People Profile


  1. Turn on the People Profile in the preview or development environment in the Upgrade Center. You can follow the steps outlined in this KBA .

The next step is to adjust the layout using the Configure People Profile admin tool for a better user experience.

  1. Configure People Profile using the new Admin UI.  This includes:
    1. Configuring People Profile header.
    2. Localizing content (if there are multiple languages). If you are using multiple languages, you may need to add your specific translation for block labels and section and sub section labels.
    3. Adjust the People Profile Information Blocks, Sections and Sub-Sections.
    4. For EC customers additional configuration is needed:
      • Adding Information blocks for delivered and custom Metadata Framework (MDF) object definitions needs to be manually added to the People Profile.
      • Add custom help text for your users as default text goes away
      • Configure Information Block for Manage Pending Requests page
      • Configuring the Field Order in the Edit Dialog

For some information blocks for Employee Central, you can group certain fields together in the same row and configure the order in which these fields and groupings appear in the Edit dialog on the People Profile. This allows you move to custom fields into the correct location and reduce the amount of scrolling required when many fields are present. The following blocks for Employee Central support the grouping and ordering of fields in the Edit dialog on People Profile that can be different from order of fields in View mode which is derived from the data model.


  • Personal Information
  • Address
  • Job Information
  • Compensation Information
  • Employment Details


  1. Adjust role-based permissions to include the new employee views.
    • With new People Profile all the tabs and information on People Header is controlled by RBP so if you recently upgraded you will have to grant Permission to new employee views and People Profile fields using RBP.
  2. Test new Functionality and Processes.
    • Once you understand the impact you should define your test plan and strategy to make sure you test all your end to end business processes.
  3. Update Training and User Communication materials.
    • People Profile impacts so all your users so it will involve updating your user documentation prepare a communication strategy to manage this change.
  4. Migrate these changes to production.
    • Final step is migrate all the changes to your production  instance once you are ready.

Reference KBAs:


Here are my recommendations on why you should you do it now rather than waiting


1: It is a Push Upgrade

As part of the Q3 2018 release, if you are an impacted customer, we will automatically enable the People Profile for those who have not yet enabled it themselves. It will replace your current v12 profile. The v12 profile and its corresponding administration tools will no longer be supported. Q2 2018 is the last release in which we will consider enhancements or bug fixes to V12 Profile and Q3 2018 will be last release to fix any bugs or patch release for V12. As this impacts all your users, I recommend starting on this earlier than waiting for Q3 2018.


2: Requires Upgrade to Role Based Permission

If you are using legacy permissions, you will need additional time and resources to migrate to Role Based Permission security model and test it before migrating to People Profile. This will require user training on new model, implementing or upgrading to new role-based permission and a lot of user testing and validation. Hence customers who are not using role-based permission should start on this without any delays. The Role Based Permission Model allows you the control your security at a granular level which helps you control unauthorized access to certain functionality.


3: Allows more Time for Configuration and Testing

As we have seen above, that there is considerable configuration that needs to be done when you migrate to People Profile so if you start now, you have a lot of time to complete additional configuration, will have more time to test, update user documentation, train your users before your users get live on People Profile. Just in case you run into any issues specific to your configuration, you will also have more time to get your issues resolved before your go-live


4: Experience New Intuitive User Experience featuring One Page Design

People Profile features one Page Design enabling all employee information available in one single UI. It features information blocks that are organized by, section and sub-sections. Details are hidden to reduce clutter. Subsections and blocks expand or collapse to show or hide details. It features new user experience for employee central users, new editing experience and new profile header. It is designed to be responsive to mobile browsers.

5: Ability to adopt Features and Functionality available just on PP3

There are a number of cool features and functionality that are just available on People Profile. Upgrading now will give you more time to adopt new features and enhancements. Here is the list of delivered features and functionality available only in people Profile that will make it compel for you to upgrade to new People Profile.

  • Solr Search
    • This is a faster way to search for your employees and you can now search on name and org unit combinations like location, division etc to filter your search results. It also allows search for inactive employee too on Global Search.
  • Action Search
    • THIS allows you to search for admin UI that you have access to like ‘Add a new employee’, ‘Manage Data’ etc. on the Global Search box.
  • Save Draft for New Hires
    • This is one of the best new features that is available only on PP3 which allows you to save a new hire in draft status and resume it form where you left.
  • Name Format support
    • You can now select one of the name formats configured in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central to display on the  People Profile. Using the Manage People Profile admin tool, you can choose any one name format to use in various parts of the UI
  • New Profile Header Configuration Options
    • You can configure the fields to display in the Profile header, at the top of the People Profile page. You can show or hide any of the standard user information fields, or you can add up to three other custom header fields. You can also show or hide the profile photo. This information was previously displayed on the “public profile” page in the v12 profile, which was not configurable on the field level and not fully controlled by role-based permissions.
  • Re-hire on a new employment
    • You have the option to rehire an employee on a new employment.
  • OOO notifications on profile header
    • You can now see an employee’s Out-of-Office status on the People Profile employee quick card, and org chart. The People Profile header indicates when an employee is on leave, along with the start and end dates of the absence. This feature is available
  • New Functionality
    • The following functionality is available only on People Profile
      • Contingent Workforce
      • Apprentice Management
    • New UI Enhancements
      • All new UI enhancements will be delivered only in People Profile.

Current Limitations

People Profile supports all major functionality available in the v12  Profile with the following limitations:


  • It does not support full text replacement at this time. Some text strings in the UI cannot be changed or replaced, neither with the self-service text replacement admin tool nor with a SuccessFactors engagement, using custom text replacement (3-tier architecture).
  • It does not display default portlet help for Employee Central blocks at this time. Currently, People Profile only supports custom help text that you provide. If you were using the default SuccessFactors-provided portlet help for Employee Central on the V12 Profile, you should be aware that this portlet help will disappear following the upgrade to People Profile
  • It does not support the Insights panel and Internal Job History panels at this time.
  • It does not support Legacy Leave of Absence functionality


What Does Not Change

People Profile is mainly an upgrade to your user experience. There is no impact on your employee data and the way  employee data is used in other parts of the application. The following features and functionality remain unchanged by the upgrade to People Profile:

  • Employee data and data model
  • Standard, user info, and background data elements available on the profile
  • Navigation to the profile from other parts of the application
  • Data imports and exports
  • Existing permission settings
  • Reporting
  • User Directory
  • Managing custom badges
  • Managing background image library



We are striving our best to provide the best in class user experience and committed to resolve any issues and  gaps in People Profile as soon as possible and have made considerable head way in doing that.  With a  little preparation and planning on your end you can make this change a positive one for your organization so you can take complete advantage of this change to engage your workforce and make their system experience phenomenal. I urge you to take action now than later. Get Ready!!!!!

Please feel free share your feedback ,comments and past experiences with the People Profile



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      Good job. Its nice blog!

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      can advise what need to be tested beside permission?


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      You will need to test the end to end business process of employee self service and manager self service changes and also any changes made my admins directly to employees personal and job information or to background portlets.