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New Search UI is Live!

I am Dedi Metser and I have been with the SAP Community team since 2006.

Recently, I took over the search of community ownership, so what I’m about to tell you is happy news. We are launching the new search user interface today.

After listening to the community members’ requests for improvement, we have made changes to our look and feel and UI to improve and unify the search experience in the community.
We are happy to announce that the launch of a new search will improve not only the UI but also your ability to find the content you’re looking for here in the community.

So what is different?

This is the new look and feel of the new search across the community:

I chose to search for ABAP. After a drop-down menu will appear with a list of what terms are affiliated with ABAP. After clicking a search term, on the right-hand side you will find 3 filters:
Type, Date, and Language.

Type, that allows you to choose the type of content you are looking for across repositories. There are a lot of options here
so we will filter by only two: Blogs and Questions.

Choosing Blogs will generate these filters:

Choosing Questions will generate these filters. Here you will notice that you can choose the Questions Status as well.

Date that is sorted by different options

The Languages filter allow you to choose the language of your choice.

All these filters and options will give you a much better search experience and help you find the information you need faster and more efficiently.
I’d like to add a special shootout thanking @Jason Lax and @Mike Riley for their input and guidance.
We are looking forward to your comments and feedback here.

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  • Hello Dedi,

    I tried the new experience and searched for “identity management” and filtered for blogs and German language. Now the first three results are kind of highlighted (light grey background), the first two being SAP Store pages and the third one is the topic page for IDM.


    Those aren’t blogs aaand not in German, so why are they in the result list? Is this a caching thing? And why the difference in design in the list? Are those “promoted content”?


    Another question: Maybe I just haven’t found it yet, but is there somewhere a direct link to the search? I’ve used the search bar at the top (behind the magnifying glas), but maybe there is a faster way to get to it?




    • Hi Steffi,

      Yes the search bar at the top is what we call masthead and where the change took place.

      As for the search.

      The first 3 are the recomended answers and the rest are the blogs in German.

      I’ll ping the search team to clerify the technical side in more detail for you.



      • Hello Dedi,

        but if I search for German blogs about "identity management", why would those SAP store items be recommended for me? Why show something I have not searched for?

        IMO it would make more sense to put those kind of "This could also interest you" links into the side panel and not in my search results. But maybe that's just me?




      • That’s correct: UI -> User Interface i.e. search results page.

        The new search results page introduces new functionalities:

        • Increased filtering, by Question Status for example. The filters shown change according to the content type selected.
        • Sort results by date, in addition to relevance
        • Voice search (click the microphone icon, Chrome only)
        • OK, thanks for clarification! Was kind of joking but now I'm seriously disappointed. Not sure simple cosmetic changes add a ton of value. Google offers better results faster and has a date filter already, as well as voice search. Type of content can be achieved by using And the "status" filter is hardly of use because less than 20% of questions are ever closed.

          Don't mean to rain on anyone's parade but I'm very much confused why is SAP spending resources on something Google can do while there are many unresolved issues for which we have no workarounds.

  • Hello Dedi,

    When I search SAP note with number only it was showing no search results as shown below


    I have added words “SAP Note and search it showing results as below. Where is SAP Note I am looking for?


    No matter what you do you will not able to see your user picture. I am not sure how to know that you are logged in to search platform or not?




    • Hi Yogesh,

      I've asked the relevant experts to review this thread for the comments, but I wanted to reply in particular to this bug and let you know that IT is looking into it. We hope to have more info shortly (keeping in mind the IT group is in EMEA time zones).



    • Hi Yogesh,

      There is no note/KBA number 2366789 (your query).  However, searching for 2367889 or 2236789 will show the notes in the results.

      The number string can refer to many things. However, adding the term "note" to the query alongside an invalid note number helps match it to something similar among the available notes/KBAs.  (Since "note" denotes the context of the query.)


      • /
        • Hi - I work with the IT team.

          I'll have to find out why note 2366789 has not been made available externally as a preview, which is how notes can be accessed via Google and Universal Search.

          Launchpad is the complete resource for all notes and KBAs.

    • Hi Yogesh Patel 

      Please note that for viewing and searching SAP Notes you have to be logged on to the SAP Support Portal with a valid Suser. The community is free and everyone can register, this also means that the community search does not find content that it is only available in the SAP Support Portal.

      KBA’s are indexed by search engines like Google and can therefore be found via the community search. To view the resolution of the KBA, logging on to the SAP Support Portal is required (for most products, for some e.g. Lumira all KBA content, including the resolution, is available on the internet)

      I hope this clarifies why you cannot find the SAP Note 2366789 in the community search

      Best Regards


      • Hello Roland Hoeller,

        Can you please explain why other SAP notes are showing up in search result? If SAP community is free for all users dose it make any seance to have SAP note showing up in search result? Why don't we remove SAP notes filter along with search results from this community search?


        • Hi Yogesh

          Thanks for the feedback. I will forward it.

          I am not sure about this statement "other SAP notes are showing up in search result", please note that there is a difference between KBA's and SAP Notes. All the results shown in your screenshots are KBA's and not SAP Notes.

          Best Regards


  • Some fashion magazines have "Who wore it better?" sections. Here is SCN search vs. Google.

    SCN search results - 8 year old wiki about CRM:

    Google search results - 4 year old blog that is actually relevant to my search:

    Also I thought that there would be some improvements in the in-place search when we try to post a new question. But that still finds random stuff:

    Google "activity stream" is more productive and I can see more detail. For more giggles use "credit management" string.