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Virtual, Event, Training, What not…

So I decided I would give something a try. I don’t actually know if it will work and I thought the best to test it was just go totally “productive” right? Only chickens test in development…

OK seriously though I decided I’d give it a go and see what people think and see if I can wrap my head around the tool and format and see if I could make it work. So what is it that I am already rambling on about? Well it would be “Google Classroom”.


I really don’t know if it will work, if it will give me the interface and ways of working with a “class” like I think and I’ve never actually attended something done with it but again what better way to test than to pop it out here and invite everyone to test with me?

So I’ve created a classroom and a course. It’s called “HXE 101” and is all about getting started with HXE. I’ve pre-filled several items that will be released on a schedule when the course officially begins “March 21st

I’ll post the code here and anyone who has signed up for the services can join as a student in the course.


For those of you already familiar with HXE you may not gain a lot of new insights BUT you can certainly give your feedback on the tool and how to improve the setup for future topics.

I look forward to seeing you in the course and of course on your feedback to see if this will even work for future topics.

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