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Hi all,


After the announcement on the blog inviting design for Top SAPUI5 Applications; we decided to leverage SAPUI5 to build a custom application in SAPUI5 not based on any template; but rather our own dashboard like application which collates information from disparate sources.

We all usually see applications in the standard Master-Detail or Full Screen templates which are very common in the SAPUI5 and Fiori scheme of things.

We decided to digress from the standard templates and tried to come up with our own Dashboard like Apps which are not only interesting and intuitive; but also offer a great integrating platform for data from different sources and styles.

We have made this app called 360 Degree Dashboard which captures data from different sources and gives an analytical view to the end user. The user can also filter data dynamically as per the filters.

We have also integrated third party libraries such as Mcharts, Google Maps etc. for our application. Also, we have built an interesting Poll feature in our app.

Thus, We have utilized the strong SAPUI5 framework to build this intuitive application and deployed it on SAP Cloud Platform; and created a fiori site for its access. You can access the site using the URL for those who want to see it live:


Here are a few screenshots from the application:



Comments and Feedback are most welcome.



Karan Bahl



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  1. Michelle Crapo

    Hi Karan,

    Is the link just a piece of your program?   Because I can see some issues with it if it is supposed to be the entire program. Some things aren’t working.

    Looking at the pictures on the blog – it looks like a very nice project.

    Thank you for sharing,


    1. Karan Bahl Post author

      Hi Michelle,


      Thanks for pointing out. It was some issue with the loading of libraries. We have fixed it now, You should be able to see the full site now.




  2. Aris van Mazijk

    Looks very good Karan. However, I also experienced some difficulties between switching between regional and global. It even made the chart flip into a donut 🙂

  3. Bilen Cekic

    Cool charts! You might play with colors a bit 🙂 they are very strong, i also had a mock design as below i might publish as well. Due to some company names i had the blur texts.

  4. Sergio Guerrero

    well done, looks very nice… just wondering why you used MCharts rather than… the viz charts? was there anything in particular that drove the decision?

  5. Karan Shaheri

    Hi Karan,

    360 Degree Dashboard looks really good. Spinning apple is awesome. Good to see all the things at the same place. Download option on charts is also great.


    Karan Shaheri.

  6. S. Jain

    Hi Karan,


    Liked it. Very nice UI. It must have taken real hard work to do it in ui5. Please share code.





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