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  1. Marcus Bonrat

    Hi Navjot, Thank you for your excellent blog. Can I ask, when configuring Workflow Email Notification (via Manage Workflow Email Notification), we can specify our custom email template group. Here, we specify the custom email template group (as created in Step 1). If we have more than 2 or more document templates tagged to this group, how do we specify which template to be picked by the system ? It seems to me there is no configuration option to specify which document template within the group to choose. Once I choose the group, system assumes there is one and only one document template assign to it ?

    Hope you can enlighten me. Thank you.



    1. Former Member Post author

      Hello Marcus,

      The purpose of Template group is  to accommodate same template in different languages.

      You can either copy the same template (with a new name and Language) or create a new template in a different languages and assign this template to the same template group. (Example of copying a template is given below)

      System will then pick up the template from this group based on recipient’s language

      Example : Copy Document Template to create a new Template in another language in the same Document Template Group

      I. Copy the current template we used by going to Manage Document Templates ->Open required template->Take Action->Copy Template

      Give a name – For example WF_NameChange_ApproverNotification_FR

      Define a language – For example “French”


      II. Change/translate content of the template in the assigned language.

      Open copied template in Manage Documents Template tool and change/translate the content (to the same language selected in step above)

      III Map the dynamic fields of this template. (Note that copying template does not automatically copy mapping of the fields)

      Open Manage Document Template Mapping tool-> Open the copied template and map the dynamic fields as required.

      III. Result

      Now when you will submit a workflow, and if system found a template in the template group assigned in Workflow Email Configuration in the recipient’s language (default locale or language selected by the recipient in the system), it will email that template.

      Hope this answers this question.




  2. Former Member

    Hi Navjot,

    Wonderful explanation on configuring the custom email notification!!

    I do need more inputs though 🙂

    I configured all the steps as mentioned but still can’t achieve the expected results.

    My requirement is :

    An email notification to be triggered to employee when there is a change / addition of a Bank Name.

    The text is :

    Hello (preferred name)

    Your bank details have been updated as follows:

    Payroll Bank Account ending in (xxxx) with effect from (effective date)

    Expenses Bank Account ending in (xxxx) with effect from (effective date)

    If you do not see an Expenses Bank Account above, you will not be able to claim expenses via the expenses system

    If you do not see a Payroll Bank Account above, your pay cannot be processed.

    Please call HR Services on (HR Services Number) if you have any concerns regarding changes to your bank details.

    Kind Regards


    Payment Information Details is a custom portlet under Personal Information.

    If you can identify what am I missing and help.


    Appreciate and Thanks!!




  3. Former Member Post author

    Hello Sarika,


    Please refer to this KBA

    2424534 – MDF object permission-EC-Document generation

    Payment Information is not supported in document generation as of today.

    I have checked latest release information, and there is no enhancement to cover payment information as yet.




  4. Former Member

    Hi Navjot,

    Thank you for putting this together. I followed all the steps you mentioned in Best Run demo instance. However, the custom email is not triggered. I am still getting standard email notification. What could be the problem? Not sure what I am missing out.

    1. Former Member

      Hi Jeevan,


      Following are possible reasons for getting standard notification instead of custom notification :


      1. If document generation template group does not have a template in recipient’s language, it will send standard notification.
      2. If there is a mapping error in document template mapping step, system will send standard notification and enter error text on top of this notification.
      3. If another workflow triggers for the same data change, and recipient is same but no custom notification is assigned for this workflow, a standard notification will be sent.

      Please review your configuration and workflow assignment again, and you should be able to receive notification with the steps defined in this blog.

      Good Luck!

  5. Former Member


    Hi Navjot,


    I want to trigger a custom email onsave for events like hire , rehire . I have created a rule and assigned the workflow value but the email is not triggering. Any thing I am missing if you may guide,




  6. Former Member

    Hi Stuti,

    If no notifications are sent (Standard or Custom) then you need to review your business rule configuration.

    Another point to check if no notifications are sent (but business rule triggers successfully), workflow email configuration should be reviewed again. If a step in workflow email notification is set “No Notification” no templates will be emailed (standard or custom).

    If you are able to see a standard notification, then review templates assigned and recipient’s language. If system did not find a custom notification in recipient’s language, then standard notifications are sent.

    Hope this helps you to investigate your issue further.


    All the best!



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