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SAP FIORI Debugging Tales – Launchpad New tile not visible

Well its been a longtime since I have blogged about any new learning and experience, thought of pinning one today.  Let me break this blog into 5 sessions of Problem statement,Steps taken to add the tile, Analysis, Resolution and learning .

Problem Statement

I was working on this task of getting Application Job Templates(F2058) app added on the launchpad, but was the tile was not visible.

Steps taken to Add the tile

I have followed all the steps as per the configuration on the FIORI apps library of activating service, odata etc.Since there is not standard role for this app, I have added the referece of tile in my custom catalog as shown below.

Standard business catalog SAP_BASIS_TCR_T contains the tile, reference for the same was created in the custom Z catalog and eventually tile was assigned to custom group. This custom group and catalog are assigned to a Z role.


  • First step as always is to switch on the debugger F12 as from ABAP background, to actually check in debugging whether the tile is getting loaded from the backend or not. Got  the first queue what could have went wrong, something related to Navigation.

  • On searching about this navigation found out about two beautiful transaction /UI2/FLC and /UI2/FLIA. Executed both of the tcode to dig further into the issue and found the root cause. In hurry actually I have forgot to copy the target mapping that is why tile is not loading.


  • Copied the reference target mapping in launchpad from Standard catalog to Custom one and bingo everything is working:)


Whenever any launch pad related issue comes first tools to refer are /UI2/FLIA and /UI2/FLC they should be the first level checks. Although debugging pointed me in right direction along with making me learn somehting more about launchpad, but it could have been caught easily had I known these tcodes’.

Steps to add to launchpad any tile from standard to custom catalog are straight forward

  • Create reference for tile in your catalog
  • Create reference for target mapping in your catalog
  • Add the tile in group
  • The catalog and group has to be assigned to the role which user is having.
  • Any issues specifically related to tile use these two tcode for initial heads up /UI2/FLIA and /UI2/FLC


Finally I hope these small tips and tricks will help the other new comers like me in area of FIORI, Gateway etc.Lets share and learn

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