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SAP Leonardo: Digital Transformation at the Intersection of Technology and Methodology

We do business in the age of innovation. Machine learning, blockchain, and IoT are all becoming must-haves for the enterprise—but these tools aren’t usually part of the enterprise software stack, and companies are struggling to bring these new technologies to bear on their business and their existing app portfolio.

That’s why we created SAP Leonardo. This digital innovation system takes the enterprise system of record and supercharges it with the tools of digital transformation – coupled with a design thinking process specifically created for business modernization and agility.



This is why SAP Leonardo is more than a collection of technology services. It is also a new way for CXOs and IT to think about and implement new business models that take advantage of new tools.

SAP Leonardo is a systematic approach to digital innovation that combines design thinking services with platform capabilities such as machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, analytics, blockchain, and data intelligence, giving you access to future-proof technology and methodologies that help you face any challenge in the digital world. With SAP Cloud Platform as the foundation to SAP Leonardo, our customers and partners are seamlessly integrating emerging technologies on SAP Cloud Platform, such as IOT, machine learning and blockchain and capabilities such as user experience, business services to rapidly develop and deploy next-generation apps. SAP Leonardo engagements leverage SAP Cloud Platform services and tools to rapidly prototype, test, deploy, and scale solutions to infuse innovation into your business processes.



The big advantage of SAP Leonardo is that it helps companies focus on the problem at hand. Instead of forcing companies to find, integrate, and manage their own tools, SAP Leonardo, via design thinking and the services of SAP Cloud Platform, provides a common process, methodology and innovation platform to implement new ideas quickly.

SAP Cloud Platform gives SAP Leonardo another important advantage: scalability. Companies can innovate using SAP Leonardo with confidence because the underlying technology is open, proven, robust, and scalable to  meet every enterprise need.


Why SAP Leonardo Is So Important

The most fundamental problem with innovation is getting distracted by details.

Suppose an apparel retailer wants to know what items, colors, and styles will be popular among its consumers. Even with customer sales histories, that’s not an easy question to answer. Different fashions come in and out of vogue. Seasonality could affect consumer decisions, as could geographic area or other demographic factors.

The retailer wants to additionally manage inventory and to predict and avoid inventory stock outs of popular items or markdowns on not-so-popular items. Sharing data with vendors will also aid in efficient procurement and supply management.

To turn all this historical and real-time data into actionable forecasts, the retailer will need to correctly forecast the demand chain and accurately time the supply chain – and this effort will take technologies like  big data, machine learning, IoT, and visualization, as well as integration with back-end systems—at a minimum. For example, real-time inventory tracking involves IoT technologies like RFID tags, as well as back-end integration to match the real-time tracking data against order fulfillment systems.

In the past, efforts like these required tremendous technical expertise, lengthy design cycles and a lot of guesswork. In contrast, the SAP Leonardo world-class design thinking process combined with SAP Cloud Platform services provides pre-integrated methodologies, tools and services that help enterprises innovate with agility and velocity.


What SAP Cloud Platform Brings to SAP Leonardo

SAP Cloud Platform is the foundation for  SAP Leonardo, offering on-demand services for innovation including:

  • IoT
  • Machine learning
  • Big data
  • Blockchain
  • Analytics
  • Integration
  • API Management
  • User Experience
  • Mobile Services

Because SAP Cloud Platform is available on all the hyperscale IaaS vendors: Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS, you can choose an implementation for the cloud infrastructure you already know and use. That makes integration between your innovations and other enterprise systems easier and faster—and reduces overall latency.  Best of all, SAP handles the management of the hyperscale vendors’ infrastructure, so you just have to worry about agile app innovation – not hardware optimization.

And of course, today’s enterprises rely on mobile to bring all of these capabilities together. That’s where SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS comes in, offering a natural, efficient, and fast way to tie such innovations to mobile device use.


The Time for Innovation Is Now

The most important thing about SAP Leonardo and SAP Cloud Platform is that you don’t have to wait for the expertise and budget of a perfect future for innovation. Start with design thinking methodology from SAP Leonardo to embrace new models and processes. Implement through the services at hand in SAP Cloud Platform. Begin the transformation today.  #GetAgile.

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