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I’ve been speaking to a lot of SEO specialists and they’re worried about artificial intelligence. To be fair, it’s hard to blame them. They’ve been in a constant battle with Google for years. Some people think AI means the search engines will finally win.

Please don’t listen to anyone who thinks the glass is half empty. AI can actually help SEO marketers. Will things change in the coming years? Of course, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing and we’ll look at why you should be excited.

1. Letting AI Take Care Of Our Ads

In a perfect world, every business would be built using paid ads. Hand over a dollar and you’ll get two dollars back. It’s the easiest way to build a 7-figure company, but it involves a lot of hard work.

Once artificial intelligence starts doing it for you it will become easy. It will know how much you can afford to pay for every ad. It will even know the right keywords to target. A reputable SEO agency should help you set it up.

2. AI Will Start To Create Content

There are lots of amazing websites on the internet covering many topics. It’s tough to choose between them, but let’s use Best In AU as an example. Do you know how many hours it takes to write the content they publish.

Imagine if artificial intelligence could do it for you. It would be so advanced it would even be able to search for breaking news. Publishers could sit back and enjoy their earnings without doing much work.

3. More Money To Spend On Paid Ads

Google says we’re not allowed to buy links, which is fine because it’s their company. It doesn’t mean SEOs need to listen to them. If you want a natural link on large publications you’ll need to pay for it.

The amount you’ll have to pay will depend on the website in question, but they’re not cheap. Luckily you’ve just saved a lot of money dismissing some of your writers. You can use the excess money to buy fantastic links.

4. You Can Include The Right Keywords

It’s fair to say everyone with a website has done some basic keyword research. Those who specialize in SEO will know it’s the most crucial part of the job. Get in right and you’ll generate free traffic for years to come.

It does take a lot of time if you’re going to do it properly. Normally, you’d know the right keywords to use before writing an article. Artificial intelligence will tell you exactly what to include while you’re writing one.

5. Updating Old Articles Automatically

Smart marketers realize it’s crucial to update old articles. They add keywords, increase the article length, and do anything else they think will help. It won’t be long before AI does it for you automatically.

You know trends change on Google all the time. Keywords that were once hard to rank for become easier to target. Artificial intelligence will work this out in the background and use it to update your old articles.

You always Have To Look On The Bright Side

Maybe you did think artificial intelligence would wipe you out, but it’s obviously not true. You have to start thinking on the bright side. Use new technology to your advantage instead of wondering how it’s going to hurt your business

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