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In this document I’ll share some Linux commands that can be useful during the installation of SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA.

General Linux Commands:

ls – directory listing

ls -al – formatted listing with hidden files

cd dir – change directory to dir

cd – change to home

pwd – show current directory

mkdir dir – create a directory dir

rm file – delete file

rm -r dir – delete directory dir

rm -f file – force remove file

rmrf dir – force remove directory dir *

cp file1 file2 – copy file1 to file2

cp -r dir1 dir2 – copy dir1 to dir2; create dir2 if it doesn’t exist

mv file1 file2 – rename or move file1 to file2 if file2 is an existing directory, moves file1 intodirectory file2

ps -ef – display all active processes (use |grep <string>) to list only the processes containing <string>

top – display all running processes

kill pid – kill process id pid;, use kill -9 to force the kill

killall proc – kill all processes named proc *

chmod octal file – change the permissions of file to octal, which can be found separately for user, group, and world by adding:

  • 4 – read (r)
  • 2 – write (w)
  • 1 – execute (x)


chmod 777 – read, write, execute for all

chmod 755 – rwx for owner, rx for group and world

date – show the current date and time

cal – show this month’s calendar

uptime – show current uptime

w – display who is online

whoami – who you are logged in as

cat /proc/cpuinfo – cpu information

cat /proc/meminfo – memory information

man command – show the manual for command

df -h – show disk usage (-h for ‘human readable)

du -h – show directory space usage

free – show memory and swap usage, use -m or -g for Megabytes or Gigabytes to make it readable


SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA related commands:

cat /etc/SuSE-release – returns OS version

./install – start installation (always use ./)

su – <sid>adm – change to user <sid>adm in home directory

./HDB <start/stop/restart> – Start/stop/restart HANA instance from console

cd /etc/init.d – directory to start/stop/restart B1 services

./sapb1servertools <start/stop/restart> – Start/stop/restart B1 servertools

./b1s <start/stop/restart> – Start/stop/restart Service Layer

psef | grep java – display current active processes from B1 Servertools

psef | grep hdb – display current active processes from SAP HANA

rpm –q – a | grep B1 – lists installed B1 components

rpm –q –a | grep B1 | xargs rpm –e – removes B1 components (only use after uninstall failed)

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  1. Abdul Mannan

    Thanks Its very useful..If you have other commands please share…

    Can You confirm

    This one will shows server tools is working or not

    ps –ef | grep java – display current active processes from B1 Servertools


    How can i know B1 services are running or not ?

    1. Jeroen van de Waart
      Post author


      Sorry I was notified about your comment earlier. Indeed the |grep java shows the active B1ServerTools processes. Together with servicelayer, these are the only B1 services running on the server.




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