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Do you think the day will eventually arrive when machines are officially elevated to the status of public relations employees? I wonder if they’ll ever start sending out press releases without going through an actual human being first.

Although it’s possible if we look well into the future, it’s unlikely to happen in our lifetime. In reality, artificial intelligence will work with experts to take public relations into a new era. Let’s discuss a few things we’re likely to see.

1. Keeping On Top Of Everything

If you work for a public relations agency you have to keep on top of everything. Tasks like analyzing reactions to published news articles manually is tough. Advanced software has been a huge help in recent years.

Artificial intelligence is just the next step in the evolution of the industry. Machines will be able to detect everything and you’ll get to throw all your old tools away. I doubt many people will carry out complex tasks manually again.

2. Reacting To A Massive Crisis

When you’re in public relations it won’t always go in your favor. You won’t just need to keep an eye on all the great work you’re doing. You’ll need to go into crisis mode when something goes seriously wrong.

Thanks to artificial intelligence monitoring the internet you won’t just know when there is a crisis. You’ll be able to put a lid on things before they spiral out of control. Dealing with issues immediately is sometimes vital.

3. Knowing What People Want To Hear

We joked about artificial intelligence writing press releases in the future, but it’s not 100 percent untrue. Some people think machines don’t really understand humans, but it’s not the point in the PR world.

You don’t need artificial intelligence to know humans better than they know themselves. The only thing that matters is getting your message out to a bigger audience, which you’ll be able to do if machines know what people want to hear.

4. AI Can Give You Important Advice

If you read the newspapers you’ll know a few companies have messed up over the years. They replied to certain stories, but if they were smart they would have went with the ‘keep your mouth shut’ approach.

You won’t have to make hard choices going forwards, because AI will know when it’s best to respond to stories. It will even tell you the best time (down to the hour) to share news stories with the country.

5. Targeting Small Groups Of People

If you’re involved in the business world, you’ll know what niching down means. The public relations industry is going to start doing it in a big way too. You won’t try to target large audiences any more.

Instead, you’ll target small groups of people. Every subgroup will receive a different messages that is extremely relevant to them. You could say AI is helping the public relations industry master conversion rate optimization.

You Won’t Really Need A Lot Of Employees

One thing has jumped out at us today. Artificial intelligence is doing most of the work, which doesn’t bode well for anyone who wants to get involved in public relations. There won’t be a lot of positions open unless you’re a machine.

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