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Job Management – Mass Scheduling tool

You use the Job Management functionality in SAP Solution Manager, i.e. you document your jobs and schedule them centrally from Solution Manager. Now you have a new project, which makes a set of jobs obsolete and requires a new set of jobs to be scheduled at go live. To do the needed changes you would need to do them one by one, accessing the corresponding JD. You would like to have a tool that helps you to mass change and mass schedule / De-schedule them!

The Mass Scheduling tool is used to schedule jobs for the mass volume of Job Documentations. This supports scheduling jobs using XBP and SMSE Interfaces. To get started of using this amazing tools please follow up:

Please enter the Job Documentation ID or you could click on the icon to select multiple jobs documentation. Also, enter the System and Client information of the managed system.

Here are the results:

The Job Scheduled already would be indicated with Green color.

Now, you could select single or multiple job(s) then simply click on “Schedule Job(s)” to schedule them or “Delete Job(s)” to De-Schedule them. These two options would be indicated with the status and the status description.

If you would like to see the scheduling information in the web UI, please click on the ID of the desired job.

The input criteria can be left blank in order to list all the job documentations per system:

The mass scheduling report RAGS_JSM_MASS_SCHEDULE is available on SP07.


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