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Inbound Pricing

What is Inbound Pricing?

Inbound pricing is as a process to retrieve from an external source the prices that you want to use during customer business planning. In order to perform planning, you need the prices (such as cost of goods, list price) for all the products in your customer business plan.

SAP ECC is used to maintain the prices, the system allows you to transfer the prices to your customer business plan (CBP) using the inbound pricing module.

Following steps need to be followed for prices to be available on CBP plan.

  • Execute Inbound Pricing Programs in ECC
  • Extract the Inbound Pricing data to SAP BW system.
  • Transform the inbound pricing data to the format in which customer business plan expects the data

How to Implement Inbound Pricing?

Below subsections will describe the required implementation that will be done in order to configure the Inbound Pricing in SAP ECC system.

In SAP ECC, prices are maintained as conditions. The inbound pricing module simulates invoice generation for a given customer and product.

During this simulation, the system runs pricing in the background and determines all the conditions based on the pricing procedure attached to the document type you used for executing inbound pricing

The results retrieved in the form of conditions are stored in a table in ECC.

After executing inbound pricing, you must extract the data to your SAP BW system

Implement Note 2194257

SAP Note 2194257 contains the required code that you must implement in your SAP ECC and SAP BW system.

Follow the implementation instructions provided in the Note.

After you have implemented the SAP Note, you will have access to report “ZZIBP_ASSRMNT_SIMULATE” and “ZZIBP_POC_EXECUTE”,

The SAP program “ZZIBP_ASSRMNT_SIMULATE” consider customers & material related information from the previous order history (indexed table VAPMA) & creates a combination like: Customer – Material

Input parameters to the program are:

  1. Sales Organization
  2. Distribution Channel
  3. Division
  4. Date To and From Assortment
  5. Path / File

2nd Program “ZZIBP_POC_EXECUTE” will simulate the pricing based on Customer / Retails + Material, this will ensure that all the materials in ECC are considered for price simulation.

Key Input parameters to the program are:

  1. Sales Organization
  2. Distribution Channel
  3. Division
  4. Path / File
  5. Sales Document type

After you have executed inbound pricing, the system will store the results in table ZZIBP_COND_JBP.


Customize SAP ECC for Inbound Pricing

In this step, you set up the required master data and pricing in your SAP ECC system to start executing inbound pricing.

Before you start executing inbound pricing, ensure the following:

  • The relevant prices that you use in your customer business plan (such as list price, cost of goods) are maintained for your materials.
  • Pricing is set up with the required document type and pricing procedures that you want to use for inbound pricing.

A new pricing procedure that contains only the conditions with prices that you want to use for customer business planning will be defined and this new pricing procedure will be used when executing inbound pricing.

The new Pricing Procedure would include below condition types.

  • ZPRE ~ Price
  • VAT (Output Tax) – Condition Type MWST
  • COGS


Extract Inbound Pricing Data from SAP ECC to Your SAP BW System

SAP ECC side Development:

An extractor “ZZIBP_COND_JBP_TRANS” is created in ECC system which would extract data from inbound pricing output table ZZIBP_COND_JBP.

BW side Developments:

Refer to the SAP Note 2194257 to implement BW side changes for Inbound Pricing.


The inbound pricing information is extracted into BW and staged in DSO ECC rates.

It gets transformed to fit the CBP interface and stored in ECC Rates transformed (/JBPB/TNPR).

An routine is used to differentiate the different conditions and assign the values to the correct CBP key figures.

ECC Rates transformed (/JBPB/TNPR) is further accessed by planning functions to copy the rates into CBP Plan (/JBPB/ILOTE).

CBP Layout:

List Price (ZPRE) and other Prices are shown on the CBP planning layout and distribution is work week wise.

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      Author's profile photo Sujoy Banerjee
      Sujoy Banerjee

      Very good explanation of Inbound Pricing Procedure for Customer Business Planning. I think this process is applicable to many Price Planning Scenarios in BW-IP/ Embedded BPC. Great work!