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A hidden FPM gem: List UIBBs with dynamic height

As of now, all the List and Tree UIBBs that I know in SAP TM are configured to derive their height from the number of rows that we explicitly specify in the UIBB configuration. The user can modify the number of rows – either on the fly, by dragging the “end of list” control, or via the personalization dialog.

Since a couple of years, however, these UIBBs offer a new value to the Table Height setting, namely “Fit to height of Surrounding Container”. When this value is chosen, in configuration or customizing, the number of rows specified in UIBB are ignored – instead, the list is rendered to occupy fully the available space.

Let’s see this setting in action. The following Transportation Cockpit window displays three lists and one hierarchy. The lists of “Freight Units Stages” and “Freight Orders/Freight Bookings” are set to fit, the list “Trucks” and the hierarchy “Overview” use a fixed number of rows (four and six, respectively):

Notice that the upper lists do not have the “end of list” control (the one with the three dots) that allow the user to modify the number of rows.

Let’s inspect the result after reducing the height of the browser window:

The upper lists reduced their height automatically, their ends being “pushed” by the lower UIBBs.

After collapsing the “Overview” hierarchy, the list of freight documents immediately expands to fill the place optimally:

This behaviour has the advantage that all UIBBs are available in the browser window without having to scroll, but it hits its limits when the window is really small – the UIBBs are there, but one cannot really work with them. So, it’s a matter of taste and environment.


If someone wants to activate this behaviour for one of more UIBBs, it suffices to create (or reuse) the FPM customizing of the desired WDCC configuration, and change the value accordingly. As of now, this feature can be switched on/off only at the configuration or customizing level, but we contacted FPM team asking for a possibility to allow the user, via personalization, to choose between these behaviours.

One more thing to consider. If also the “Trucks” list is set up to have dynamic height, then two UIBBs compete for the same available space. Or more, if we throw in “Map” or “Gantt Chart” into the cockpit layout… What happens next depends on the value of the application parameter FPM_MULTI_STRECHED:

  • if activated (FPM_MULTI_STRECHED = X), then the competing UIBBs are allocated an equal share of the available space. In the example above, both “Freight Unit Stages” and “Trucks” receive 50%
  • if not activated (other value, or parameter not present), one UIBB receive the whole space, the rest receive naught

In Transportation Cockpit we incidentally activated the “multi stretched” function long ago, due to Map and Gantt Chart, so it’s safe to play around with all involved UIBBs. For document UIs, however, more attention is required…



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