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SAP Insurance Analyzer 2.0 Service Pack 1 – Now available to support all measurement approaches of IFRS17


A new accounting standard for Insurance Contracts IFRS 17 was issued in May 2017 by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and It will be effective as of 1 January, 2021.

Over the past years SAP has worked with customers and partners on a standard product offering to support insurance companies to address the requirements of IFRS17 with a solid accounting driven solution approach.

The latest update is now available with Service Pack 1.  Main focus of this shipment are updates according to the final IFRS17 standard such as:

  • Additions to data model and templates to support “Group of Insurance Contracts”
  • Updates to the existing measurement models (GMM, PAA, VFA)
  • Additions to data model and processes to support reporting and reconciliation requirements
  • Continuous Improvements

Service Pack 1 is available since February 16th and the development team is closely engaged with user groups and ongoing implementation projects to continuously improve the solution.

For further information you might want to have a look at one of the following links:

IFRS17 Video

IFRS17 Whitepaper

Insurance Analyzer – Help

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  • just replying, if still further info required ..


    Download below components of the SAP Bank analyzer components and there are certain dependencies on other required support packs and please refer to note 2178306

    FSAPPL 500
    Name of the Installation Package (AOI): SAPK-500AHINFSAPPL
    Material number: 51042901

    FSPOT 500
    Installation and Upgrade
    Name of the Installation/Upgrade Package (AOI): SAPK-500AGINFSPOT
    Material number: 51042901

    Instance Banking Services UI – FSUI 500 and FSXAL
    FSUI 500
    Installation and Upgrade
    Name of the Installation/Upgrade Package (AOI): SAPK-500AGINFSUI
    Material number: 51042901 > DATA_UNITS -> FSUI_500_INST

    FSXAL 500
    Installation and Upgrade
    Name of the Installation/Upgrade Package (AOI): SAPK-500AGINFSXAL
    Material number: 51042901 -> DATA_UNITS -> FSXAL_500_INST

    Pre-requisites :

    Banking services from SAP is a SAP NetWeaver add-on that uses functions from the components FINBASIS and SEM-BW. You must install the following components before installing banking services from SAP 9.0 (FSAPPL 500)