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SAP Analytics Cloud & IBCS Top 10 (Part 4)

So far we have looked that the Top 1 to 5 of the Top 10 IBCS, so this time we look at the Top 6 topic, which is around Chart labels.


The chart labels is often something that people struggle with in adopting the IBCS recommendation, not because they would disagree with the approach, but more around the fact that it is something the users are not used to and what they have been using so far is very different.


As you can see in the small screenshot above, Top 6 on Labels is around the data labels of a chart and it talks about avoiding axes and grid lines and especially the “avoiding axes” is something a lot of users are not necessarily used to.

Let’s look at a concrete example:

Above you see the bar chart created with SAP Analytics Cloud showing the scale on the X-Axis and in the given example, showing the sales revenue per product line in Million USD.


So if we now follow the IBCS recommendations:

  • We remove the X-axis
  • We enable the data labels


.. and perhaps I should have mentioned that this was the default chart that SAP Analytics Cloud did create to start with and that I did switch on the X-Axis and labels and removed the data labels to show the “standard” chart.


So far we look at the data labels, the axis line, and the axis labels. In addition to those elements, there is also a very specific recommendation on the category labels.

Above you can see another example trying to follow the recommendations of Top 6.

  • We moved the data labels to the inside of the stacked column chart
  • We added a total on top of the stacked column
  • We removed the Y-Axis and Y-Axis labels

… and we removed the legend, and placed the category labels on the outside of each category on the right hand side.


I would hope that you find these steps helpful and look at options to leverage some of the recommendations as part of your next dashboarding / data visualization project.



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      Author's profile photo Moritz Kelm
      Moritz Kelm

      Cool blog series, thanks for that! Is there an actual option in SAC to move the labels next to the bars as in the last screenshot or is it a "constructed" chart?

      Author's profile photo Ingo Hilgefort
      Ingo Hilgefort
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Moritz,


      for the stacked charts, that options is available - yes.