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To define and implement a successful UI strategy for a solution/product/service is a complex challenge. Multiple constraints influence the decision process and evolve over time. The list includes

  • customer expectations
  • architecture best practices
  • company strategy
  • ability to execute

When we started to implement our cloud service years ago we acknowledged the customer expectation to offer a browser based environment for integration content discovery, configuration, modeling and monitoring.

However, to maintain a high feature velocity we adopted as intermediate step a dual approach – Web Application (mainly for discovery and configuration) and Eclipse PlugIns (for modeling and monitoring) in parallel. During this phase we invested steadily on the Web Application also for modeling and configuration.

With our progress in the last months we are close to offer a fully enabled Web Application that supports all use cases for Integration Developers. One of the last remaining features is Integration Flow tracing which will be completed in our next monthly deliveries.

Based on the positive customer feedback on our “WebUI only” approach and our implementation progress made we reduce our development investments in Eclipse PlugIns going forward.

This means in detail

  • we discontinue the “Integration Designer” feature for Eclipse by 06-June-2018 in the context of our Eclipse Oxygen adoption (please use the Web Application instead)
  • we restrict the remaining features in Eclipse and encourage Eclipse usage only for the ADK based adapter development use case

You may continue to use your existing Eclipse Neon installations beyond 06-June, but our future development, maintenance & support would be on our Web Application only.

I recommend you to explore the Web Application capabilities if not done yet.



  1. We currently don’t have plans to move to SAP Web IDE development platform as
    • our development focus is on the Integration Flow modeling environment
    • we plan to extend our offering in Web Application which supports and improves all use cases for an Integration Developer
  2. The ADK based adapter development use case is defined as “create, implement, unit test and deploy your adapter”. No change for these actions in Eclipse. But consumption of the adapter in an Integration Flow will require Web Application usage in future.
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  1. Former Member

    Useful Info. Lets wait for

    “One of the last remaining features is Integration Flow tracing which will be completed in our next monthly deliveries”.


  2. Olegs Veliks

    Have been switched from Eclipse to Web UI 6 month ago. It’s very comfortable once you get use to it. I’m still missing info about which xsd/wsdl mapping refers to. And maybe zoom out/zoom in possibility within mapping Editor.

  3. J. Jansen

    Thank you for the update Andreas. This clarifies the way forward regarding developer tools. I like the updates on Web UI so far as well. Do have some suggestions on priority items for your product backlog though (Hint: something to do with testing graphical mappings and being able to view content of queue context 🙂




    1. Andreas Quenstedt Post author


      Hi Holger,

      no – we have no plans to add context menues in WebUI.

      But we do offer already speed-buttons in the designer. In line with your objective we plan to rework our palette and will offer action buttons in Q2 2018.

      Thanks & regards, Andreas

  4. Eng Swee Yeoh

    Hi Andreas


    Thanks for the update. One question – will the Eclipse plugin update site be also decommissioned post June 2018? I have tonnes of content already developed in Eclipse and it will be useful in the future to still be able to open them up in read-only in Eclipse just for reference.



    Eng Swee

    1. Andreas Quenstedt Post author


      Hi Eng Swee,

      yes, you may continue to use our Eclipse Neon PlugIns beyond June 2018 to access your existing content via Eclipse.

      Thanks & regards, Andreas

        1. Andreas Quenstedt Post author


          Hi Tobias,

          Eclipse Neon can still be used to modify and deploy Iflows. However, “our future development, maintenance & support would be on our Web Application only”.

          Best regards, Andreas

          1. Federico Bellizia

            Good morning Andreas,


            Could you give source code of plugin to SAP Community to maintain it compatible with servers?

            Like other not supported products did in past.




            1. Andreas Quenstedt Post author


              Hi Frederico,

              we won’t publish our source code but are happy to listen to your concrete feedback on our Web Application. So far you shared only generic statements.

              Thanks and regards, Andreas

              1. Federico Bellizia

                I’m really trying to figure out how you can said web UI is better than a dedicated client but okay, probably you have your reasons but you asked me to put on this thread all we look meanwhile we are trying to use it:

                1. Copy and paste disappears (losing time on repeatedly operations)
                2. If you create objects and sometimes they appears on design but they can’t be clicked / removed, just cancel work and start again (losing time)
                3. No GIT / SVN integration, remove save as version and put automatic save as new version with automatic versioning like build level growing
                4. Undo? where is undo?
                5. Drag and drop is slow to be activate and sometimes doesn’t works
                6. No improves for xslt transformation with java function calls, only on message mapping, very uncomfortable with big transformations and debug is very hard on it, we use it only for quick transformation and java functions calls.
                7. Please put  scheduling outside workflow, sometimes we need to schedule a quick run or change it without edit / and save it.
                8. Palette is very uncomfortable, leave parts opens like in Eclipse
                9. Xml editor, xslt editor, json editor are improved in Eclipse, on web ui they are not so useful, syntax checking, formatting, find, replace and diff options are slowly or absents.
                10. Channel template removed, so every connection need to be create from scratch, losing time and create more errors on developing / modifying
                11. If you want to debug, test connections and check running you need 3 windows opened.
                12. Tracing must be improved, you can’t resolve data problems on huge run with this interface, same problem on eclipse.
                13. Deploying on draft? Can’t find production state.
                14. If you want to revert a single resource can you?
                15. Slow slow and slow, can’t work with a 5-10 seconds interface
                16. Can’t work offline, try to transform this web app in a progressive app. (copy from Microsoft office 365 way)
                17. Why successfactors connector can’t see tenant successfactors environment directly from interface instead put all information again?
                18. Why you didn’t improve standard channels connector on eclipse instead to spend a lot of time in an old style web application? Improve stability of plugin, or create a stand alone application like Android Studio (Google Developers are different from us)?
                19. Browser compatibility isn’t an issue, how to manage errors from interface if interface doesn’t work to send you state of program?
                20. Eclipse isn’t best I know, but this web interface isn’t ready for develop big workflows for integration very complicated solutions.
                21. Put in this web UI, mock data for light runs (like Boomi do)
                22. Put context menu for quick working on  developing.

                Okay these are some simple issues you asked me, for more info let me try to work more than 1 day on this interface.


                Federico Bellizia


                1. Federico Bellizia

                  23. Multiple selection  / Align are missing

                  24. Tracing for debug very awful, I came back to old bad trace system to resolve a problem

                  25. XSL errors need to checked on node Tail Log, no logging available on web interface to help us to resolve.

                  26. Duplicate resources very slowly, check diff from different versions is very difficult

                  27. Run One remove, I can’t understand why

                  28. Can’t copy from another project resources and items directly.

                  29. OData adapter problem with paging not resolved (probably less important)

                  30. You can’t use back button to come back from internal frames, everytime it return to

                  everytime I use webUI interface I will add more issues to this thread.




  5. Sathish Venkataraman

    Hi All,


    Nice to hear that Web UI is progressing well. Are the mapping features (test mapping, display queue) in SAP Process Orchestration included? That would largely help in developing complex mapping. What about groovy scripting? If these features are there then it will be good otherwise we will need eclipse.


  6. Guoyang Weng

    Hello all,

    How do you manage the versioning of the development contents in WebUI in Github?

    Observation: Zip is exported from WebUI not the project file.



  7. Rong Wei

    It’s cool that we can get rid of environment set up, however, the performance of working on Web UI is not satisfying…

    1. Federico Bellizia

      I’m totaly agree with you, web based tools for developing are die of programmers,

      I can’t imagine how much time I will spend on webUI interface, we moved to eclipse after 1-2 month of try and try last 2017.


      I hope , very hope they are not trying to follow Boomi experience starting from this WebUi, Boomi is totaly different (architecturaly and stability). (not only interface)

      I really need to understand if is possible to limit update of customer server a last Eclipse Neon version.

      I’m disappointed with SAP Decision.

      We will loose  other plugins, (thrid part) and we will totaly limited from internet-line.



      1. Andreas Quenstedt Post author


        Hi Frederico,

        thanks for your feedback. Unfortunetely it’s very generic. I would like to understand your specific concerns. Would appreciate if you take the necessary time and share them e.g. via mail with me.

        You may continue with Eclipse Neon – but we support the designer in our Web Application only.

        Thanks & regards, Andreas

  8. Thomas Zwerg

    ​Hi Andreas,

    I’ looking for information regarding new CTS+ transport capabilities.

    I’m wondering whether it is possible to transport only a single artifact and not always the whole package.

    I was not able to find any documentation on the level of granularity according to CTS+ transports for SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

    Do you have any further details on this?

    Thank you

    Best Regards



      1. Thomas Zwerg

        Hi Andreas,

        thank you for your response.

        I already found that post and read the documentation but still hoped there is the possibility to transport a single artifact and not the whole package.

        For change requests and update scenarios we add a new constrain by using CTS+. We cannot work on multiple Changes/ CRs of different IFlows in parallel as all artifacts would be transported. We can only transport once all changes are done.

        Can you confirm my above interpretation? Or am I missing something here?


        Thank you and

        Best Regards



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