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Production Scheduling Board with PP/DS for SAP S/4HANA (Advanced Planning) on SAP S/4HANA 1709 FPS1


With SAP S/4HANA PP/DS, there is a new Fiori App production scheduling board that uses Fiori based Gantt chart for manual scheduling.  The app was introduced in SAP S/4HANA 1610 and further enhanced in release 1709 and in further future packs. Production scheduling board with PP/DS for SAP S/4HANA (Advanced Planning) on SAP S/4HANA 1709 FPS1 has done a great makeover. The blog explores the features of this.

Supported List of Functionalities

Following list of functionalities that are supported by production scheduling board.

  • Manual Scheduling with Context Menu, Drag and Drop
  • Heuristics – Manual Sequencing
  • Heuristics Framework Support
  • Alert Framework Integration and Navigation
  • Component Issues – Missing Quantity & Late Receipts
  • Information on Pegged requirements
  • Scheduling with Alternate Resource
  • View resource utilization
  • View Order Relationships
  • View Pegging Relationships
  • Scheduling and planning Logs
  • Stretch and Shrink with proposals
  • Manual Order Create, change, delete, Change source of supply
  • Customizing and Settings
  • Variant Management
  • Customer specific fields support(extensibility) in side panel (1809 onwards)

Manual Scheduling with Context Menu, Drag and Drop

Manual scheduling  with context menu, drag and drop are fully supported. the integrated side panel will help to show more details to enable better decision making.


Heuristics Framework Support

The application support Heuristics framework.The following standard heuristics are supported while working with Production Scheduling Board

  • SAP001 – Schedule Sequence
  • SAP002 – Remove Backlog
  • SAP003 – Schedule Sequence Manually (Fiori UI pop-up supported)
  • SAP004 – Minimize Runtime
  • SAP005 – Schedule Operations
  • SAP_DS_01 – Stable Forward Scheduling
  • SAP_DS_02 – Enhanced Backward Scheduling
  • SAP_DS_03 – Change Fixing/Planning Intervals
  • SAP_DS_04 – Activate Seq.-Dependent Setup Activities

Additional heuristics are also supported if the heuristics are configured to be executed in the background, without a user interface.

Heuristics – Manual Sequencing

The only Heuristics with Fiori UI is the Heuristics for manual sequencing which lets you to easy sequence the orders.



Alert Framework Integration and Navigation

The PP/DS Alert framework is fully integrated into production scheduling board. The alerts are displayed based on  your alert profie configured in the application profile. You can also navigate to the respective operation from alert list


Component Issues

One of the interesting feature of production scheduling board is the integrated support to show the component issues( component lateness and missing components)  by standard in the side panel.

Component Issues – Late Receipt

Component Issues – Missing Quantity

Information on Pegged requirements

Another interesting feature that is available in standard is the information on the Pegged requirements, which helps user to see the requirement of the order and its date, quantity and type.


Scheduling with Alternate Resource

Alternate resource scheduling with drag and drop and with Heuristics is fully supported


Information on Order Relationships

Relationship of orders, order flow and pegging relationships can be displayed after selecting an operation and choosing relationships from menu.

Information on Order Flow Relationships

Information on Pegging Relationships

Stretch and Shrink with proposals

Another interesting feature that would be helpful for the customers in the process industry is the feature of stretch and shrink the operations to control the throughput and automatic proposal of the value to subsequent/preceding operations


Order – Manual Create/Change

Order creation by selection an operation as create template and change of sources of supply is fully supported. During changing source of supply, one very interesting feature is that the the system also lists the details of the sources, which enables the user to help decision making


Order – Change Source of Supply



The planning and scheduling logs is more simple and readable now and can also be seen directly from production scheduling board


Customizing and Settings

There are options for customizing and settings. The time profile and the application profile can be customized and can be selected in the filters. The application profile further consists of Alert, heuristics, strategy profiles that can further be customized.

There is also some interesting features like optionally customizing the display test of the operations with product name/description.


Variant Management

You can store your time profile, application profile, work center selections, zoom factor in the variants and change it by just switching the changed variants.


Side Panel Extensibility (1809 On-Premise Onwards)

From 1809 release onwards, you can extend the Production Scheduling Board app according to your business needs for

• New Fields in the side panel

You can add fields to the new panel Additional Information in the side panel of the UI by adding
SAP standard fields.

• New Customer-Specific Fields in the side panel

You can add fields to the new panel Additional Information in the side panel of the UI by adding
customer-specific fields.

For more detals refer SAP note 2684046

Further References

Fiori reference Lib : Production Scheduling Board

Help documentation: PP/DS Help Landing Page:

  • S/4 HANA 1709 Landing Page( ) and then navigate to Enterprise Business Applications -> Manufacturing -> Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS)
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