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Number Range Configuration Service

Hi experts,

I am an integration consultant who continues to develop his skills in Cloud integration.

As you know, the enterprise version of Cloud integration includes the possibility of creating a range of numbers( link ), and you have a beautiful Web-Based-Monitoring tool to maitained them ( link ), but for a reason there is not much information about how to use it in our IFLOWs.

Cloud integration provide a very interesting types of APIs ( link ) , If you check the JAVA Generic API then you will find the package named “”:


And inside it you will find the invaluable and mysterious interface “NumberRangeConfigurationService”:

This interface has a very usefull method called “getNextValuefromNumberRange”:

so… You will be wondering, how can I use it in my IFLOWs?, check the following groovy function( UDF for PO guys 😉 ):



def String getNextNumber(String NRO_NAME) {
 def NRCS = ITApiFactory.getApi(NumberRangeConfigurationService.class, null);
 def MY_NEW_NUMBER = NRCS.getNextValuefromNumberRange(NRO_NAME,null);
 return MY_NEW_NUMBER; 

This function has as parameter the name of the NRO, obtains the service “NumberRangeConfigurationService”, and invokes the method “getNextValuefromNumberRange” to obtain the next number of our NRO.


Enjoy it! 🙂



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