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Getting Started with Manage Sales Plans in SAP S/4HANA

The Order to Cash is one of the most important processes in enterprise’s daily business, and multiple provisions in S/4HANA aim to tackle this.

SAP S/4HANA Sales provides the solution capability Order and Contract Management, which includes multiple provisioning.

Solution capability Sales Monitoring and Analytics provides monitoring and analytics features across all core sales processes, from quotations and contracts to sales orders and invoices, monitoring their fulfillment. It provides you with valuable insights and decision proposals in the form of insight to action, with seamless integration into transactional processes of sales documents and collaboration tools, such as SAP CoPilot.

One of the most important features in Sales Monitoring and Analytics is to enable the Sales Manager to manage sales plans and monitor sales performance.

You can use the Manage Sales Plans app to set targets for a combination of sales dimensions (such as sales organization, customer, and material). After that, you can use the Sales Performance – Plan/Actual app to see to what extent your targets are being achieved by comparing the plan and actual data. They’re embedded Fiori applications in SAP S/4HANA.


Manage Sales Plans

With this app, you as a sales manager can create, change, release, and display your sales plans. Moreover, you can display released sales plans created by sales employees who report directly to you. In a sales plan, you set sales targets on various dimensions for a planned period.


Sales Performance – Plan/Actual

With this app, you can compare planned and actual sales data on different dimensions, such as sales organization, customer, and material. By doing so, you can analyze to what extent your sales targets are being achieved and thus gain insights into your current sales performance.


Want to know more?

For more information, see SAP Help Documents. Should you have any questions, please leave a comment below or send me a message. Thank you.


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  • Order to Cash is one of the most important!  HA! I think everyone would say their process is the most important.

    You have to have a product before you can sell it!  😉 That said. I'm really glad you love your area.

    This is a nice start with Fiori examples, and links to important pages on sales contracts, plans, and more.

    Thank you!



  • Thanks for the blog.

    I'd like to implement this but I run into a blocking issue that the plan period type my customer is using is (Fiscal Year) Periods instead of months. Any change this can/might be added to the domain SALES_PLAN_PERIOD_TYPE in the future?

    Or would it be possible to extend/customize the app in this area?

    • Hi,

      Currently, it's only supporting Year, Month, Quarter.

      If you could be more specific for the Fiscal Year scenario, we could also think about taking this into the standard solution by a proper way.

      Best Regards,



    • Hello.

      I have exactly the same question, how to reach a functionality similar to Demand management of ECC (i.e. MD61 creation of planned independent requirement in q´ties)...

      If this can be combine somehow within the functionality of sales plan maintenance, because this process looks pretty good especially how easy is the plan maintenance handled (define dimensions, download template, fill and upload back and see the comparison plan/reality)

      Have you got any feedback

      Thanks and regards,


    • It’s not directly possible to achieve that according to my knowledge.


      This feature is only provided in the latest S/4HANA Cloud and OP solutions.


      Best Regards,


  • Dear Sean, Dear All,

    I do appreciate the your advise and work around.

    I have a couple of questions about Sales planning process in S/4 with BPC.

    Is there any document which explains how to run the sales planning app ?

    I want to customize a sales planning process with BPC but don't which pre-defined Hana view i can ?

    Any Hana view name on sales planning will be welcome.



  • Hi Sean,

    Hope you are well. Your work is very helpful and appreciable.

    Just one little query in this regard, is it possible that with this application we can create sales quantity wise planning? if yes then how it would be done? if no then please share any workaround.

    Thanks and Best regards

    Junaid Ali

    • Dear Junaid Ali,


      The Quantity Planning is possible from S/4HANA Cloud 1908 and S/4HANA OP 1909.

      it's directly available in Application: Manage Sales Plan.


      Best Regards,


  • Hi,

    I am getting this error:


    The file is too large to upload. Reduce the data to no more than 1000 rows.The file is too large to upload. Reduce the data to no more than 1000 rows.


    Any idea how to get rid of it? I do not see any note about it.



    • Hi Alexis,


      Does your file include more than 1000 rows?

      if that's the case, and you also need to have a plan more than 1000 rows, you could request the feature in the SAP Customer Influence.


      Best Regards,


      • Hi,


        Thanks for the answer.

        Yes it has more than 1000 rows, much more. And I am really surprised any company has a plan with less than 1000. Thats why I thought it was a bug in the program.

        I will try to find a workaround. While creating an OSS note.



          • Hi Tobiasz,


            Now way, SAP answered via OSS note, that it is as it is. So we created a Z table for it. With its related devs.

            I hope they realize this great app, it is useless for the 99% of the companies as it is, and they will enhance it, taking out the limitation.