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Author's profile photo Carolin Hormuth

Configure and use the ERP Customer Cockpit in Cloud for Customer


In the last months, I was working on several customer engagements with issues on the usage of the ERP Customer Cockpit as Mashup from Cloud for Customer. The most common issue was that (hyper-)links, for example to open a sales order by clicking on the order number did not work. All these issues were caused by incorrect configuration on Cloud for Customer side or/and on ERP side. So, I spent quite some time to investigate these issues and set up a correct working example in our internal SAP system. Now I would like to take the opportunity to share my experience how to set up the ERP Customer Cockpit Mashup correctly.


The ERP Customer Cockpit was designed to be used within the NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) Portal role Internal Sales Representative. This brings some prerequisites which must be considered to have the complete functionality working.

I will start with the configuration needed to be done on ERP side, followed by the required steps on Cloud for Customer side. The minimum release on ERP side to use what I am describing is EHP 5 for SAP ERP 6.00.

Following are the needed steps on ERP side

  • To benefit from the complete functionality the cockpit is offering activating the following business functions is required:
    1. SD_01 (required)
    2. LOG_SD_CI_01 (prerequisite for activating LOG_SD_SIMP_02
    3. LOG_SD_SIMP_02 (recommended to display sales orders when clicking on the order number)

To activate these business functions (in the sequence above), go to transaction SFW5. Inside SFW5, expand the menu ‘ENTERPRISE_BUSINESS_FUNCTIONS. Then in this list, search for the respective business functions. Unfortunately, in this transaction no search is available, so you must scroll down till you find the entry. Mark the checkbox in column ‘Planned Status’, then press the ‘Activate Changes’ button

    • The navigation in the cockpit happens through object based navigation (OBN) (for example to navigate to a sales order by a click on the order number). To enable this navigation one of the following PFCG-roles for the Internal Sales Representative needs to be assigned to the user in the ERP backend system
      1. SAP_SR_INT_SALES_REP_6 or

    To assign one of these roles, go to transaction SU01 and choose the respective user. Enter in tab ‘Roles’ the required Internal Sales Representative role and Save.

    • As next step, the URL for the mashup needs to be retrieved from ERP side. Since the Cockpit was designed to be used within a NWBC environment, the cockpit URL needs to have NWBC included. You can get this in the following way (see also the screenshot):
      1. In the ERP system, go to transaction SE80 and enter Web-Dynpro-Comp. / Intf. CUST_COCKPIT_COMP
      2. Place the cursor on Web Dynpro Applications-> CUST_COCKPIT_COMP
      3. Do a right mouse click and choose ‘Test in Business Client->HTML Client (this opens the Customer Cockpit in a NWBC environment. Only in this environment the object based navigation can work).
      4. If asked for, enter your system user and password in the browser window which is opened
      5. Copy the URL from the browser window, for example in a notepad to remember it. This is the URL to use for the Mash-Up in Cloud for Customer.

    Remark: Don’t be surprised that in the launched application window, you will only see customer address data and no information about sales documents. This information will be available later in the Mashup, since the application ID (applid) O2C-Customer_Cockpit is provided as standard parameter in the mashup. This application ID provides information like last sales orders, deliveries, invoices by preconfigured personal object worklists (POWL) queries.

Having the ERP side set up, the Mashup can now be configured on Cloud for Customer side.

Following steps need to be executed in the Cloud for Customer system

  • In the Administrator work center, go to Mashup Authoring: Administrator->Business Flexibility->Mashup Authoring
  • Search for the ERP Account Cockpit (Mashup ID SM00105) and open it.
  • Click on Edit URL and enter the URL you retrieved for the application on ERP side. Then save it.
  • Remark: for this standard delivered Mashup, only the URL can be changed. All other parameters like URL Parameters and Port Binding cannot be changed.


  • Click on preview to see that the URL launches correctly the Customer Cockpit on ERP side.
  • Go back to the Mashup overview screen, mark the just adapted mashup SM00105 and press activate.
  • Inside the Sales Data of an Account, the ERP Cockpit should now be available (see screenshot)

  • When launching it, the ERP Customer Cockpit for this selected customer in the selected sales area is opened in a new browser window. The customer and sales area data are already preset when launching the application, as data binding to external customer ID and sales area is preconfigured in this Mashup.

That’s it. I hope these steps make it easy to implement this standard Mashup. Enjoy using it.

In my next blog, I am describing how you can create a html Code Mashup to call any ERP GUI transaction embedded in SAP GUI for html.

Please check it out:

Cloud for Customer Mashup: Call an ERP transaction in SAP GUI for html







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      Author's profile photo Chattrapol Khamchuang
      Chattrapol Khamchuang

      Great post, Carolin Hormuth . Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Janet Louw
      Janet Louw



      I agree, great post!  It is strange because on C4C the ERP cockpit is available, and when I click on it, it does open the Web service.  The customer and sales org data is not populated though.  When I put it in, it does open the customer fact sheet for the customer.  The order hyperlinks do not work though.  So I decided to follow your steps and see if everything is set up correctly.

      When I right-click on CUST_COCKPIT_COMP and test, I get "Service cannot be reached" HTTP 403.  Is this an issue ?  Should I ask the network/architecture team to make this URL available/not block it ?  How do I word it so they know what to do ?



      Author's profile photo Carolin Hormuth
      Carolin Hormuth
      Blog Post Author


      Hello Janet,

      thanks for your feedback! This sounds to be related to your network settings. So your network team hopefully can help.



      Author's profile photo Roxana Iliescu
      Roxana Iliescu

      Hi Janet,


      Did you manage to solve this issue?




      Author's profile photo Janet Louw
      Janet Louw

      Hi Roxana

      I made some further progress.  I can log into the cockpit with a login name and password now.  Our C4C TST connects to ECC TST through a web dispatcher - so now I am working with our infratsructure/technical team to find out what needs to be set up on the web dispatcher.




      Author's profile photo Simon van der Worp
      Simon van der Worp

      Hi Carolyn,

      Nice blog! I have one question; Is the ERP Cockpit/Fact Sheet also available in S/4 HANA? Or should I use the S/4HANA Fiori apps for this? Like you explained in your other blog.



      Author's profile photo Carolin Hormuth
      Carolin Hormuth
      Blog Post Author


      Hello Simon,

      thanks for your feedback. In S/4 HANA unfortunately the ERP Cockpit is not available anymore. So the right approach would be indeed my parallel blog which points to the Customer 360 APP in S/4 HANA.



      Author's profile photo Jonas Anger
      Jonas Anger



      Trying to find the "parallel blog" that you are referring to, could you please point me in the right direction?

      We are trying to set up the connection from Sales Cloud to 360 app, but can't quite crack the code.

      Many thanks!


      Author's profile photo Mauricio Pinheiro Predolim
      Mauricio Pinheiro Predolim

      Hi all.

      I'm looking for the same reference "Customer 360 APP in S/4 HANA" too.

      Any news please?





      Author's profile photo Margarita Ribes Martín
      Margarita Ribes Martín

      For S4H:  Account 360 Overview of Customer in SAP S/4HANA in the  help Sap


      Author's profile photo ML Gagne
      ML Gagne



      Good blog.

      I have question please, I hope that you can help me.

      I already configured the ERP cockpit in ou C4C system, and I can display all sales documents list. But when I click on display, change or display document nothing happened.



      The business function are activated, and the ECC user has the requested role.


      Thank you

      Author's profile photo Sandro Bunturi
      Sandro Bunturi


      Is there anything to consider before activating SD_01 ,LOG_SD_CI_01 ,LOG_SD_SIMP_02 functions ? Can it cause any errors in ongoing processes ? or is it free ?

      Thank you