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If you run an IT organization you don’t need to do everything in-house these days. In fact, doing so would be a bad idea. You wouldn’t be able to keep up with the competition. There are too many excellent resources at your disposal.

SAP HANA is the obvious choice large enterprises are turning towards. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? It could help you transform your business forever. Let’s look at some of the things you’ll be able to do.

1. Agile Environment For Designing Applications

How do you design and deploy applications that delight your customers at the moment? I’m guessing you would like to implement things faster. After reading a SAP HANA tutorial you’ll be able to do it.

It’s been carefully designed to let companies become more agile than ever before. More speed will allow you to test a lot more brand new applications, which will please your users and partners even more.

2. Customizing SAP HANA Applications

It’s common knowledge lots of organizations benefit greatly from SAP HANA applications. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t be made better, especially when it involves a specific organization and how they use them.

SAP tries its best to please all customers, but it knows every one has different needs. It’s why you can customize SAP applications. You can play around with them until they suit your business perfectly.

3. SAP HANA and the Internet of Things

When you hear people get caught up speaking about the Internet of Things they focus on the devices. I know it’s the most exciting part for everyone, but it still only deals with 50 percent of the technology.

Where is all the data going to be stored and analyzed? Look, it’s fair to say the IoT will become even bigger as time goes on. SAP HANA will be able to deal with the backend people don’t deem important.

4. Letting Your Employees Access Everything

If you can access everything in SAP HANA it’s easy to do your job, but sometimes this isn’t the case. It would be a lot easier if IT could deploy internal applications to the cloud instantly, which is sometimes possible to do.

It can empower users more by allowing access to everything in one common portal interface. Ideally, it won’t matter if these applications are on-premise or sitting in the cloud. You should have access to them when necessary.

5. Managing All Your APIs In One Place

The average person probably doesn’t know too much about APIs. Even smaller IT organizations don’t handle them properly all the time. If you wanted to build a service that extracted info from Facebook you would need access to their API.

Enterprise companies will have an avalanche of APIs they need to keep on top of at all times. You’ll be able to do everything inside SAP HANA. It’s a vey easy way to simplify extremely complicated work.

There Isn’t Too Many Choices Available

Are there a few other options IT organizations can opt for? Sure, but they’d be making a big mistake. SAP HANA is too good to turn down, plus it’s only going to get a lot better as the years pass by.

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