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How to turn displayed empty space to good use when starting SE80

One of my tasks is to get internal and external developers to read and adhere to our development guidelines which we keep and maintain on an internal and easy to access website. To make them readily available, we implemented logic via an enhancement for Class CL_WB_INITIAL in Method SHOW_CONTROLS which makes the website get directly displayed within SE80 (and SE84).

However, when we recently upgraded to NW 7.50 with EHP8, SE80 no longer displayed the guidelines but just a lot of empty “real estate” under the heading “Welcome to the ABAP Workbench”. We found out that a user setting on RSEUMOD (NOBITMAP) had been switched back to the default value during the upgrade and as long as the box for “Display Workbench News” is checked in the user settings all you got is a fairly empty screen:

I then started to look and ask for options of how to put some relevant information on this screen which eventually led to me finding SAP’s own help page about tweaking what shows up there.

Here is what I did to display a customized message when SE80 gets called:

  • Started out with some trial and error via debugging CL_WB_INITIAL~LOAD_WB_INITIAL_PAGE where the content of internal table HTML_TAB can be updated to simulate different content for the page
  • Created an HTML-file based on SAP’s content in HTML_TAB to build the actual information I wanted to display on the page.
  • Opened that HTML-file in the browser to see how the formatting actually looked like
  • Used transaction SMW0 to add an entry for Z_WB_INITIAL_PAGE filled via upload from the HTML-file (this entry needs to be assigned to a package and a transport-request)
  • Used transaction SE16 for table SEWB_SETTINGS to add an entry for ATTRIBUTE = WB_NEWS and UNAME = space with VALUE = Z_WB_INITIAL_PAGE (this entry was saved without a prompt for a transport)

As soon as these settings were complete, SE80 came up with the prepared content.

Note: the German “Umlauts” I had in the text needed to be spelled out with their HTML code (e.g. “& ouml ;” for “ö” – just w/o the spaces!) to show up properly from within SE80.

This is how the screen looks like now with some formatting and a link included:

From now on I can use that page to also push important news to developers whenever the need arises – like when there are some changes to the guidelines they need to be aware of. All it takes is uploading another HTML-file via SMW0.

This is obviously just one way to make use of this “real estate” and I’m sure that there are many others. Do you have any other suggestions? If yes, please share them in the comments. Thanks!

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  • Very nice. I think this is a problem for all of us. <sigh> code reviews will still be important. But the document is right there so no excuses.


  • Hi Bärbel.

    Great Blog. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Probably out of scope, but do you have a pointer on how something similar can be archived with ABAP Development Tools (ADT) on Eclipse?


    • Hi Andre,

      that is a very good question and I would appreciate to have same solution in ADT. What I can imagine is a “ABAP News” View in ADT as well which comes up whenever there is somethiung new in ADT, e.g. after installing a new ADT version of when connectin to a new ABAP release.

      What do you (or others in Community) think about it?





    Hi Bärbel,

    as of NW7.40 SP10, we provide a new feature for adding your own customer-specific SE80 Welcome Page. It also describes the approach using SMW0.

    See here for further information.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Wolfgang,

      we are on NW7.50 SP7 with EHP8. At first glance, what is described on the page you link to is what I did and described above. I was just working from perhaps an older description here.



      P.S.: Did you delete and recreate your comment while I was trying to post an answer? I found my response hanging a bit in limbo which I now in turn re-created it so that the threading stays intact.


      • Hi Bärbel,

        yes, the approach is similiar, but the new process is without modifying the CL_WB_INITIAL ABAP class.

        I am sorry, I had to delete my comment, because, I couldn’t edit it to make some adoptions.

        Kind regards,



    Thank you for your blog, it gave me inspiration for doing a similar thing in my system.

    The difference is that I only want to show a the custom HTML for specific users.

    Do you know if it is possible to add this option only for a list of users?

    Thanks in advance

    Sérgio Fraga

    • Thanks for your comment, Sergio!

      I haven’t investigated if this can be restricted to specific users because – as far as I’m concerned – this is relevant for everbody accessing SE80/SE84 which usually should just be developers anyway. From the debugging I did, I don’t remember seeing any hooks for something like customer exits and the solution I implemented didn’t involve any coding.




  • Hi Baerbel

    Just wanted to ask you/others whether prior to 7.40 SP10 we still need to use the code enhancement to CL_WB_INITIAL->SHOW_CONTROL class/table entry in SSM_CUST, or is there a way to use the new solution i.e. the SMW0 HTML page/SEWB_SETTINGS – even if we have to code it ourselves.

    Also, was a way forward for ADT found?

    And lastly regarding RSEUMOD. Is there way to mass change the user settings to ensure the custom HTML page is displayed?