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Alternative SideNavigation SDK component

Dear all,


Lately there were some buzz around the SideNavigation SDK component in DesignStudio and Lumira Designer. We already have a nice implementation on the SCN SDK community repository. It uses our cross-component shared properties and sophisticated additional properties sheet generation mechanism.

In order to simplify the change process for the sidenavigation, however I decided to strip the shared parts and address the community’s requests.

So as of now you have an alternative implementation of the SideNavigation with focus on its individual functions. For example you are now able to reflect navigational changes within your dashboard (e.g. by jumping from charts or swiping pagebooks etc) by using my API method setSelectedItemByKey without clicking the sidenavigation.

Check out my GitHub page for installation hints and further documentation especially regarding the possible configurations.

As usual feel free to leave comments and ask lots of follow up questions.




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  • Hi martin  !

    First of all, thank your for this great component.

    I'm currently developping an application using this component, and i'm facing a problem when i execute excecute my application on BI Plateform : The component does not display (The extension is installed on my plateform) but is working great on local mode.


    • Plateforme SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 SP5 ( - en, fr
      SAP Lumira Server 2.1 SP1 (2.1.0100.39) - en



    • Lumira Designer 2.1 SP1 (21.1.0)


    Bests regards,

    Thibault ROBIN



      Hi Thibault,


      If I understand you correct, you missed installing the component on your server. You can do so from your Lumira Designer Client. Please check the documentation on how to upload SDK extensions to your BO Server for more details.


      Kind regards


        • Ok, could you please create a document with nothing but the sidenavigation and some entries? That way we can rule out any other problems.

          In case you still have problems, please paste the error message from your browser's developer console. In chrome this is active right away. In IE for example you need to have the console open before reproducing the issue. Otherwise it won't show.


          Kind regards