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The ABAP Core Data Services (ABAP CDS) framework has been available since NetWeaver 7.40 SP05 and offers highly attractive features & benefits, e.g.:

  • New SQL joins, build-in functions, operators, and session variables
  • Simplified application coding
  • Push-down of workload into the database
  • Easy-to-integrate services on top of CDS (e.g. OData clients, SAP Fiori, or Analytics)

Now, guidance is available on how to implement, monitor and tune CDS based applications in Business Suite systems running anyDB (IBM Db2, Oracle, MS-SQL, SAP ASE & SAP MaxDB).

The document is written for IT architects, ABAP developers, SAP Basis teams and database administrators. Regular updates are planned.

Direct Link: ABAP Core Data Services on anyDB – Best Practice Guide

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    1. Bernd Kohler
      Post author


      thanks for providing this link. There have been anyDB enhancements and first-hand customer experiences which made it possible to have a renewed view on CDS in combination with anyDB.


  1. Joachim Rees

    Smal feedback on my User Experience: when you use the “Download the Document”-Link (which took me a wile to see, but that’s just me), you end up with a document called “de1db6cd-ee7c-0010-82c7-eda71af511fa.pdf” – kind of cryptic, isn’t it?

    How about if it was named

    “ABAP Core Data Services on anyDB Best Practice Guide V_1_0_February 12_2018.pdf”
    or something to that like?


  2. Thomas Liebl

    Great document – Thanks for sharing it with us.


    One question for you Bernd Kohler :

    Which Netweaver/Basis/Kernel release has (or will have) a better integration like where-used-functionality in the ABAP tools (Classic SE80 and Eclipse) and some better navigation? Checked in the latest S/4 HANA and couldn’t find it.


    Best regards, Thomas Liebl

    1. Bernd Kohler
      Post author

      We recommend an update to NetWeaver 7.50 (i.e. ERP6 EHP8, SolMan 7.2, Bank Services 9, …) and a recent patch level of SAP Kernel 7.49 before starting with ABAP Core Data Services on anyDB.

  3. Rolf Paulsen

    “AnyDb” now means “any other DB”. HANA is not content of this document. Could you please provide if anything/what of this document is valid for HANA, too?

    Where can we find the HANA specifics and limitations? Since AnyDB is not HANA, there should be a similar white paper for ABAP CDS framework for HANA.

    Thanks and regards



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