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Author's profile photo Faisal Iqbal

Multiple Reasons to be “Grateful” and to stay “Happy”

Need help? Chase the one you can get help from. Once received, forget even to thank for the favor. It is definition of a character who contacts only to get his/her problem solved.

He/she doesn’t know the basic principle of life that being grateful opens up unimagined possibilities.

Selfish to the core, the individual remains ungrateful for whatever s/he had, has, will have.

Q. Who is that person?

A. Whoever. Doesn’t matter. What matters most is “I shouldn’t be like him/her”.

Q. How so?

A. Simple. Start thanking those who help you.

At home or at work, there’s a lot we could be grateful for.

  • Parents for their love and for raising us as we are now.
  • Siblings for being there when we need them.
  • Spouses to share all difficult (& of course pleasant) moments of our lives.
  • Children to bring smiles on our faces with their innocence and letting us forget tough times.
  • Friends to keep us lively with their jokes and support.
  • Colleagues to share work we can’t do alone.
  • Bosses to keep us challenged and to help (indirectly) for growth.

The list can be expanded, but I end it with one more item i.e. Communities to share thoughts and learn from each other. At the SAP Community Network, we talk to each other, get help and therefore have to be grateful for the wonderful advises given by many from time-to-time. I thank you all for your support.

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      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      Right back at you. Thank you for all you do!

      Life is too short to be discouraged all the time - look for the small thinks that will make you smile!


      Author's profile photo Faisal Iqbal
      Faisal Iqbal
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Michelle Crapo!

      Even though it doesn't cost anything to stay happy and one find many reasons to do so but there are some who have the missing tile syndrome. Satisfaction is a wonderful thing and leads one to being grateful for what he/she has and ultimately to a happy life.

      Author's profile photo Joachim Rees
      Joachim Rees

      Hi Faisal,
      a nicely written, good advice!

      Thanks for sharing!

      I really like the US-Thanksgiving tradition where everyone at the table says something they are thankful for (People actually do that, right? I only know it from the movies...)
      -> Thinking about this at least once a year is a good start. How about doing it every day?!


      Author's profile photo Faisal Iqbal
      Faisal Iqbal
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Joachim Rees ,

      I've heard about it but don't know the details. Maybe someone from US can tell about the tradition.

      Frequency may vary but most important is to say thanks if someone helps. It encourages the one who has assisted. Even a smile in return of a favor do a lot. Some people have amazing personality traits, such as being thankful for what they have and showing patience when they face challenges.

      Thank you for your comments : )


      Author's profile photo James Elvin Hizon
      James Elvin Hizon

      *Thumbs Up*


      Author's profile photo Faisal Iqbal
      Faisal Iqbal
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks James Elvin Hizon