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Enable Apprentice Management in People Profile – Success Factors Employee Central

# A Brief about Apprentice Management

Apprentice management is a new functionality in EC which is released as a part of 1602 Q1 release. This functionality will help for managing apprentice plans in a company.

It helps enable your business to plan, manage, engage, and retain the new employees (trainees) of your workforce while defining the game of your training program.

It will appear in people profile as a separate portlet.It can be used to capture trainees information like Training Start Date, Training End Date, Supervisor for Apprentice, Trainee Group, On the job training, Internal training etc..


# My Role on the Project and Company

I am working in enhancements and supports in a SAP partner company called Blueprint Technologies. As clients requires new functionalities available in system we need to keep on exploring the updates. So as a part of enhancement recommendation to the client we went through the functionality called “Apprentice Management”. Once we given demo of this functionality many clients shown interest for enhancement in the system with Apprentice Management.

# Scope of Apprentice Management\


  1. Creating Apprentice plan for trainees.
  2. Creating development plans for trainees.
  3. Managing trainees with different On The Job Training and Internal training.
  4. Assigning Apprentice Supervisor.
  5. Communicating Apprentice plans to Supervisor and trainees.
  6. Overview of apprentice plan in Apprentice calendar.
  7. Categorizing apprentice based on different apprentice groups.
  8. Planning the duration of training with a start date and end date.


Here i am showing the portlet display of Apprentice portlet in one employee




Interesting fact in apprentice management is On-The-Job Training, Internal Training, Time off etc will appear in the calendar with highlighted in different color codes for a period of time.

System also allow to view the calendar for whole week, month and year. It is a better feature in one shot to understand the apprentice who undertaken different training activities. It will also show the status of training whether it is in progress, completed or in future.




As a prerequisite it is required to enable the functionality in provisioning and once it is completed you may need to enable this in Manage Employee Central Settings




Once you enable Apprentice Management in Manage Employee Central Settings then the next step is to provide permission for the functionality in Manage Permission Roles for relevant roles.

You can give all objects permissions related to Apprentice Management under Apprentice Management Permissions




Once you complete giving permission you can bring the object to people profile as a different portlet.

This you can achieve using Configure People Profile

You can search for the block called Apprentice in Configure People profile and then you can drag and push it to the required portlet. You will have option to change the name of portlet as well.




As the next step after you bring the portlet of Apprentice Management in people profile then you need to give view permissions in Employee View for the new portlet you created in people profile.



Now you will be able to see the Apprentice Management Portlet in People Profile




  1. Manage Data -> Apprentice

Apprentice object is to capture apprentice information with respect to each user. This data will be reflecting automatically in People Profile.


2.  Manage Data .> Assigned Group

This you can define to create a common group for a set of trainees


3.  Manage Data -> Apprentice School

This you can use to sub categorize apprentice into different schools


4. Manage Data -> Practical Training Events

This you can use to create and assign on the job training to apprentice. Here you can create a kind of on the job training and then you can assign to multiple apprentice. You can also mention the start date and end of the training so that it will reflect in Apprentice calendar with color code.

5. Manage Data -> Internal Training Events

This you can use to assign internal training for different apprentice. It will also have a start date and end date which will reflect in the Apprentice calendar with a different color code.


Once you complete this you captured training related attributes of one employee with necessary information. Success factors is created in such a way that to add custom fields also to the objects. So in case if any client required to capture additional information also as a part of apprentice it can be done through Configure Object Definition

# Challenges in Apprentice Management

1. Role of apprentice supervisor is very limited. Other than sending apprentice plans mail from system i didn’t any additional relevance for apprentice supervisor.

2. It is better if we can take a review or feedback from all Apprentice Supervisor about the trainee in the training perspective.

3. A separate hire action for apprentice also a recommended feature to built.

4. An org chart with separate tab for apprentice with Mentor. It helps to identify mentors and the trainees as a flow chart and from that flow chart system should allow to navigate to apprentice plans.

# Conclusion

I tried to explain a new functionality in SF where many clients are not used in their SF system.

Hope my writing will help you to understand the functionality better and also you can suggest this functionality to the clients with the advantages of using this. As SAP is keep on doing research in its product we are expecting the upgrades in the upcoming releases. As my scope is also part of enhancements, i will keep on updating the new changes in system with explanations.


Thank You


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      Author's profile photo Faisal Iqbal
      Faisal Iqbal

      Good explanation, Anandhu!

      In terms of implementation, are the steps similar to those of activating Contingent Workers functionality? Also it'll be worthwhile to know how you managed the gaps between the business requirement and the available solution.

      Author's profile photo Sarah Ben Hadj
      Sarah Ben Hadj



      Thank you ofr your explanation. I Activated the Papprentice Management on Best Practices standard basis. I also noted some heavy limits.

      This feature is heavy to maintain for the client.

      The apprentice supervisor and the onsite supervisors have no rights on their apprentice management settings. Do you know how to explain the differences between those to roles?


      Also, the agenda of the apprentice is very heavy to maintain. For example its impossible to schedule recurrent event on the apprentice agenda. So if the apprentice has university courses one week per month all year long, each occurrence has to be registered separately.

      The apprentice has no rights to schedule the agenda himself. Do you know if those updates will happen soon?


      Do you happen to know tickets or documentation that could help to manage this module on a long term?


      Thank you.





      Author's profile photo Marion Bennet
      Marion Bennet


      I would have loved to get the answers of Sarah's comment. Anyone ?

      Moreover, if i understand correctly, the only way to create an employee as an apprentice is to hire him first (add new hire or add new employee with fix term) and then create the apprentice details in Manage data is that correct ? There is still no functionality dedicated to create apprentice only ?



      Author's profile photo Jonathan Plastina
      Jonathan Plastina



      Would like to hear update on Marion's query.

      We are planning to implement Apprentice Management.


      Appreciate the help!