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Business ByDesign Release Highlights 1802

Below you find the SAP Business ByDesign release highlights 1802. Please click here to get to an overview of all new SAP Business ByDesign features in 1802.

 Financial Management

IFRS 15 / ASC 606 Enhancements
You can now create a Revenue Accounting Contract which enables you to identify a contract with a customer as defined by IFRS 15 / ASC 606 standards by grouping sales orders and customer contracts. The Revenue Accounting Contract comprises Performance Obligations, Standalone Selling Prices and Transfer Prices. Furthermore, the existing revenue recognition procedures now support posting to new Balance Sheet Positions Contract Liability and Contract Asset and the realized revenue takes the allocation basis into account.

Please Note!
As of now, the enhancements are only available for selected customers taking part in the Extended Controlled Availability Program. Currently, the enhancements are only available for accounting principles IFRS and US-GAAP.

Please follow this link to the Release Highlights video for Financial Management.


Project Management

Project Stock Order Overviews
You can now view, edit, cancel and complete project stock orders and project stock order items in the Project Stock Orders view of the Project Management work center. Consumption of materials – also in the context of serial number management – is enabled as well.

Please follow this link to the Release Highlights video for Project Management.


 Supply Chain Management

Data Source for Supply Planning Product Exceptions
You can now use the data source supply planning product exceptions to view product exceptions from planning runs and availability checks.

Serial Number Management
You can now use serial numbers across all inventory impacting transactions. Serial numbers are consistently supported through all supply chain processes including production, inbound logistics, outbound logistics, internal logistics as well as physical inventory.
Further highlights of the serial number enhancement are the following:

  • Generate serial numbers with the help of serial number templates
  • Stock overview with serial numbers
  • Tracking information on a registered product where the serial number was used
  • Migration/extraction enhancements
  • Web services enhancements
  • Data source enhancements

Please follow this link to the Release Highlights video for Supply Chain Management.


 Supplier Relationship Management

Manual Purchase Request for Inventory-Managed Items
You can now create purchase requests manually for inventory-managed items without the need of a preceding purchase proposal. The manual purchase requests will be available in the Purchase Requests and Orders work center and support multi-step approvals.

Reminder Letter for Purchase Order Acknowledgments and Deliveries
To better control your purchasing process, you can now define runs to automatically create reminder letters for your suppliers in case there is a delay in acknowledgment or delivery of purchase orders. Multiple purchase orders are grouped into one reminder letter per supplier. You can issue the letter proposals automatically or trigger the issuing explicitly.

Approval Process for Cancellation of Purchase Order
The multi-step approval process for purchase orders is now enhanced with a condition to define approval rules for purchase orders requested for cancellation. With that we provide better control of the purchasing process.

Please follow this link to the Release Highlights video for Supplier Relationship Management.


Built-in Analytics

Simplified and Improved Analysis Pattern in HTML5
Following are the important improvements:

  • One Selection Pane for selection parameters and additional filters
  • View Pane enhanced with further attribute settings
  • Chart Improvements and New Chart Settings
  • Improvement of Table and Grid Rendering
  • Navigate to Excel with active Add-in

Improved Monitoring of KPIs in HTML5
Following are the important improvements:

  • Improved KPI Detail Screen includes improved titles and threshold bar.
  • Support of cashing concepts and personalized refresh rates
  • Clean-up of KPI Monitoring Views in HTML5

Creating KPIs from report data
As a key user, you can now create KPIs from your report within the Design Reports view.

  • Determine which key figure you want to monitor.
  • Select the desired key figure and create KPI within the view pane.
    As a result, a new KPI definition is created and prefilled with the desired information.
  • You can now complete your KPI with additional management thresholds, target and reference values in the Design KPI view.
    Improved Display texts help you to make the KPI meaningful.
    In case you need additional views and selections you can navigate back to the underlying report.

Personalized Overview Page with KPI and Report Cards
The personalized Overview screen under the Home work center is now enhanced with additional settings, which allow you to prepare the relevant KPI and Report Cards for your daily monitoring.
Highlights are

  • Improved titles and subtitles
  • Personalized refresh rates
  • Reports can be added as multiple report cards to your page and show different views and selections.
  • Additional values can be shown in KPI header

Retrieving Analytics Data from Data Sources using OData Services
In addition to the existing OData API for reports, which exposes aggregated report data via the consumption layer for a business user, it is now possible to expose raw data in basis data sources and combined data sources via OData API for data sources using a communication user.
You can enable the new OData API for data sources from the Business Configuration work center using a new business option. You can also find a new communication scenario, which allows you to create a communication arrangement for this API and generate the related communication user. As a key user, you can now expose the selected data sources within the Design Data Sources view.

Please follow this link to the Release Highlights video for Built-in Analytics.



Data privacy & protection for GDPR
Besides introducing capabilities to disclose and delete personal data also for contacts the following enhancements are now available:

  • Read access logging: Data privacy experts can configure which predefined business partner attributes are to be treated as special category of data and activate read access logging.
  • Block deletion of natural persons e.g. due to legal hold: Data privacy experts are able to disallow the deletion of natural persons data e.g. due to a legal hold or other reasons.
  • Find & delete Leads without reference to an account: Data privacy experts are able to search and delete Leads which store personal data without reference to an account.

Please follow this link to the Release Highlights video for Compliance and this link to the GDPR community blog.


 HTML5 User Interface

Annotate Menu
In the Me Area in the right upper corner of the HTML5 UI you can now access the annotate menu. It helps you to capture screenshots and allows you to annotate them.


  • If it’s hard for you to read text on your screen because you need more color contrast, you can now turn on high contrast mode. You can change either to ‘High Contrast White’ or ‘High Contrast Black’ in ‘my settings’ in the Me Area.
  • The keyboard navigation has been further improved. The behavior of the ‘tab’ key now follows the W3C proposals. If your focus is within a table, navigation between cells is possible via the arrow keys. Pressing ‘tab’ will now move the focus outside the table. In editable tables you can activate an edit-mode with the F2-key or simply by typing into an input-field – in edit-mode pressing ‘tab’ will move the focus to the next editable table cell.



Country Specific Features

Spesometro Tax Return
This legal requirement is called Communication of invoices 2017. VAT payers are required to communicate to the tax authorities the data contained in incoming and outgoing invoices on a quarterly basis. Tax payers should send the data related to its invoices, as an XML file, to the tax authorities. The file generated is in the format required by law in Italy and can be submitted to the tax authority electronically.

Sequential Document Numbering for Supplier Invoicing. The invoices and credit memos must be reported in a sequential numbering format as per legal requirements collected. The official document number (ODN) assigned to such documents must be consecutive without gaps. The sequential document number is generated on posting, and this number flows into the VAT registers in the Tax register in a defined sequence.

Italy Super Ammortamento – increased depreciation of fixed assets. The government allows companies to calculate with acquisition cost increased by 30% (130%) in 2018 for acquisitions made between January and December 2018, as a consequence the company can calculate a higher depreciation. This calculation comprises a 50% reduction of the base value for depreciation in the first year.
Please Note that this increased depreciation must not be posted into the company’s ledgers but are only allowed in internal valuation views like the calculatory valuation. You can now generate a Fixed Assets Increased Depreciation — Valuation Comparison report that shows the total depreciation amount over time for a fixed asset, obtained as the sum of two valuation views.

ISO20022 Swiss Payment Standards. You can now use the following payment standards for Cash Management:

  • Bank-to-Customer Statement (camt.053): Used by financial institutions for providing electronic account information to their customers.
  • Bank-to-Customer Debit/Credit Notification (camt.054): Used for the detailed notification of batch bookings and for the notification of credits and debits. Debit and credit advices are covered by the camt.054. The bank advices sent are event-based and continuous during incoming and outgoing payments.

Inclusion of Expense Report Management(ERM) documents in Immediate Supply of Information System (SII). The employee expense documents are now considered in the tax return as ‘SII – Incoming’. Each line item in the employee expense report is considered as a supplier invoice in the tax return.
The three processing types supported in this return are:

  • Original return: An original return is created, if an expense report is reported for first time. An original return will be created for all the line items in the expense report document.
  • Correction or modification return: Correction return is created, if there is any modification in an accepted tax return.
  • Cancellation Return: Cancellation return will be created, if a line item is deleted from an expense report or expense report is cancelled which was previously accepted by the tax authority.

United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia
Value Added Tax. The United Arab Emirates (AE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (SA) have introduced the VAT effective January 1, 2018 at a standard rate of 5%. As per this legal change, SAP Business ByDesign has provided VAT content for tax calculation and determination.

South Korea
Electronic Tax Invoice can be created for all sales and other transactions involving output tax. These invoices are to be submitted to the National Tax Service (NTS), and the approval number is maintained in the system. In the corresponding work center, you can also view and cancel the monthly and summary invoices.


For complete details of all the topics delivered in the 1802 release, please visit our Release Information wiki page.

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