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What is new in SAP Lumira Designer 2.1 #ASUG Webcast Question & Answer

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Below is the Q&A from last week’s SAP Lumira Designer 2.1 webcast.  If you missed it please consider registering for March 1st webcast:  How to upgrade to Lumira 2.1 / best practices

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Thanks to Former Member for this webcast and to Former Member
Disclaimer on the Q&A – we tried to answer the best we possibly could during the webcast.  There were 58 questions overall.
Question Response
Can an application created with Designer can be opened with discovery ? No – interoperability only works one way
Lumira 2.1 seems to have problems when Universe Data Sources are used. This is recognized on SAP Note 2561566. Do we have an ETA on the patch/SP to solve this issue? Some fixes are planned for Lumira Server 2.1 SP1 – see
I have created an Designer Analysis application from a Discovery document. Using interoperability, I copied the Discovery data sources into Designer. These data sources are read-only and cannot be refreshed with scripting. The only way I see to refresh the content is via a schedule. However, there is no ‘Smart View’ for Analysis applications like there is with Webi and therefore the user experience is not ideal. What good is the interoperability feature if you cannot view the refreshed content easily? You should be able to refresh the data source using scheduling on the BI Launchpad
How can we leverage the forecasting feature available with Discovery into Lumira Designer . Create in Discovery, import into Designer – not available in Designer
Hi…missed updates on the slides. Can you please share details on availability? Sure. Slides will be posted on within the Business Intelligence community under the Dashboarding space
Universe data sources within Designer seem to be lagging behind in capabilities when compared to BW & Hana. For example, the ability to add calculations within the initial view. This is critical when percentage measures are required. Any plans to enhance the capability with UNX data sources to allow calculations and/or delegated measures? not seen this in the requirements
Can you provide more details on why 2.1 can replace BEx Web now? Has crosstab scrolling performance improved? Scheduling, commentary, end to end live BW analysis; performance improvements are worked for every release.
Hey thanks
I do have a question
Is it possible to pass a lumira discovery document to designer, save the document in designer, and then reopen and edit fully again in discovery?
No; interoperability is one way; once document is in Lumira Designer you can use scheduling to refresh.
What is the specific version of SAP BI Platform 4.2 (SP X) that supports the BW-live connections from Lumira 2.1 in the Web-Based Launchpad for Authoring..? Best to use this with BI4.2 SP05
Can you generate a PDF in the schedule? yes
is there any plan to support web service as a source? Some partners are already offering this – please see
Is 2-way interoperability on the roadmap? Roadmap is not part of this webcast; please join us later next month in Huntington Beach for Lumira 2.x Roadmap session with Jie Deng
Designer Analysis applications can be refreshed with a Schedule, but they can not be opened by the end-user easily. Opening the latest instance, when clicking the application, is not supported. Will this be improved? contact SAP Support
Is there a way to make Lumira bookmarks available from My Reports when accessing Lumira Analysis template in the Enterprise Portal? not sure
Are there any plans to support web services as a data source in Lumira 2.1 Some partners are already offering this:
Hello, does this version of Lumira has What-If analysis functionality? For now, please check partner solutions such as this one:
Can we save bookmarks directly in the BI Platform folders? not at this time
where can I get Lumira 2.1 PAM? Check
Where can I access the slides? Please go to – logon to first
We are on BI 4.2 SP03, can we get all features of what’s mentioned in this demo? Slides are posted at – please logon to first
Can Forecast feature available with discovery be realised with Designer ? Hi – we have to hold this question for the speaker – please do not submit this question twice. Thank you for your patience and thank you for attending.
Does designer have linked analysis feature? Linked Analysis is available in Lumira Discovery 2.1
Is there any plan to add a commentary feature in Discovery? Roadmap won’t be covered here; please join us next month for the Lumira 2.x roadmap at BIAconference
instead of writing comments, can we load comments that is saved in e.g. bw or from unx? not at this time
Will linked analysis in Discovery be made available for geo/map charts in future? do not know
I’m new to Lumira. Can this design view be published to server for end users and if so, would they be able to leave comments in the box? Yes you publish the application to the server and the user can leave comments.
Any row or Data set limitations for Discovery and Designer (Ex: 200K etc) If you use direct connection to UNX, then the limitation still exist. But you can also use discovery to acquire the data from Universe and then re-use these data in designer application.In this case, data is stored in Velocity engine on BI Platform and the limit of data depends on your system
Is merging datasets possible in designer? Also, using multiple types of data sources in designer possible (EX: BW and Universe (.UNX)) merging is available in Discovery, not Designer
Is export to Excel with formatting (conditional etc) possible? : Conditional formatting doesn’t filter data. It just shows the results in a certain way. These formatting are not shown in excel. However, the data will be there.
Can you burst the Lumira dashboards or just schedule a single version to all users? Bursting is not available
Will run time conditional formatting be saved on server?  user could save this as personalization
How do you connect S/4HANA CDS views to Lumira 2.x? should not be any different than other HANA data sources
Is there any restriction when we use SAP HANA live views here? not aware of any
Is there an updated Add-On as well that needs to be upgraded along with 2.1? yes
Can Design Studio 1.6 be converted to 2.0 by opening it in Lumira 2.x designer ? DO we need to re-write the design studio app ? No need to rewrite. You can open and save it to the new format
Does SAP have a good feature-comparison document for Lumira 2.1 -vs- other tools like TABLEAU & Spotfire, etc..? From the Product management side, we don’t have a document.
What are the advantages of Lumira compare with Qlikview? Connecting to SAP datasources for sure (live & import modes). Publishing to BI is another aspect where Lumira is better. With Designer, we can do a lot more IT related enhancements to end-user created viz/stories.
Dynamic Text which was available in Lumira 1.x is not available in Discovery 2.0. Has that been added in 2.1? Not supported yet.
Interoperability feature is very confusing you may want to check the blogs at
Can you please tell about S/4AHANA Lumira Connectivity Please see
For commentary feature: is there a way to attach documents (pdf, word, excel, etc.). This feature was available in BEx Web Not currently.
How can have satellite view for ESRI map ? Lumira comes with basic ESRI maps. If you (your company) has licenses to ESRI then you can connect to that. Look for this in Discovery –> File –> Preferences.
Do you need to view the data through a BW query in order to take advantage of the power of hierarchies for filters and display? It is always best to use the BEX query for this feature
What’s the difference between Lumira 2.1 and Lumira Server 2.1 in the software downloads? One is Server and the other is client desktop
there is no Lumira 2.1 PAM at the link you mentioned, it refers to Lumira 2.0, published in 2017 It is there please check again
From the data source pane can an analyst perform new calculated fields? Yes; its possible
I’m not seeing “Lumira Server for BI Platform 2.1” in downloads. Has it been renamed to just “Lumira Server”? Lumira server should work – check the dates
More description on the data protection message that pops up first on opening the application This is related to GDPR

Why post the Q&A?  I find when answering questions that these are at the top of the search.  I encourage community members to search for their questions and many times, your answer will be in the search.


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      Author's profile photo Mike Davies
      Mike Davies

      Hi Tammy - thanks for the summary - I was hoping for more architecture related questions with respect to sizing etc. With SAP advising Bex Query analyzer sites to migrate to SAP Designer, there is minimal to no information around taking on this load (we have +2000 users that will be using a customized Olap viewer based on the SAP template) so more information around the APS with respect to optimal settings and scaling out to additional nodes would have been appreciated.



      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Mike - thank you for reading and replying

      I am not a sizing expert

      Feel free to join our webcast next week to ask SAP these questions -


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      Former Member

      Hi Tammy,


      Thanks for the summery. Any information when lumira 2.1 sp1 is going to released and also if you can direct me where i can find issues with lumira 2.1 SP0




      Sonu Pandita

      Author's profile photo Ayman Salem
      Ayman Salem



      Planned (CW 11, 2018)

      see SAP Note  2465894 - SAP Lumira 2.x - Release Schedule



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      Former Member

      Hi Ayman,

      Thanks for the update.




      Sonu Pandita

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
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      Yes, thank you both

      Any more questions feel free to ask them on this webcast next week: