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Using Dynamic URL apps in Fiori Launchpad

In this blog I am going to share some information on a new App type introduced in the Fiori Launchpad sites – “Dynamic URL”. This is currently available in the Preview environment of Portal service. Before I get into the details, let me clarify on what a Preview environment is.

The preview environment of Portal service on SAP Cloud Platform provides an option to view all the new capabilities before they are officially made available. Customers and Partners can explore the new capabilities for non-productive use, two weeks before the official delivery.

If you have an active subscription to the Portal service and would like to start using the Preview environment, please follow the best practice documentation.


Now let’s move on to the new App type called “Dynamic URL”. Few months back, I was working with a customer who is already live with S4/HANA Cloud (S4HC) and were using SAP Cloud Platform to extend it. They had built custom apps on the Cloud Platform which would be accessed from the Fiori Launchpad available in the Cloud Platform. This resulted in their  end users accessing two set of Launchpads – one available on Cloud Platform to access custom apps and the other provided by S4HC to access standard Fiori apps. In order to enhance the UX, we thought of keeping the Fiori Launchpad from the  Cloud Platform as the central entry point to access all the applications. S4HC Fiori apps would be configured as “URL Apps” and we could hard code the S4HC Test tenant details in the URL App configuration. However, after we transport these configurations to the PROD subaccount of SAP Cloud Platform, we would have to manually change the URLs for all those apps to point to the S4HC PROD tenant. This could be a painstaking job especially if you have created several apps (URL App type) for many of those standard S4HC Fiori apps.


With the introduction of new the “Dynamic URL” app type, we can now simplify the whole process for such scenarios. Below is an overview of the scenario which I have setup. I will explain this in detail.

I have two S4HC tenants – SM1 and SM2 where I have configured the standard Fiori Apps.

I have setup my “Test” subaccount in SAP Cloud Platform and created a destination as below.


Notice that I have provided the name of the destination as “S4HC” and maintained the property Usage=Dynamic.

I have created a Fiori Launchpad based site with an app type “Dynamic URL”. This refers to the destination “S4HC” and in the path, I have provided the intent to invoke the relevant Fiori app. In this example, its “Maintain Employees” Fiori app.

When I publish and view the site, it would highlight at the top that this is a Preview version and display the tile which I have configured.

Clicking on this tile will launch the “Maintain Employees” Fiori App from the S4HC Test tenant (SM1) in a new tab.

Once the Fiori Launchpad has been configured, I can use the standard transport mechanism to transport the contents to the PROD subaccount.

In the PROD subaccount, I can change the URL of S4HC destination to now refer to the PROD tenant (SM2).

After making this change, all the apps (Dynamic URL apps) based on this destination will now refer to the S4HC PROD Tenant.  Clicking on the same Fiori Launchpad tile (in the PROD subaccount) will take me to the “Maintain Employees” Fiori app available in S4HC PROD tenant (SM2).

In this scenario, I didn’t have to edit any of the apps individually as the URLs are dynamically constructed based on the destination properties.








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  • Hi Murali,

    Thanks for the blog. A quick question, please - example scenario you used has S/4 Hana Cloud; would 'Dynamic URL Apps' work for S/4 Hana on-premise, as well?


    Utsav Chobe

  • Thanks Murali. This is a nice workaround for a very common requirement. Is there any hope of a future method to 'merge' the content of multiple launchpads? Another way to put it would be a 'remote' app. Just using the url is not ideal.

    • Hi Mike, Yes, there are plans to consolidate all these launchpads from various SaaS solutions and provide one single launchpad to access all the apps.Watch this space.

      • I really hope this is top of SAP's backlog, and we will see a full and proper solution in the very near future.  Missing this feature is seriously restricting usage of Cloud Portal within complex landscapes and the alternative is pretty rough from a UX perspective.

        • Hi Nigel, There has been a change in the overall strategy on delivering Fiori Cloud apps. The focus is now on providing a central launchpad on SAP Cloud Platform (Cloud Foundry) which will display apps that are available in on-premise systems as well as Cloud solutions. This has been documented in the Fiori Deployment Guide

  • Hi Murali,


    One small doubt in Launchpad all app services are pointing to a system having client 100, Can I make two apps services call system with differ client, for example 200.

    Is that possible, I have maintained system alias and system alias is connected to client 200. But still app services are calling client 100 services




  • Hi Murali,


    Is there a way to open the App Tile for Dynamic URL to open in the same Fiori Launchpad window/tab and not open it in a new tab?




      • Hi Murali,

        This blog is really helpful. I have a below doubt:-

        Is it possible to register an UI5 App(App2) from one Subaccount (subaccount-B) to a different Subaccount's FLP(subaccount-A)?

        I tried option using App Type as URL, but it opens the application in new tab.

        Need your expert advice.




        • Using the app type URL would always open in new tab. What I would suggest is to add the Fiori App 2 (available in subaccount B) as a subscription inside Subaccount A. This will make it possible to add this app as a Fiori App type in the Portal of Subaccount A

    • Hi Yogendra, As per my understanding, BASIC authentication doesn't work for this scenario. We need to use Principal Propagation and I have seen this work in few other implementations. If it doesnt work, I would suggest you open a SAP Incident.


  • Hi Murali,

    i am trying to use/launch a SAPUI5 from a backend destination.

    The SAPUI5 app and the oData service should be passed from BackEnd.


    I use the external szenario and got a backend html5 like "system1abap123", but how am i able to reference the url though the destination?

    None of this works




    Is there a way to reference a SAPUI5 app on a remote ABAP destination that opens inline?

    Regards Holger