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SAP Hybris Cloud for Service – CTI – Integration Options


Customers have two options to integrate external telephony with SAP Hybris C4C.

  1. Widget based integration ( New since 2017)
  2. Local adapter-based integration

Highlights –

  1. Common approach for any CTI vendors. This includes SAP Contact Center, Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, New Voice Media.
  2. Both options are project-based integration. This means it entails extending telephone application to integrate with SAP Hybris C4C. This is typically done by system integrators.
  3. Widgets are provided by CTI vendors.
  4. Please work with system integration and CTI vendors as you plan CTI integration.
  5. Which CTI vendors support which approach? Only CTI vendors can confirm this. Please check with your CTI vendor.


Integration Option 1 – Widget Based Integration


  • Widget approach offers ability to embed CTI vendors’ widget within C4C
  • Provides unified call handling experience within C4C


  • Only available on RUI

Few flavors of Widget based integration

  1. Voice Streaming outside embedded widgets
    1. Using desk phone
    2. Using separate app
  2. Voice streaming within embedded widgets


1.  Voice Streaming outside embedded widgets

Here widget handle events where as actual voice streaming happened outside widgets


1.   A  – Voice streaming through Desk Phone

  • Agent handles call either through deskphone or embedded widget
  • Only events are handled in the embedded widget
  • Voice streaming happens through deskphone



1.   B – Voice Streaming through separate app

  • Agent handles call wither through separate call handling app or embedded widget
  • Only events are handled in the embedded widget
  • Voice streaming happens through separate call handling app


2. Voice Streaming within embedded widgets

  • Agent handles call within embedded widget
  • Both Events and Voice streaming happens in embedded widget


Comparison of Widget Integration Options-

  • Voice streaming outside embedded widgets only stream event. No voice streaming. These offer higher call stability.
  • Voice streaming within embedded widgets, streams voice within widgets. Typically use Web RTC. Comes with restrictions. Call stability should be tested.

Recommendation –

  • Either option, we recommend customers and partners fully test call stability before deciding on one.
  • Embedded widgets are provided by CTI vendors. How the widgets handle call entirely depends on widgets. Check with CTI vendor on pros and cons of each of their widgets.
  • Widget based integration is relatively new. Plan on additional testing.

Integration Option 2 – Local Adapter Based

  • Requires local adapter to run Agents desktop
  • Call handling is in separate CTI App.
  • CTI adapter is available in C4C ->Downloads section.




Comparison of Local and Widget Integration options –

Local client adapter-based Integration

  1. This option has been around for long. Proven and reliable.
  2. Available on both HTML5 and RUI
  3. Does not work on virtual desktop environment (E.g.: Citrix)

Widget based Integration

  1. No need for local adapter install on Agent’ s desktop
  2. Modern experience – Unified Agent desktop experience – call handling within CRM.
  3. Integration approach more suited for virtual desktop environment (e.g.: Citrix) scenario. Should be tested.



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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thank you Kiran, this is great information!

      I also like the fact that SAP is only going to list certified solutions in the App Center.

      Author's profile photo Ketan Gohil
      Ketan Gohil

      Thank you Kiran,  This is very helpful.

      We are trying to do Amazon connect integration with C4C.  Do you have any information available which help us to develop a widget?




      Author's profile photo Sandro Bunturi
      Sandro Bunturi

      Hello Ketan, did you achieved connecting with amazon ?

      Author's profile photo Anthony X. Uliano
      Anthony X. Uliano

      Hi Sandro - Our company has integration between C4C and Amazon Connect if this is something you're looking for.  Private message me if you'd like additional information,





      Author's profile photo Aditya Krishan Nanda
      Aditya Krishan Nanda

      Hi Kiran,

      Thanks for this information. Based on this blog should we consider that adapter based approach client side and Widget is more server side integration?

      for adapter integration we down load the SAP CTI Adapter and we need to install 3rd party CTI application on each client. How do we integrate the SAP CTI Adapter and  3rd party CTI application at client side?

      If the customer needs integration with desktop phone, the widget based is only option?

      Kindly, help in clarifying.

      Thanks and Regards


      Author's profile photo Arjun Pawar
      Arjun Pawar

      Thank you Kiran for nice clear blog on CTI in C4C